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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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We've been through this stage so many times already.
I really have no idea what is it this time.

我不用说你就知道我在想什么 ,

I really don't know what you think I'm thinking.
It can't be any different than the usual.
You always said this time isn't the same.
What exactly isn't the same?


Why is it things always turn into this way??
What is it you want me to do?




Whatever you think is best for me.
It's ok, I'll understand.
Just don't keep me in confusion.
I just don't get it. ><"

I'm sorry,
I'm just frustrated.
Talk to me when you thought about it.


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  1. yayaya~ agree~ ^^
    sometime me oso like tat~ will confuse da lo~
    anyway~ dun think too much~
    juz make da question 简单化 k~

    by: Yvonne ❤❤

  2. Anonymous says:

    +i go thailand for those days..
    +jane was right that jane guess i wan to let go..
    +i dun1 tell jane sth oso bcz xian noe it will bother u..
    +bt it make jane frustrated make i was so sorry bout it..
    +mayb i rly tired on it when jane said jane like sum1..
    +it make me feel like i was alone again..
    +jane mayb did not understand wot i i jz dun like de feel eventhough it was discover by myself..
    +when i can let go of tis feeling,i will find jane..

  3. +U noe I'm nt that kind 2 change juz like that.
    +So u dcide wot u wan 2 do then let me noe.
    +U noe I won't do anythg 2 change ur mind on anythg.
    +My thoughts are just the same.

  4. Anonymous says:

    +i thk u no nid anythg and so do i..
    +u will nvr realize tat actually i nid jane to accompany more than jane nid accompany by me..
    +jane will hv de new life soon..
    +i noe jane will nt 4got me,bt jane will 4got me when jane BUSY wif sth..
    +tat will never happen when i was BUSY..tat y im feel like abandon..i jz dun like de feel..
    +jz like jane said b4,i alwiz noe wot jane thk bt jane nt rly alwiz noe wot i thk,jane noe y??
    +it jz bcz im care for u more than i care for myself..jane oso noe jane oso jz take it..
    +so i decide to let go bcz i noe i cant do it anymore..u dy hv ur own life thr,i shld start a new life for myself..
    +i noe im important for jane,i oso will do anythg for u,bt at the same time,im will so sad when i feel jane dint treat me same..i noe jane will care for me bt alwiz duno hw to interpret..
    +although i noe tat,bt i cant accept im better clear my mind and find out wot i wan from jane..
    +conclusion??jane thk bout it and i oso will thk bout it..if jane can found out a better solution,then jz tell me..i was ran out of ideas..

  5. Anonymous says:

    +n i noe jane was sick,so do i when bek from thailand..fever,cough,sore throat n so u mz take care for urself..

  6. +我知道。你累了。不是说什么。可是如果那样真的让你更好过就随你吧。我不想因为我你觉得辛苦。

  7. Anonymous says:

    +tis is all i wan to said..tis is wot i said tis time was different..
    +i dint ask jane thk bout our relationship,bt i wan jane to thk hw should we treat each other in de future..
    +tat all for 2nite..take care..

  8. +I'll like to type chinese actually.
    But I'm at the lab. N if I dun type now I'll say sth different later on. So let's try this.
    +Then wot do u wan me 2 do? Bcoz no matter wot I do. Thgs tend 2 end the same way. Remember?
    +All those times I ask u wot I shud do? It's funny how thgs r every time.
    +Whether I treat a person good or bad, thgs end up the same for that specific fren of mine.
    +So yea. I can't rly decide wot is best 4 u. U hev 2 dcide 4 urself.
    +Wot is best for me is ofcoz 4 us 2 be like bfor.
    +But I noe that's hard for u. I'm aware of all the thgs u say n the stuff I did.
    +It juz bcame a norm, sumkind of habit that I find it hard 2 get rid of.
    +The reason y I ask ppl 2 leave me alone when I'm frustrated. Bcoz I wud rather not lash out on them. It's juz a part of my personality.
    +Everyone have flaws. N that's mine. It's not that I don't wan 2 fix it. I'm tryin 2. But it's like a reaction that I get irritated juz like that.
    +If the situation is reverse u ask me? I used 2 be in ur situation. So I noe exactly how u feel. But my answer is still the same. If I think it's worth it, I'll do wotever I can n however I can. Whether or not he appreciated it. It's wot I feel I shud do. Not the question whether or not it makes me happy or sad.
    +Even if I'm hurt, I'll nvr regret the choices I made and the decisions I take. Bcoz at that moment. That is exactly what I wanted. U get wot I mean?
    +So in the end, it still comes 2 ur choice. Not mine.
    +Maybe if I treat u better, u'll feel better. But better in terms of wot? If I treat u better. I'll treat u like how I treat my koko. As apparently u seem 2 thk I treat them better than how I treat u. When in fact we're closer than I am to them.
    +Perhaps I've already kuan si. Juz like at home alwiz quarrel wif my sis. But over here, I miss her. It's juz a type of communication that me and her uses. Quarreling. Even thou it makes me sad evrytime. Stil. We juz tend 2 do that.
    +Some ppl do 2. No one can stay close all the time. Even husband n wife quarrels. So it's only natural that we do 2.
    +But we dun. Bcoz u wudn't quarrel wif me.
    +I used 2 thk the way u thk. That if I treat sum1 nice, I'll wan them 2 treat me exactly that way. But u noe I dun thk that way anymore.
    +Bcoz u can nvr treat a person exactly the way u treated them.
    +Instead I try 2 find ways 2 treat ppl according to my conscience and be nice and good. If that's wot best 4 them.
    +U can nvr tell wot's best 4 another unless they told u themselves.
    +So if u wan me 2 treat u in a way u can juz tell me n I'll try 2 do so.
    +It's not wot, it's simply compromise, juz like how u tolerated me when I dun like sum of ur ways.
    +Every relationship is a 2-way communication. U can't dcide evrythg on ur own.

  9. +U rly shud thk positive. Wot ur writing here is like wot I wud hev written bak then. U taught me 2 be positive. So b that guy.
    +It's call law of attraction. I truly blv in that theory.
    +If u wan 2 thk the way u thk, I can't stop u from thking the way u thk, n wot u thk I'm thking.
    +I dun hev 2 thk that u're thkin of me bcoz I noe ur thkin of me. N I dun rly hev 2 thk of u bcoz ur already in my heart. So it's simply a part of me. N that said I dun rly hev 2 thk that part of me? I duno if u get it. But that's wot it's like. Juz like I dun hev 2 thk of my family bcoz they're all a part of me.
    +That's wot it feels like.
    +N if u need me 2 accompany, juz say so n I'll do so. Bcoz I rly duno when ppl nid me 2 teman. Juz like ppl rly duno when I nid them 2 accompany me.
    +It's like this. If I dun say they wudn't notice. That's how it is. But I find no problem wif that bcoz who can tell wot another is thkin. Perhaps u can. But I can't.
    +U can b selfish. Everyone is. Everyone is realistic in sum ways.
    +I can understand wot ur tryin 2 say. N I do care 4 u. I juz dun show it in ways that u xpect me 2.
    +This is the future. Remember? From the past. I don't know wot else 2 say. But that's all for now.
    +Take care.

  10. Anonymous says: