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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Last night, my guy fren ask me out for tea at night. 
Didn't want to go actually, even to the last minute I still dun feel like goin, but haven't seen him in a month, he's hevin holiday n I said I'll go where he wants to go. 
Zzz, so yea, got dragged along after all.

Well, the main reason is he said a skul mate of mine ask to go. 
She's sum1 I know, but never that close la. 
So I said, seriously? 
Since he want me to go I go lor...n another is they wanted to go Mori Cafe...swt...I dun like that place..

Got in the car, nasib baik got another guy fren of mine. 
Both of the guys are my form 5 classmates. 
Then went over to c the cafe isn't open...
So go Station 1 pulak, another place I so dun like to go. 
Except they went over to Melaka Raya de....=.=

Xpe, that time got 4 of us oni, still got talk a bit, then 2 more of my form4 classmates came, n then I kept quiet. 
Well, the fact that I wasn't that close wif my form4 classmates. 
Like my tcher said when I was in f4, my heart is always at the other class, so eventually, my grades drop, n yea, I got into the other class. 

Haha, seriously? 
I'm nvr the bright students, come to think of it, I'm the lazy one, but it drives me crazy being with all the smart smart quiet quiet students, that are not so smart and not so quiet actually. Rather they're very hard working, and even more difficult to tell what they are thinking...geez...

I don't know if it only happens in movies or in real life as well. 
But I dun trust the goodie good girls...
Girls that seem innocent, girls that are always nice and all...
I'm even more afraid of them than the ones that will just speak out their mind...><"...

Well, that's not the main thg actually, I realized sth, the girl that everyone called the 校花 back then, even thou she hasn't changed that much, I still dun find her pretty despite the fact that others thk so.

I don't know, guys seem to hev different views than girls. 
Small eyes, small nose, small mouth with thin lips. 
Hmm, it's just not pretty to me. 
Before you say I'm being envious. 
Continue to hear me out plz.

Instead, I find my frenz that was always ordinary turned into someone so pretty. 
Even if the guys fail to see that. 
Well, mayb bcoz they r my frenz, n that's how I feel. 
To me, beauty comes from the inside, when you glow from the inside, you look radiant as well. That's a tough one to describe. 
But they're rly a bunch of motivated high spirited girls for whom I thk they are pretty. =P

Ok ok, bak 2 the story, bcoz the Station 1 is too noisy, with the singing voice that isn't rly pleasant to the ear oso...gosh, that's y I hate that place. 

Went to Jetty at 11sth, the 2 guys n a girl fren wanted 2 play pool act. 
3 of us girls dunwan 2 play, go there the ppl said x main pun kena buka they decided 2 go sing k instead, by that time already 11.30pm...they book for 2 hours which is until 1.30am, but 1am cabut ad, bcoz the girls can't go bak so late...

Sang a few songs myself. 
My guy fren keep asking y I was so quiet n down the whole time, eh well, coz there rly isn't anythg much 2 say. 
I wasn't close to the girls bak then. 
So y wud I b this time around?

Eh well, wasted another RM8, but I can't really say like that right? 
I went bcoz of my guy fren anyway.

Well, that's all I guess, probably goin badminton tonight, nvr play bad wif my primary frenz bfor, saje pi...

Adios, Take care. ^^

PS: Only from within, can a person really shine.

5 Responses so far.

  1. small eyes, small mouth, small nose? how tiny can she be? is she a midget?

    Station 1 in KL is known as the deaf station, where ppl seem to enjoy listening to noise rather than u know..

  2. +Neh, she's quite a tall and slim girl...
    +Juz hev rly small features.
    +Listen 2 noise than music? Meaning?

  3. Anonymous says:

    do i know her?? sk..

  4. +Haha, shwu kim? eh well. Pik ur guess...=P

  5. ++ well..sometimes me stays quiet too..haha..entah apa nak cakap..dun give a damn.. >.< nice of u to be there for someone =)