Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Heh, 4 girls doesn't really make a gathering rite? Lol.
Anyway, haven't seen 1 of the girls since form 6, another 1 since form 5.
So thought we hev lunch together. 2 didn't make it, suppose 2 be 6 or 7.
Got work la, got other thgs la.

Well, go straight 2 the point eh. Kinda in a tired mode. But nth 2 do. Thought I cum here and type.
Even thou there's Badminton live showing Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei playing.
Tapi duno since when I dah malas nak tgk. Sien liao..
I thought ppl can oni play badminton sampai sien, x sangka c oso will sien...><".
I like Lin Dan thou. =P. Support Malaysia ofcoz...hee...xD

Let's c the list of things I bought and the amount of money I've spent today.

Things I bought: [I always round up the amount, ez 4 me 2 count, balance go 2 tabung je]
+Slipper: RM20
+Shoes: RM35
+Cardigan: RM23
+The Face Shop: RM14
= RM92

Other stuff I spent on:
+Food & Tea: RM17
+J.Co: RM10
= RM17

Total amount: RM109

Heh, spent so much in a just a day, once in awhile[More like once evry month, lol] I do that eh. Eh well, that's because I was shopping with my friend that haha, seems to have the same taste as me, almost bought the same this same that. Wanted to buy a pair of same sandals de..Tapi xda size jor...that's y both of us no buy..T.T..

Xda jodoh apa nak buat. After we try all the shoes and sandals. Alamak, the one we like xda yea. Well, if got I wud hev buy wot, n my fren alwiz say us girls y like 2 do window shopping n try this try that n nt buy. Not dunwan buy la. We oso muz thk 1st ma...u thk we rly C wot then buy wot ar? If I got ATM boleh la. Swt. I dun hev ok? Duh.

Oh yea. So 2 things off my List. The Shoes and the Slipper. Next will be the Watch. Saw a blue watch at Vincci accessories: RM49.90. Byk mahal man, normally I buy Vincci de RM29.90 still got discount sumore. N oso xda feel la...mayb will buy if still got when got sales. Otherwise, seriously. 2 expensive. Eventhou still got RM20 voucher 2 use. But, hmm, thk thk, was searching 4 a yellow watch. Haha, c la. If I can't find it.

Anyhow, my tabung almost drain finish ad. This month kinda over bajet ad. Aikz. Teruk. How many thgs left eh. Now that I mark off the books on the list. Let's check.

Things to buy:

Well, technically, that's kinda it. For the moment that is. Still got sumore ma? Oh, I remember ad. Yahor. Some toiletries I need to get. Hmm, eh well. I won't buy when I don't have any more money anyway. Ah, better save sum 4 my fren n sis's bday present. Hehe.

Well, I didn't expect to talk as much as we did anyway, least it didn't feel uncomfortable or awkward. Well, if it is to them, I don't sense it. I just thought that, we're not teenagers anymore. There's no need to 太在意他怎样又或者她怎样了。大家都长大了啊。总不能一直调别人的毛病吧? 

Even thou there are still times when we get annoyed with certain ppl's attitude, but when we're together, we forget about it, it's not that we are a fake. Just that, when you're together. Just live in the moment. That's all that matters. Anythg else lain kira.

You know? I alwiz question myself. It is necessary to buy this? Why do I buy this? Why do I dress up for? Why do I make up for? It's rly nt about showing off to others this or that. Well, it's kinda more to showing your personality in terms of your outlook, I don't know if you get what I mean. But I won't dress according to trend or dress cutely bcoz it isn't me. I dress what makes me feel pretty, and happy. ^^

So yea, the real world? 1st impression rly does matter. Your dressing, your appearance, your expression. Just dress according to the occasion than you'll be fine. =)

That's all guys and gals. Pictures will be at FB later. ^^