Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Ok, let's cut to the chase about what I did yesterday. Hee.

Woke up early in the morning, watch my shows, my animes, and so on. 3pm sth go DP with sis. 5.30pm watch Iron Man 2 at GSC. Ok, regarding this. 

Well, people been comparing the two I.M movies. Meaning Ip Man and Iron Man. But after watching it. I find there's really nothing to be compared to? I mean, it is two totally different genre and types of movies. 

Still, my sis ask which is nicer, personally I like kung fu movies so I say Ip Man, hee. And well, Iron Man ain't that bad, it's funny as well. In contrary from what I've heard about it. That it totally sucks, I don't think so at least.

Both movies are worth watching, yesterday ticket RM6 oni, hehe, n I get to watch in the 1st cinema oso. Heh heh. The movies can stand on its own anyway.

And Scarlett as the Black Widow is so cool. I actually love her fighting scenes, I luv girls kicking the $ out of guys. Haha..xD

Oh, and The Diary of a Wimpy kid comes out today, I kinda have a wimp to go watch it, my sis always say it's not worthy to watch drama movies on the cinema. Haha, and I kinda want to go watch Robin Hood after seeing the trailer, despite the fact that I dislike Robin being an Older man like Russell Crowe. Heh.

Until Prince of Persia comes out, that will do. Oh, Spent an RM60 yesterday, what on? A little black dress, hehe, the price is RM69.90, got RM10 voucher, so buy lor, since hmm, it's cute, haha.

Oh yea, spent about RM90 in Aeon the day before yesterday. What did I buy har? Erm, 1 cute t-shirt, 2 tops for RM50, and the rest on my toner, breads, sushi. Yea, so now left, RM150 to spent for the month. Wanted to get my novels actually, but then, hmm, thought about it, still have lots to read, so the rest will get it other time. ^^

2 days and I spent RM150, hell, my sis was saying, why is it whenever she brings me out, I have to go walk so long at MP DP, she say didn't I always go out shopping with my friends. Well, I say no, technically I don't do shopping with my friends, for clothes and shoes that is. 

Speaking of which, seriously need to get another sandals or slipper, sigh. And what to go with my black dress I wonder. My sis bought another flats yesterday, even though she just bought one last month, if it have a size that fits me, I would have bought it, coz it's really nice. Neway, my sis has a penchant for shoes, she practically buy approximate 2-3 years a year, that is the usual rate la. Me? Rarely buy shoes, I like wearing sandals and slippers. And ofcoz I'm talking about my older sis even thou the pig is catching up and keep buying shoes as well.

You know what? I won't even take advice on my style from that pig. Even my mum says she dress like Ah Lian, god. Wth, she wears plat form shoes? Swt, ya know? The kind that is high in front, even higher in the back, ><". And she wears it to shopping, I dislike wearing heels to shop, it kills my feet, makes my leg sore, that's y I prefer flats. And she loves to mismatch or mixmatch whatever items she have, and items that's mine and my sis, all put together, you get this classy, casual, sophisticated look that my gosh, can't go even wrong.

Well, yesterday, I was wearing a pink t-shirt, yea a dark bright pink t-shirt, and a black shorts, and my canvas bag, and my pinky slipper, and then a ribbon pin at the side of the hair. Technically, I was just going casual. Not trying to style at all. And she actually says me, the pin doesn't match, the slipper doesn't goes with my outfit. I mean seriously? It's just a t-shirt and a shorts? Come on? I seriously don't get her.

And you know what she's wearing? Well, she likes to wear one colour outfit, err, she wears a red top, red skirt, red bag, pink shoes, kinda thought of the Red Shirt in Thai don't ya? Lol. That's just Red, other times it's Purple top, purple shorts, purple bag, purple shoes. Seriously? Even thou I do that wearing black, but it's just black top and black shorts, nth else.

Neway, she always says the way me and my sis dress no nice, and we'll say the same to her. So yea, 2 against 1, hehe. ^^. Not to mention she even takes my elder sis tops to wear, my god, for her age, hyez. Speechless.

And yea, my friends rarely sees the girlie side of me wearing skirts or dress. Or even putting on make-ups. Hehe.