Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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*All about a book until the blue letters.

It actually took me a month and a week to finish this novel. 
Gosh, time really do fly...I thought I cud finish it within a week, I tried. 
It gets more and more dull as I turn the pages.
Not that it really is dull. Just out of my imaginary. 
It started to become like a world of Harry Potter, too many details, less on the story. 
So many description of how beautifully the Fairy world is. 
Except with my limited imagination, I cudn't picture it all. 
That's y I dun read HP in the 1st place. I don't get it. Until you show me the picture, literally. As in the movie.

Eh well, which novel am I talking about?
It's the Wicked Lovely saga, the 3rd book: Fragile Eternity. 
Let's just hope the 4th installment that awaits: Radiant Shadows can redeem itself.
Until then, let's make a list why this ain't better than the 1st two books in the series.

*Personal Opinion: May contain spoilers.
1. I think the very element that lack in this novel is the
Anxiety we felt for in the previous books. The Summer Queen's lover Seth going missing doesn't really make us want to know whatever happens. Surely, I'm fond of that guy, but he and Keenan? I can't even choose between the two.
2. And there's all this jealousy, and Keenan acting like how a mortal guy would have acted in order to win his Queen's heart, he's immortal, he acting like a mortal guy isn't really charming. Not at all.
3. I can't really say much about this, because there really isn't much to talk about. When you get to half of the pages, it's all Seth being in Faerie, without the knowledge of Aislinn, leaving her being heartbroken and all, and turns to Keenan for comfort. Sounds familiar? Ofcoz it is, it's like a typical teenage love story. It's not suppose 2 be. They're the
Summer King and Queen. Getting all childish because of love...even thou to be fair, that's what Human does, they're not Human. Lol.
4. The thing that I find interesting instead is Niall of the Dark Court, was a good man, but as he became the Dark King, his presence is both Dangerous and Intoxicating, that's how it felt like, since the first two books revolves all around
Aislinn, Keenan, and Seth. I thought Niall deserves more coverage, but sadly, still not enough.
5. Another is
Sorcha, The Unchanging Queen, she's an interesting character. Except for her idiotic sister Bananach with such silly name. Seriously? do you even pronounce it?
6. Well, I do like most of the other names in the book thou, they all mean sth, most of it of Irish origin.
*Summer King Keenan: Ancient, Distant
*Summer Queen Aislinn: Dream
*The Unchanging Queen Sorcha: Bright, Radiant, Light
*Seth: Appointed
*Dark King Niall: Champion
*Winter Queen Donia: World Mighty
7. That's all I can say about it, even thou it took me awhile to finish it. I have a habit of collecting what I started. As in the series of a novel. If I got the 1st book, I'll get it until the last, even if it starts to get boring. I had to find out what happens in the end no matter what.
Enough with the book, a friend of mine just told me his mum passed away a week ago. He's a malay guy, his mum was chinese-muslim. Think I'm gonna write about "Death and what follows" later. Can't really think or say much now.

Anyway, the news is in Nan Yang, I juz google it, took me awhile to find it since it's chinese, didn't know his mum was that young, she's only 42. It was an accident, some orang besar's son punya pasal I thk. Well, juz hope they'll get their answers.

He called me, but didn't really know what to say, I mean. well. Nothing I say will bring his mum back. If it were me, I'll cry non-stop, probably became numb. It's like the world just falls apart that instant. You just don't know what else to do anymore. He's quite the sentimental guy, if only crying help washes away the pain. Does it?

Only time will tell.
R.I.P may mean Rest.In.Peace to the dead. It might as well mean Rip.It.aPart to the living.
Poppies generally signifies Eternal Sleep and Rememberance 
Red Poppies signifies sacrifice and condolence, for his mum and for a friend.

PS: The only thing that we can never control, is Death.