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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Hello there fellow friends~ And blah blah blah. Haha. xD

I'm in "High" Mode right now as u can c, if it's not obvious already. =P

Neway, I wanted 2 drive go shopping 2moro de actually.
But my Jie jie drove the kancil 2 Port Dickson then went to KL.
So the car is there but orang dia kat KL.
Then my pelan cancel lor.
Suruh mak gua bawa. =P
My mum keep asking me y not ask my fren brg me.
Because. My shopping kaki semua kat KL le...xD

N I dah xda duit dah ni.
Esok pi kerja part time.
Tolong kawan. X cukup kaki kat situ.
Haha, 4 hours oni.
Go Kumon, sit there tanda buku. Goyang kaki. Hehe.
Hmm, long time didn't work there ad, system sudah change change, entah la.
Cincai la. I pi 1 hari je. =P

Lepas tu afternoon pi Shopping with my mum.
N then at night pi celebrate leng lui's belated bday.=P
Apa lagi.
Dah, esok pak giler.
Sunday free...
Din brg my text book balik pun.
Bcoz 2 thick n heavy ad.
Suppose 2 read it.
Damn, x faham pun.

I rly din brg anythg bak lor.
Brg my laptop oni.
Baju pakai je sini punya.
Wait I go bak bawa lebih brg pulak. =P

Hmm, apa lagi yer?
Oh ya, semalam.

The Day before Yesterday.

Juz realize it's 1.17am in the morning now. Saturday.
Haha, so it's Thursday nite.
My fac nite lor.
Speaking of which.
I didn't wear the dress n shoes I brought up. Haha.
N I juz remember I had another fav dress I left at home.
My frenz borrowed me the dress, shoes, scarf, bags, nail polish, necklace, make up, I guess that's all. =P
Technically, they borrowed me everything.
Except for my watch. Haha.

So fun rite. Dress all in black. Hehe.
I didn't dare 2 colour nail polish over ther lor.
Especially black colour.
But evrytime I start 2 use the nail polish.
I'll keep using ad...

Ahem. I've just counted my sis n my nail polish collection.
There's about 38 altogether. =P
Yes, 38 different colours.
30 of them which I bought. xD
Face Shop, Elianto, Skin Food, Nature Republic, Etude House, etc.
Basically, everytime I enter these places.
I'll buy them. =P

So yea. I didn't brg up 2 UKM la ofcoz.
My sis the one hevin fun wif them. Haha.
Wot else ya?
Mcm tu la.
Now next.[Note that my story isn't in order. =P]

Yesterday. Friday Night.

Went to Jonkers juz now.
Go find gift for the leng lui.
Bought sum stuff, actually spent more on other stuff than her thg.
I wanted to have the thg myself actually.
Haha, but, money is tight.
Think about it. =P

Suppose 2 slp early lor.
Hev 2 wake up at 8am 2moro.
Nak off com dulu la.
That's all for today's report.


Some pictures to share. More on FB. =P

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