Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Date: 1st August 2010
Time: 9am
Place: Times Square

Woke up at 7.30am in the morn. Also automatic de. I set the alarm at 8am lor.
But today didn't auto wake up lor. Maybe because last night too tired ad. Woke up 1 hour later instead. Haha. That is 8.30am before my alarm even rings.
Now I know my mum really doesn't need an alarm.
Everyday she's like automatic 6am wake up.
There are the times when her alarm didn't ring and she overslept.
We were almost late to school. Haha. xD
She is my dad's, mine, and my sis alarm. Lol.
Because I'll just sleep back everytime I switch off my phone alarm. =P

Took the bus out from Kajai 9 sth,
10am baru sampai KTM. Zzz.
Then about 10.30am++ reach Bandar Tasik Selatan, switch to LRT there, can't remember.
10.45am like that got off at Hang Tuah.

About 11am we were at Times Square la.
All of us so hungry ad. Zzz...
So went to eat brunch.
No idea what to eat.
East or West?
Easy, go to a place that has both.
Food & Tea.
And gosh, for the hundred times.
Their service really terrible.
And also this dun hev that dun hev.
No matter where it is.
Melaka is the same. Here is the same.
Don't think I'll step in ther another time no matter where. Lol.

Next time just go Kim Gary. =P
Ah, what did I spent on yesterday?
Approx RM130.
Okay, it's decided.
Not going for Melaka Night.
No money ad. Dunwan waste another RM50.
That's like 1 week of my food allowance. Heh.
Didn't really buy much stuff. Food, movie and train tickets ad about RM50. Lol.
Where did the RM80 go?
Hehe. Stuff lor. =P

Gonna go Mid Valley this friday.
Kena tekan duit lagi.
I'm hoping that the money in the bank can last me until the end of this month. ><"
If I would only stop going shopping. Lol.
Not much left lor.
EPF pun bukannya byk, xleh korek.
The rest of my money in ASM. Can't take out.
So yea, technically depending on FAMA right now. 
Loan still have to wait. And the Melaka money haven't masuk oso.
So have to really watch out what I spent on lor.

Thought wan go bak Melaka this Sat.
But my kakak kat KL, say wan cum for her friends convo on Sat.
So hmm, maybe x balik kot, go bak oso by bus.
Otherwise c who else got balik can tumpang jap.
Or mayb I can juz skip Ko-K on sat and follow the leng lui bak on Fri. Haha.xD
Ya rite, as if I'll do that.[Nth is impossible. =P]

4pm they all went back lor.
The girls la. I stayed there and go watch movie with ahem. Adalah. =P
I wan to type chinese ler.
Y isn't there chinese in the lab com??
I shall go install one for them.[JK. Lol]
Later je la update.
Malam ada ESZ lagi.
Nyanyi kot. I apa pun xtau.
Apa-apa je.
Rly pack with activities. Ish.

Fac nite rehearsals sumore.
Speaking of which.
Wahaha, I'm on Cloud Nine.
They don't need me to be the Prince anymore. =P
I just need to be His Servant. Haha.
Think only got 1 or 2 dialogues.
I am so bad.
Because I didn't have the time to go for their rehearsals lor.
Fac nite on Thursday, I'm only goin practice on Wednesday.
But seriously la. I can't act oso.
It's weird that human can act naturally in daily life.
Yet fakes themselves when asked to act.
Don't know if you get that sentence.
But I can act different faces of me each day.[Still the real me.]
But not act another individual convincingly when asked to.

So I guess that's it. Been blabbing again I see.
Gonna go catch the bus and go for my Titas liao.
Not that I intend to go in on time.
The lec juz blab all the time.
Gonna study my buku je la.
And go find sth light 2 eat 1st.
Not rly hungry. Mulut gatal . =P

Got pictures I took with the girls actually.
But can't upload now.
So I'll just post it at FB later~
And yipee~
Tomorrow can wake up late.
8am class postponed~!!!
Haha. xD
[Lec ask 2 study thou, n the book is like so thick. Lol]
[Suppose 2 study 3 chapters ad. Pengsan. X faham pun. =.=]
Kla. Chao dulu. Ja-Ne~!