Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Correction, this is the Official 200th Post. Haha, just realized there's a couple of drafts in my posts. That wasn't published, but also xda benda pun. Ok, for this special post. I'm re-visiting HISTORY...Hehe...=)

1."Every night as I close my eyes, I fall asleep and dream of you...yet they are never sweet dreams...I wonder y..."
2."Love is Rare, Life is Strange, Nothing...Lasts & People Change"
3."Take it, or break it, life's like this, it's that simple..."


4. "To live so long as such to find that guys remain clueless for centuries or so...believable..."
5. "When u fall apart, juz get up n pick up the pieces, that's wot puzzles are made of..."

6. "I rather be the ODD one out, than 2 be the same as everyone else around,  I juz dun like being NORMAL..."
7. "To be the same as everyone else, or to take the risk and be the odd one out... I, choose the latter..."
9.  "I don't mind being alone, but knowing that sum1 cares, it's comforting 2 noe that sum1 will be ther 2 catch me when I fall..."
10."Let us run with the wind, whenever it might take us too, it's the only way we'll ever survive..."
12."幸福,就这么的随手可得..."["Happiness, it's just around the corner..."]..."享受,就是快乐的秘诀..."["The secret to happiness is to enjoy every moment of life..."]
13. "I used to wish I could see the future, now I am in the future.."
14."To go along the road ahead, not knowing where it leads to, sometimes you'll discover something you never expected to..."
15."也许不是今天, 也许不是明天, 但晴天总有一天会到来..."
18."给你一分钟的拥抱,足以让你定下心灵,取得温暖..."+"Hugs & Kisses may not calm you down, but least that's what one could do in times when nothing else works..."
19."Love doesn't come before two souls join into one, but then again, why risk the hand you take in exchange for something that might never come true..."
20."Perfection don't exist when flaws are what makes us individuals..."
21."Perhaps avoiding isn't the answer to everything, but there's never a question to begin with..."
22"Times when the temptations are too strong for you to resist, say NO in your head countless times until you stop having the urge..."
23."When winter ends, comes spring; When the cold ends, comes warmth..." 


24."Sometimes I'm just too weak myself to be your pillar of support..."
25."We never know until we take the chance to change, who we are to become..."
26."Love is not to be bounded with burden, love is the light of your life, and for the heart to see what the eyes couldn't see..."
27."Music is in our soul, that beats to the rhythm and go through life's core..."
28."朋友之间失去的坚持, 比起失去的信任, 来得更难挽回..."
29."Music is magic, that makes believe everything we pour our heart into..."
32."To live according to rules, or to live without regrets. The decision is yours, what is wrong may actually be right, what is right may not be what it seems..."
33."Dreams will always remains dreams until it takes place in reality..."
35."To be a soul potrayed by a masquerade, or to be a soul that is a's not much of a difference is it?"
36."喜欢对的人是一种福, 喜欢错的人是一种苦..."
37."朋友不必多,一个真心的就够..."+"Friends are pieces of puzzle that completes a whole picture..."
38."缘分不由我们去控制, 机会是由我们去制造; 缘分跟机会在一起就是最佳的陪档..."+"Are you one to let fate decide, or take the chance to change your fate?"

39."自由自在也好,有人陪也好,最重要是活得开心就好..."+"Live your life the way you want it to be..."
40."When you feel like giving up, just think about what you're throwing away by doing so..."
42."There are times when I'll sway away, yet life is a circle that keeps going back, so whatever it is, remember who you are, and where you're at, then you'll always find your way home..."
43."It doesn't matter what you did yesterday, or the day before, what matters is you do something today..."
44."The world tomorrow exists from the visions today..."
46."True love is proven through thick and thin, and sticking together until the end of time..."
48."Sometimes, you just have to deal with what happened and learn your lessons in a hard way..."
49."偶尔的累,等你充好电,再次奋斗和努力!..."+"Holding on requires even more strength than letting go..."
50."如果是真心朋友,就会为朋友的快乐着想,而不是为了他好,就选择去伤害他,这是世上最自私的朋友..."+"Everything happens for a reason, even the smallest deed or the biggest sin of all..."
 51."Get to know someone else before you decide to like them or hate them..."

51."Do not look at the sun for it blinds you, feel the heat and you'll see sunshine that is undoubtly bright..."
52."When you can't help but feel frustrated, think about what you can do to ease the frustration..."
53."I smile when I want to, cry when I need to, laugh when I have friends that doesn't mind being silly just so I could be happy....=D"
54."原来, 在一起时的默契, 胜过千言万语..."
55."Oft times we feel frustrated when things don't go our way, but it is at such times do we learn to compromise and be patient..."
56."Breathe & Believe, as long as I'm still breathing, I ought to believe..."
57."Take your own move, create your own chance, your fate is in your hands as long as you will it..."
58."Have faith and believe, that time will lead us through life and show you what's true..."
59."Whether it's Heaven or Hell, it is for you to decide your life on Earth..."
60."喜欢一个人很简单, 只需一天的时间...但更深了解一个人, 却需更长的时间..."
62."For Life is a Tale told in a limited Time, what harm is there to Take A Chance..."


  • 64."I just need to look into your eyes, to know that this is true, and I will show you the same, the truth beneath my eyes..."
  • 65."只要懂得珍惜, 懂得知足, 那就是幸福..."
  • 66."Life is too fragile to be taken granted of..."
  • 67."凡事不要太沉迷, 要学会衡量轻重..."
  • 68."爱情不应该建立在痛楚和眼泪之间, 不要盲目的去追求爱情, 用心去看那最真实的一面..."+
  • "有一种爱叫做放手, 等一个真正懂得珍惜你的人..."+"一旦'辛苦'超越'幸福', 那么是时候放手了..."
  • 69."天堂的星星, 就算有多遥远, 依然这么的耀眼..."
  • 70."Being proud of yourself is the first step to happiness..."
  • 72."Time & time again I fall, but you were always there, & I know you'll always be, holding onto me, never letting me down, no matter where or when, you're just like a tattoo carved into my heart, that I simply can't live without..."
  • 73."等待下一次真爱, 也许在你转身后就遇见了..."
  • 74."There's a reason for everything, always remember to see with your heart instead of your eyes..."
  • 75."Every now & then, you meet a stranger, that either enter your life or leave it then..."
  • 76."True love knows no boundaries, no reasons, no doubts..."
  • 77."The heart is our soul, to lose our heart, is to lose our soul..."
  • 78."When a story ends, a new chapter unfolds..."+"Life holds no end; Death is just another beginning..."

79."所谓的如果, 就是会造成不一样的结果, 而结果不管是好是坏, 也改变不了, 那所谓的当初一样也不重要..."
80."Why try hard to be somebody else, when someone else is trying hard to be you?"+
"Don't wait until it's too late to realize the ones you really love..."
81."Humans make mistakes, that they do not necessary realize of, it is up to the others to correct them, and give them the chance to repent..."
82."When you feel like breaking down, think about the reason you held on for so long to begin with..."
83."Percayalah, bahawa Cinta itu Indah, sesungguhnya mendukacitakan hati pada seketika masa..."
84."Everyone has got the ability to shine, all we need to do is believe, that we can create our own miracle..."
85."To love is an effort, is an ability, that not everyone has the strength to love someone so profoundly..."
87."Don't let the moment slip you away by trying to hold on to it too tight..."
88."It is not what happened in the past that hurts, it is the memories that forbids you from moving on..."
89."爱情没有保证卡, 所谓的永远, 就是彼此在一起的每一刻..."+

"有些人, 你想牢记在心, 却发现, 日子久了, 他却无影无终的从你回忆里消失了...";

"而有些人, 你想忘了他的一切, 却发现, 几年后的你, 在失忆里依然想起他..."

90."放弃很简单, 坚持才是强者..."+"No one in this world is alone, someone will always be there for you, as long as you keep your heart open..."
92."Life is never unfair and dissapointments are merely motivations, and it's a process in making us a fighter..."
97."Don't let love make a fool out of you"+"When you start to question the choice you made, remember the reason you made that choice..."
98."Do not succumb to the temptations arose from desires, for desires are what makes a man loses his sense of sanity..::..When we stop desiring so much for something, we learn to see what we already had instead..." 
102.“回忆,是感觉最真实的证明。”+"Don't let others define who you are, you define yourself..."
103."There are times when you just need to be alone even when you want so much to be in the arms of someone..."

104."Keep your heart wide open, to accept life as it is..."
105."Nothing is easy in life, we all have our own tribulations to face, it doesn't matter if yours is worst than mine, for within different positions, we all suffer the same..."
106."Friendships may falter, relationships may fail, but threads of destiny will find its way to you..."
107."It doesn't matter if you've changed course, sail the other way; What matters is that you never forget where you came from, what brings you here, what makes you the person you are today."+"There will always be people who hates you, who only wants to see you fall. But then, at the other end, stood the people who loves you, and will wait for you no matter how slow you are."+"Little by little, it's better to have known than not known at all."

108."Love is universal to the point where it crosses boundaries, widens horizons."
109."If only we could keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, find out what the reason it, and learn from it."
110."Don't let what your eyes see fool you, I'm not who you think I am, I'm never gonna be, neither will you ever be the one I thought you were. Humans are unpredictable, inconstant, and temperamental to the point where no one really knows everything about that someone..."
111."Humans make mistake, no one is always right, the right thing to do is probably to admit you're wrong."

112."Do not say No. Do say Yes. Do not say Do Not. Do say Do." 
113. "I rather be the one that gives and never gets anything back, than the one that gets everything yet never gives anything back."+"Life is worth not for the ones that disregard you, but for the ones that regard you as worth."

114."Don't ask why do you Live? Ask what do you Live for? I Live for Love."

115."Even fire, with different degrees, create different colours."

115-13=102 and it stops there. Got rid of 4 unimportant ones. Lol. Actually ther's more...hehe...1 number stands for all the quotes in a post oso. But mostly I just post the quotes below every post of mine. I stop thinking of quotes for every post, just like how I stop posting every single pic for a post. Mayb it's juz bcoz I'm lazy? Haha. Yea well. Mostly I juz update my FB status these days. So the quotes, it's all over there. =P

Heh, btw, juz realize there are some quotes that meant almost the same. I guess my thoughts never really change even when I did. My eyes are tired. Wanna rest now. Laterz.

PS: I Love You. J