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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Seriously find myself DIFFICULT to stay in control when the little brat in my house pisses me off. Crap. Wonder what's with all the rats and pigs, what's wrong with their GENERATION?? 

Have you any idea how to talk some SENSE to someone who has no COMMON SENSE?? Everytime I "tegur" her, she either IGNORE me or SHOUT back at me, it's so irritating yet it just makes me BLOW up everytime she does STUPID things!! Argh, rly can drive me CRAZY~!!!

It rly gets on my nerves. I need a BREAK, from her. I just don't get it. Don't get her at all. No wonder he maths sux. That's what I told her. Y do you want to create a lose-lose situation when you could have create a win-win situation? In the end, I boh song, she boh song, dua2 sakit hati, kan CEKIK DARAH?? Ish. 

Neway, u might ask me the same q, the thg is, it's nt about winning of losing 2 me!!! I'm trying 2 get her to understand that she rly needs to fix that ACT BIG but THINK SMALL attitude!! She's not only the way she is with me but evryone else and even my mum!! And I can't even scold her KURANG AJAR bcoz it wud make me the same!! I'm frust frust frust. I cannot call her NUTZ bcoz we share the same blood. So wth can I rly do to make that girl come to her senses??

My guess is. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unless she SNAPS herself out of it. Like my mum said, u noe her attitude mmg like that, talk 2 her oso no point. So wot 4 make sendiri susah hati rite? Here's the thg, bcoz like my mum wud say me, it's for my own good, most of the times. And when we say her, it's oso for her own GOOD!! But she does not get it!!

For a person who uses the computers 12 hours a day, will it be wrong for me to say that she's addicted to that STUPID BOX?? Seriously, she doesn't blv me, n nobody takes me serious anyway. ><"...n do you have any idea that in CHINA they ACTUALLY throw these kinda kids into a REHAB??? SERIOUSLY...=.=

Here's something I googled:
In spite of the variety of activities that can be considered addictive, people who engage in them tend to have certain attitudes and types of behavior in common. An addiction is generally associated with relieving anxiety or blocking out other types of uncomfortable feelings. To a greater or lesser extent, people engaged in addictive behavior tend to plan their lives around it; in extreme cases they will do almost anything to obtain the substance or engage in the behavior. The addiction makes them neglect other areas of their lives. They are commonly secretive about it, either out of shame or to protect their access to a substance. When confronted, they generally deny that they have a problem, although privately they regret their addictive behavior, which in many cases they have tried without success to discontinue. They tend to rationalize engaging in the behavior and tell themselves they can stop whenever they want. They may also blame others for their addiction and often experience frequent and uncontrollable mood swings.

U c? However remorse she may feel. She cannot actually fix it, bcoz they are alwiz in denial. Sigh. Pardon me. I have no idea what else can I do except to be patience, and hope that in times she actually grows up instead of get even more IMMATURE!!! Yikez~!

And I know I wrote a similar post 2 this in the previous. The problem juz got worse. Heck. If only the psychology girl in my hse noe how 2 cure her. [Which as she said, it's not in her field of studies, not her expertise]...[You'll need to find a child psychologist/psychologist for this one]

PS: I Love You.[Despite all the times I Hate You] J

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  1. calm down..deep it or hate it..she is still ur sister no matter what..b4 u knw it, all this wil b behind the past n maybe u wont even remember bout it..

  2. +Yea..I know..that's the purpose of my blog?=P