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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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I am 19 going on 20, in exactly 6 months, n 10 days.
Well. How I wish I could just stay in the land of Peter Pan, the infamous Neverland. 
Haha, where you'll never grow up and stay young forever. 
But that's not possible right?
For Better or Worse, we're getting older by day, whether we like it or not. 
So why not we learn to adapt to our surroundings, and think like our age. 
We may be young at hearts. But we need to learn to be Wise. 
Only then, can we survive in this Real World.

How much have I changed since my childhood days?
Let's check shall we?
Things I realized I've changed.
In the sense of Habits and Character.

1: I used to hate SKY JUICE the most. Only drink it in school and none at home. Now it's actually my FAV drink, haha, continue reading and u'll find out why.
2: I used to love SWEET thgs, for example chocs, then I ate 2 much of it, and start disliking Sweet stuff.
3: I used to eat CRACKERS all the time, rubbish as my mum put it. But seldom buy or consume those kinda stuff anymore. Mayb once evry 2-3 months? Heh.
4: I used to love SOFT drinks. Now I just don't like any of it anymore. Still drink sometimes, McD's coke, or maybe GSC's mirinda. And that's it. 
5: I used to not eat VEGETABLES, AT ALL. Yea, even if my mum keep asking me to, I still refuse to EAT. Don't want means Don't want, I'm that fussy. But now I can't stand eating meat without vege with it when I'm eating rice. It just neutralize the whole meal. =)

Hmm, those are the bad habits I've since changed. And I'm glad I did. EAT healthier food. Don't consume so much chemical..haha..=P

1: I used to be extremely SERIOUS to the point where no Gossips whatsoever is allowed in my Dictionary. I don't believe in RUMORS. To me it's created by people with nothing better to do.
----------------Heh. I'm cutting it lose now. No point being so SERIOUS when you don't have to. It just EATS u up. 
----------------Trust me, when you take things to SERIOUSLY. It gets SERIOUS. Still don't believe in Rumors. But may have end up Stating Facts which some will deemed as spreading Gossips. 
----------------But I've come to Realize that at a stage when you couldn't stand someone, it helps by telling it out[Just not to the ones that knows he/she]..don't know if you get what I mean.
----------------Anyway, that way, I'll be alright again. And that someone don't even need to know. Hence, no hard feelings. =)

2: I used to be very NARROW minded, in contrary to the person I am now. Yet I'm OPEN minded in the sense of thinking but not in the sense of acting. 
----------------I believe that however another person ACTS is his/her choice. I will not interfere with their decisions nor will I disrespect them.
----------------But I will not allow myself to ACT the way they do. I can accept OTHERS being the way they are. But will not come to the stage where I will be that way myself. Don't have to be so Straightforward do I?=P

3: I used to be very EMO, DEPRESSED, LONELY kid. I don't want to be that way anymore. There's really no REASON at all for me to be that way. Since I'm blessed with such a...[can't find the words to describe]...caring family perhaps? And friends that care. That wouldn't leave me ALONE literally. =).
---------------Well. Things have changed. People changed. I promised myself not to cry over people that ain't worth anymore. And I'm not. 
---------------The Reason I'll cry will be because of myself if not for the Sentimental SOUL inside of me. Hee.
---------------I don't want to linger in the past where people who don't matters anymore EXIST. I rather FOCUS on the PRESENT and REMEMBERS the people that truly matters.
---------------That's what life's about isn't it? Moving on. =)
---------------Remember the "Laws of Attraction"? You're what you attract. Here's a History to remember on. Smile Always. =)

Hmm, still thinking what poem to write. Undecided if I should write a happy one or a not so happy one. Well, sentimental poems seem to be more of my FORTE.
---------------Bcoz of the fact that I'm not a born-to-be-happy person, but rather a learn-to-be-happy person. 
---------------Hehe. So we'll see about it. I'll look into it. Find inspiration here and there. Maybe I'll think of sth? Been long since I update my other blogs. Ought to do so soon. Maybe APRIL. That's when I'm all free...!!
---------------Haha. well, neway. I keep forgetting the things that pop out of my mind if I don't write it down. It's important for me to keep in mind what I thought of. My thoughts for the moment. Only then can I Remember what not to Forget. =D

K then, that's all for now. Wanna go watch my Drama ad. Laterz. =)

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. Anonymous says:

    saw tis blog yesterday bt nt enuf time let xian leave a message..anyway,jz wish all de rly bad habit jane can throw it away n keep de good..jz have a try lor..nobody perfect oso wot..+ u..

  2. +Haha, I'm not scolding u rite? =P

  3. Anonymous says:

    yea..xian hope time xian tell jane hw 2 change about sth.. or jane wan figure out urself??hehe..