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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Caught u didn't it?? Haha..Lol, well, technically, I still have my job, but only till the end of the month. Which is kinda a happy thing, but oso a sad thg, a good thg, but oso a bad thg. 

Well. Guess what? I'm fired!! Haha, jk la jk la...I wasn't fired ok?? ><...rather came to a mutual agreement with my boss. She ask me if it's okay if I stay till the end of the month. Or I could have stayed if I wanted. Was rather taken aback at that time, so did not expect it coming. But then I say okay. Thou I was still undecided whether to quit in april or may.

Well, guess I dun hev 2 thk about it now. Haha, that's the gud thg. Erm erm, reason is that, the place I work at? It's new, n not much students, n she juz hired a malay tcher which can only teach english. Hired her bcoz she can cook. N do practically evrythg, Lol. Whereas we young ppl, apa pun xtau buat, asyik curi tulang oso. 

So yea, I was wondering 2, if it's rly bcoz I curi tulang alot...hee...I'm a sucker man. It's so boring man. I seriously, never ever gonna apply for a kindergarten tcher evr again. So not my PERSONALITY man...BORING giler sial. =P

Remember I said I duno how long I can survive working ther? Hehe, 3 months r enuf I guess, neway, my other fren quit after 2 months at her place that is. N my pay is act much more higher than hers and other places. N much more relaxing. So yea, kinda feel guilty in a way for being so LAZY n CLUELESS. Heck.

Btw, I thought of quitting bcoz my fren works until d end of the month 2, she's goin 2 join astro star, hehe, hopes she gets in.=)...If I'm alone for the rest of the day, I will karat man, rly karat man, no one 2 talk 2, n juz look after the kids...><...aikz...

N yea, hehe, guess I dun hev 2 DRIVE after that, that is the fun part, even thou it's juz a short distance from my hse, now u noe how much I hate driving..=P...hmm, another thg hor, I dun plan 2 renew my license leh, hehe, dunwan tell them, gonna expire in april...=P...If I go to uni, not say I will drive oso, die die oso dunwan drive, I'm not driving in melaka, ini lagi lain yea..shh, keep it a secret k? =P...[Sure will ask me renew oso, but wait until they ask la...=P]

There's so many thgs I planned to do even before STPM actually..My fren say she stay 1 month at home can die o...I'm the opposite...I rather STAY at HOME..than going 2 work, than going 2 study, but wot 2 do? Nid the cash, which I'll be even short of after I xda kerja. Sigh. Nid 2 jimat cermat lor...

Wot I plan 2 do har? I plan 2 learn thgs actually, plan 2 spend my time learning origami by googling it. Wanted 2 get the books, but xpensive. N oso wanna learn 2 bake cookies, bake tarts. Yea, I wanna watch my anime, read my manga, read my novels which r stocked up on the shelf, which I hev juz completed one n will get the sequel later, hehe, so yea, act I byk benda nak buat ler, end of the month n I'm free 2 do all that!! Keke...

I'm feeling both high and down. High because of the above reason. Down maybe bcoz I'll run out of cash, or mayb I've grew 2 luv the kids. That I won't see anymore, n that won't remember me after that. Kids, they Forgets as easily as they Remembers. Even thou they r such a nuisance most of the times. Will post their pictures that I've taken over the time I've worked ther, that is next month...hee...dun wanna reveal it now. =P

Okla okla, that's all, this is the book I've just finished, published in 2006, spotted it in 2007. Wanted to get it, but I 4got about it, then I bumped into it again!!! Wala!!! It is freaking awesome man, cooler than the one I posted yesterday, just when you thought you predicted it, it's not the way it seems!! 

Yikes, n it's complete with Lucifer n Michael the archangel. Different than most vamps novel. Which is oso set in NEW YORK CITY. Yea, vamps lurking around in the city that never sleeps. How suitable is that? Well, but the vamps in the book DO sleep thou. Haha, enuf spoilers ad. I'll leave it at that. For the vampires lovers. =)

Currently seeking for the sequel!! But didn't go out, I need to get my hands on it!!! Yikes, xleh tahan..><

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so fast 200th post dy..congratz..nth 2 comment,jz like xian said b4,xian waitin 4 jane changesin de future..hehe..

  2. +Swt, if I don't change now, what makes you think I will in the future. Nothing is constant, evry second, ppl change.

  3. Anonymous says:

    tat y xian dint say jane did nt had any changes nw..jane alwiz change jz like gurls alwiz change their clothes..jz depend change from wot part..