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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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I got to admit. I really have an Attitude Problem that really needs to be fixed. Wait, it should be, attitude problems. Yea. Well, let me list out all the not good qualities of me, that I know, but I still refuse to change. Heck. Stubborn chick. Pain in the $. Lol

1st 2 hit the list is: I am biased. I treat ppl unequally. I treat ppl the way I like it. N not the way they treat me. No matter how they treat me, whether it's good or bad. I'll still treat them the way I want to. I will treat some good even if they don't give a damn about me. But treat some bad even if they CARES a lot about me. I know about it. Not doing anythg about it. N still givin these ppl the cold shoulder all the time. Alwiz distance myself whenever they're around. Don't even wanna get close. Right until that stage. I can't help the way I thk. I hate the way I thk. I wanna change the way I thk bfor I change the way I act. But like I said. If you can't think like an adult, at least act like one. Ought to do so myself.><

2nd 2 follow is: I am stubborn. If I say it is. Then it is. It's hard to change my mind. Even thou it's easy to make my heart goes uncertain at times. But in the end. I make the call. I call the shots. Just a simple example will be enough. If I'm sad or mad, and I don't wanna eat or sleep. I'll stay that way. And continue to be that way until I feel better. Even if you were to call me to do those things. Lol.

3rd bad attitude: What Jane wants. Jane gets. What others want. Jane won't give. Just take for example what I just did. Even thou I really don't like it. Well, went to Aeon wif my mum n sis in the evening. Upon reaching home, my sis realize she took the wrong size of a shorts she just bought. So she ask me go change. My dad was bz-ing, so I ask my fren. But then I ask my dad, he say ok. So I tell my fren no nid d. Then I yg kena my dad niao. Bukan gua yg nak tukar?><...ok, then I ask my fren fetch me go again. Dunwan ask my dad liao. Lol. And my friend came and pick me. So ok, he's a Guy, purposely come and fetch me go just so I could change the shorts. I'm that bad. Yea. it's not the 1st time I do that. Sengaja panggil ppl fetch me. And they're not even my boyfriends or anythg. Ask them go here and there when I could have drove myself[which I still do not want to drive, heck]...

And yesterday I was thinking. It kinda scares me how Convincing I can be. It's like I got the Power to make ppl do what I want them to. Except no, I rly dun hev that kinda power? Lol. But still. You get the point don't u? I just need to ask, that's all. Most of the times I'll have it my way. And my mum was saying, you got a lot of drivers, why don't you just ask one of them? So yea, that's what I did just now? Even thou saying my friend is the driver is kinda BAD on my side. Because he's not. Even if he don't mind. I will.

Neway, that's all I can thk about rite now. Even thou you know better. That there really is more to me than meets the eyes. Many ppl r deceived by my 1st impression. Stuck up chick. And still do not know the real me even when we're friends. They think I'm all good and all. But I'm really not all that good. I don't have the heart of an angel. Hence the reason why many ppl r misled by me. I might be close and good to you at this moment. But I will give you the cold shoulder Anytime. So yea, bfor they can even dream about it. I crush ppl's hope on the person I am. Coz I'm SO NOT the person they see me as. And the one they LIKE. The reality is rather far fetched. And let's just leave it that way? If I can, I would rather stay a mystery than being discovered.

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. Anonymous says: time is cumin way xian treat mz hv a ending izit??

  2. +Hmm, yea, I rly HOPE so. No guarantees thou. U noe me.