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Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

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Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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The poem with the same title can be found here.
 In the car. Ss-ing. Haha.xD

Been a long day yesterday. Here's a brief summary of what I did yesterday.

1st Stop: Mahkota Parade
1st Avenue: Sushi King
With: June & Pig
Amount Spent: RM38[After discount, minus a RM 10 voucher. Lol.] 
Here's some of the Sushi we ordered. Hehe, both of them don't eat the unagi[eel] and the baby octopus. Hehe. Me like it both..=P. The 1st pic is cheese roll. Cheesy cheesy. Forgot to take the pic of my fav. Golden Ball. Yum2, I wan sumore. Haha. Maybe some other time. =P

2nd Avenue: DP GSC
Movie: Alice In Wonderland[3D]
Amount Spent: RM40[2 Adults+1 Child] lil sis. She still look like 12. We alwiz buy child tix 4 her. Save RM5 ler...=P
Review: Hehe, I like it. I like it as a kiddie flick. Coz it is a kiddie flick. I never expected the movie to be however outstanding. Coz I grew up reading Alice in Wonderland. Watching Alice in Wonderland. The story is always the same. Except the movie shows Alice at an older age. ----------------------But the characters are still the same. I love the Mad Hatter[Johnny Depp]. I like the Queen of Hearts[Helena Bonham Carter]. I heart the White Queen[Anne Hathaways]. Both their characters and their real person. Alwiz luv Tim Burton's film. There's a sense of darkness in it. I knew Johnny since Edward Scissorshand. I knew Helena since Corpse Bride. The duo is simply spectacular. 
So yea. If there's a thing I'm a little dissapointed withis the 3D effects. Probably bcoz the story is slow pace, so there's not much of it. Gonna watch Clash of Titans 3D next...=P

3rd Avenue: Dataran Shops
Things I bought: Earrings+Gift
Amount Spent: RM40
4th Avenue: MP Shops
Things I bought: Necklaces+Shorts
Amount Spent: RM42
5th Avenue: Amigo
Amount Spent: RM35[Not my money. Lol]
Dinner: Cheese Baked Rice. As usual, couldn't finish it, the portion is enough for both my dinner and supper. Lol. I don't eat much lor. =P

6th Avenue: Tribe The Houz@Pillow Bar
Amount Spent: RM25
For those that don't know where it is. It's just above Tribe. Lol. The birthday girl picked the place. At 1st I thought it was a cafe. Which seems really like it. Even when I went in. Except it serves mostly alcoholic drinks. Which they ordered 2 pax of it. RM29 each There's non-alcoholic 2, we ordered 2 jugs of it, 1 jug RM35. Zzz.. 1 table min RM35. We sat on 2 tables. 
But then, here's the story. The total is RM168. Including the cake probably RM200+ ad. I don't like to be the person to plan all these stuff, fortunately, this time it's not me. Nvm. Last minute only tell me no one is buying the cake!!! So I had to ask my mr.good guy fren go n buy. He sms me say, "Y alwiz like this??". Honestly, I wan 2 ask that myself. I don't want to be the one buying all these stuff and sorts anymore. Bcoz at d end of the day. My good deeds goes unpaid. Literally.

N I thk he spent quite a minimum of RM50 last night. Which doesn't seem to be quite fair to me. But who am I 2 speak??? Diorg xtau "seng mok". Wot was I 2 do? Wotever it is. I know I don't owe any1 anythg. Look, there's approximately 10 ppl. So 1 ppl cum out RM20 enuf ad. But then, some didn't come out, some come out less. Argh. As though I'm very rich like that.

There are just times when I just can't stand it. If you can afford to treat me, or anyone else that's alright, wot if ur not? Surely ppl hev 2 thk about u. Otherwise, I too don't like to hutang ppl. Like my girlfriend said. You might need to pay it back with interest later on. Meaning not in this life time,  or may it is. So yea, I really blv that. And our debts to our parents will never be fully repaid. That is one thing I realized. For they sacrificed the most for us.
Oh oh, btw, here's the thg, since the place is full of pillows, and it puts on all those slow songs, it makes ppl feel like sleeping, haha, seriously, that's y I say it's not like a BAR oso. There was 3 couples that night. Only a big group of us. We were kinda the noisiest there. Haha, even though they put a sign in their menu. Keep your voice down. SERIOUSLY? Haha. =P

Last Stop: Capitol Sate Celup

Duno wot's the amount, coz my fren treat. Haha.xD. I was suppose 2 follow another fren bak actually. The my girl fren ask me 2 follow her while she drive my guy fren's car. So round round cari ATM, ambil duit, pi makan Sate Celup. Haha. Been long since I've been to Capitol. Hmm, here's the thg, I thk it's not that nice ad. Neway, still luv Sate Celup. So it doesn't rly matter. =P. As long as I get 2 EAT. Hee. Ate more than 10 sticks I thk. Came bak around 2sth, that's y didn't sleep. Coz 2 full. Slept at 4am lor...

Oh yea, about the title of this post. Adrenaline Rushing. It simply feels that way. For those that still don't know, one of my guilty pleasure is sitting in fast cars. Haha. It feels so GOOD. =P. I don't drive FAST, I only like sitting in FAST cars. =P. Neway around 120kmj oni la. Not very fast oso, it just feels's the thg with Proton cars, u can feel the speed. If u sit Big cars, the effect will be really mild. 
That's y I alwiz niao ppl when they drive slow, instead of when they drive fast. =P. I know, it's DANGEROUS. Can't help it. Open the window and it feels ADDICTIVE. Everything just passes through your eyes. You can feel the wind. The coldness just numbs you. I love that FEELING. Just like the times, once in awhile when I hop into a club with them, just standing there, watching them, drown myself in the music. It makes me FORGET, what's not to REMEMBER. 

Oh btw, forgot to mentioned, thk we saw an 8TV host ther last night, haha, saw him when he got up and going back, then my fren n I look at him, then look at each other. That person looks so familiar. For some reason he look at us too. Oso mayb bcoz we were looking at him? After he went out my fren said, y didn't u call him?! Take pic ma..><...zzz, pengsan, I say her bak y didn't u call. Haha. She said if we call him, he'll come over. Probably. But I'm not a fan of celebs in real life. Haha. N the reason we were unsure if it was him bcoz his face is erm, lots of pimples? In compare to the one we see on TV. His face shines like hell in TV? Make-up Much? For those who watch 横行八道, u'll know who I'm talking about. =P

Total Amount: RM185-RM15[June paid me the movie tix lor, even
thou I say no nid]
Total Amount Spent: RM170
Amount Left: RM80
Hmm, that ought to last me till April. Heck, mayb not if I goes out again. Control lor. ><".. Eek, soon I'll have no more money 2 spend nia. Jgn m'boros. Neway, that's all for now. Gonna go do other stuff ad. That was LONG. Think I blog for at least a couple of hours d. Haha, seriously lor. You thk all my long post I simply type within half an hour? Haha. Don't be Silly. If you're a frequent blogger u'll know how much time we wasted on our BLOGS. =P

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. Anonymous says:

    xian dun dare 2 drive fast oso..haiz..anyway jane jimat2 lor..n try 2 take de money from ur fren who owe jane lor..except de driver who alwiz fetch u all..xian thk he can be exclude lor..

  2. +Haha, no one hutang me anythg. Learn 2 "seng mok" ad. I dun hutang ppl. Ppl dun hutang me. U can never EVER put the word Money in a relationship. Lol.

  3. Anonymous says: 2 heard tat..