Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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*I don't really go and remember the exact time, it's just estimates. =P

  9.30am >> Start car, go pick Jenny up.
  9.45am >> Reach Angela's place, just in time. =)
  9.55am >> Sharonne's house.
10.00am >> At Aeon!

J[Not me] wanted to buy watch, tapi x nampak itu gerai~So jalan jalan, cari apa? Xda apa, saje jalan, hee. A tgh cari her iPanema, cudn't find wot she wanted~S as usual, suka je window shopping~hehe.

11.00am >> Xda benda buat dah, pi je MP.
11.15am >> Dah sampai, parking pun susah, dah lama x park, dah karat dah. ><"
11.20am >> Pi DP 1st~Go find the 2 thgs I wanted 2 buy, hehe...beli kasut beli baju. Lol. =P...act saw another heels pun byk cantik. But I rarely wear heels anyway, n 1 is enuf 4 me. I'm not that Tiger or the Pig, asyik beli kasut je, oni thg this year I did bought 4 pairs d la. Haha, semua x sama pattern punyer le...xD..3 of them happen 2 be Summit's[Got member card anyway.=P]...Vincci xyah pi dah, I dah bosan. Hehe.

Shoes   :RM               27.50
T-shirts: RM  17X2 = 34.00

12.15pm >> Perut dah lapar pulak, x makan breakfast, go buy some snacks 2 munch on, beli keledek makan. =P
12.30pm >> Pi beli Pig nak punyer Purple Esprit Bag~I nak yg Hitam~~!!! Hmm. Later la. Haha. xD
12.40pm >> Pi cari satu benda kejap, hehe. Apa benda xmau bagi tau dulu. =P
12.50pm >> Ckp 12.30pm, dah nak pukul 1pm belum sampai, biasalah, Malaysian time.~Heh.

  1.15pm >> Kat MP pulak, time for Lunch, eat Pizza~!! Bcoz wan Halal ma, duno wot else can eat.
  1.30pm >> Semua dah sampai, 11 ppl altogether, our 5 malay guy frens+2 aweks, ada satu I x ingat ler.><"....others used 2 be quite good wif them. They all very sporting de. 1 more like Indon than Msian eh.
  2.20pm >> Dah makan habis, boleh chao dah, x abis pun act, diorg dapao ambil pi boling makan, haha, they wan go play, I xmau, ada satu pun xmau, we continue shopping je. =P

Pizza: RM12
 3.00pm >> Finding for A's flops again, n look c look c clothes, walk here walk ther, hehe.
 3.30pm >> Nature's Republic! Bought a nail polish n remover. =P. Hmm, bored wif my 30 colours. Neway, my skin tone now, put dark solid colour nicer. Aikz. So dark ad.. sob sad...

Nature's Republic: RM4X2 = RM8

Speaking of which, evry gathering I go, those who went 2 Uni all came bak wif Panda eyes. Sigh~ Life in U. Slp late wake up early, giler sial. All got eye bags. Lol. =.=

3.50pm >> Hev 2 cabut, nid 2 drop S at sumplace, 4got 2 mention, C came and join us for lunch. Hehe.
Then she said go yamcha, ma suggest go eat Tau Fu Fa lor. Nearby Bei Zhan.
4.00pm >> Drop S off and went there, ok, hev trouble parking again. I very scare roads that is slanting~Hev 2 use d hand gear evrytime. ><"
5.30pm >> So late ad o, C goin 4 2nd round wif her frenz, so we dcided 2 go bak lor.
6.00pm >> Reach home unscratched. Even thou I noe I did a few silly thgs driving. Lol. Hev 2 remember this n that. C, it's not that hard izit? I juz hev 2 take it slow. Dun Kan Jiong~! 1 kali dah cukup, malas nak drive dah. I oni hev d urge 2 drive once in awhile. Haha. So they was surprised I offered 2 drive. Lol.
Tau Fu Fa+To Fu = RM4

Total Spent: 27.50+34+12+8+4= RM85.50+RM20[Pig owe me]= RM105.50

Dah, malas nak type dah, nak upload pix at FB la. ^^


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