Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Since this is gonna be a long post, I'll try my best to cut it short. Haha. Just realize it's damn long, to cut short, juz forget about my trip and go see the post after the dotted line.

...Me and Moo Moo going on a trip. =D

1st Day: Tuesday

Woke up at 8am+, got ready and start for our journey at 9am+.
My dad use the coastal road, all the way until Bukit Mertajam. At the Mainland of Penang.
We reach there about 7pm+ actually, but then couldn't find my aunt's auntie hse.
Ask my aunt she pulak duno wher we are.
After asking 3 person baru dpt cari de place.
By the time we reach there about 8pm+ ad.
Geng rite?

Ppl use 6 hours 2 reach, we took almost 12 hours 2 reach.
My dad la. Along the way entah dia sesat pi mane.
And he purposely masuk Carrey Island, which fyi, is just palm trees all around.
Nth 2 c, he went in just get 2 the end...><"
Took 30 minutes in and out.
That's y my mum keep saying he like 2 waste time.
Sigh, make us pening giler.
Asyik pusing sini pusing sane.
Along the way duno pass by how many sorts of things, and see how many sorts of stuff.
I dun rly remember ad. Lol. Haha.
Except for the cows crossing the road all the time. Heh.

On the way, drop by Teluk Intan, and see the Menara Condong, can't rly see it condong from my pix, bcoz I didn't even take it properly, but when u got in there, it makes u dipsy, dizzy,, even thou it's juz slightly condong, climb the stairs oso feel pusing~ It's the gravity har?

2nd Day: Wednesday

Was suppose to go over to the Island today.
But then hor, bcoz of other plans we go there the next day.
What plans?

Early in the morning, pi makan breakfast.
Then went to see Bird Nest. That's right. 
The burung layang-layang that creates the nest.
It's owned by my mum's aunt.
1kg of Bird's Nest can earn RM4500 I think.
Can't remember, about that la.
1 month can get about 50k if the birds all come around.
Depends on luck lor they say.
If the bird like ur place,
They'll stick to there.

If not,
Mostly about half that amount.
Ofcoz need to be divided to the middle man, the workers all oso la.
Average 1 person makes about 10k per man.
That's still a lot rite??
No wonder it's so xpensive siot.

Then nvm, we juz sitted there do nth. While my mum chat wif her auntie. She's like got so many thgs 2 talk. Lol. I mean my mum.
Note to self: Whenever you follow someone else around, bring a novel along. Heh. At least can cure my boredness.
After that hor, we go where you know? Go to a farm, see what? I'll show u a few pictures.


That's why me and my sis so pek chek.
My parents dun mind goin 2 all these places.
Thg is me not so nature and plant and animal person.
Me dun hev much interest in all these stuff.
Cameron go once is enuf 4 me.
The farm there got lotsa stuff thou if u wanna noe.
Padi field, fish pond, Jackfruit tree, Papaya tree, Durian tree, the durian size betul XXXL punyer, Melaka u won't c so BESAR punye.
The flesh very thick, not very sweet, not very bitter. 
Juz nice. Ate a couple oni, as u noe, I dun like Durians. Hee. Saje makan.

Then nvm, after that it rains and we go to another town, Kulim.
That's like 1 hour and a half from where we were.
Swt rite?><"

4got 2 mention, we went 2 shopping at nite, 2 buy xtra baju sebab x bawa spare. Lol. N my sis tgh frust giler...

3rd Day: Thursday

Same lor, woke up early in the mornin again.
After hevin breakfast.
We went over to the island.
1st time drove over ther.
Laz time sit ferry je.

The place is so SCARY.
The road so narrow.
The ppl so many.
The jln so sempit.
Rly rly luan.
If I'm the one driving there.
For sure kena accident.><""

We didn't go 2 any of the historical places lor.
Coz all been bfor ad, even thou it's 15 years ago.
Haha, but my sis juz went there 2 years ago.
I oso sien wan go.
So we went 2 cari makan je.
Went 2 komtar[Which sux],
Then Prangin Mall @ Komtar[Which is better, still, mcm Sg Wang je. Which I dun like 2 go]
Then cari makan,
After makan pi Gurney Plaza.
Haha, this one byk xpensive.
Mcm Sunway Pyramid je.
All the stuff branded goods.
And ppl here buka mulut je ckp hokkien.
Gua tia bo eh.

Then my dad go around the island, literally.
He juz drove up hill turn one round cum down hill.
Make us all so PENING.
Dizzy man. The hilly roads.
He blh thn, kita x leh thn.

Then apa buat?
Pi beli sum nutmegs~!!
Nice, got my fav kind.
Haha, tapi a bit oni.
Cum tu lor.

4th Day: Friday

Time 2 pak the bag n go bak!!
But bfor that, go eat breakfast 1st la, haha.
Started the journey about 10.30am.
Use the highway until we reach Ipoh,
Drop by my mum's uncle place at Tanjong Malim.
Evrytime we pass ther sure drop by there de.

Reach home by 6pm.
So about 7 hours la.
Including when we drop by for lunch.
So rly 6 hours can reach ad. Haha.
Half the journey when we went up.
Ofcoz xtra money for toll.
RM50+ I thk.

When I dun mentioned about any food?
Bcoz I dun exactly remember when and where I eat wot,
Even thou got pictures.
But not so nice la.
So not gonna post, haha. I'll list it out.

1. Hokkien Mee
2. Chee Cheong Fun
3. Lam Mee
4. Wantan Mee
5. Claypot Chicken Rice
6. Char Koay Teow
7. Tomyam bihun
8. Fish and chips
9. Nasi Lemak
10. Otak2
11. Curry Mee

Hmm, I guess that's all? N no la. I didn't eat all of that la. Campur2 la..share wif my mum and my sis. Haha.
If I ate it all, I've already put on some pounds liao lor..=P
N if u wanna ask me which food nicer. Ofcoz I say Melaka ler.
It's all about wot we used to eating growing up.
My cousins from KL still prefer Loloq over Satay Celup.
But to us, Satay Celup the best!!
Haha, so yea la, different rasa wot.
I tried the food biasa je, to them it's nice. 
To me, xda pe.

Special Story:
My mum's aunt has a son, that is kinda mentally not so fit.
He's not crazy. But his mind is like a child+adult. I dun rly noe how 2 xplain, for those who watch Fei Mao, u'll noe wot I mean.
There's actually sum1 like Fei Mao. That can do thgs on their own.
Can communicate wif ppl and all, just cudn't make logical thinking by their own.
He became like that bcoz he fell and knock his head on the stone floor when he was juz 2 year old. Yea, a kid.
Juz like fei mao demam panas so bcum like that.
As they say, the plug short circuit ad.
His memory is quite good thou. He can remember the places he been too.
But nth 2 far long.

He can speak a little bit of cantonese, hokkien, chinese, and english.
My mum says he went to special school.
But I thk his english is even better than those I noe. No offence.[I'm not saying mine is good]
I think if he haven't knock his head and got stitches on it.
He wud hev been a really smart person.
His dad is a high ranking police officer, his mum is oso quite smart.
So it's only fair that he is too.

He's 50 this year btw, 1 year younger than my mum, but he feels more like a koko then an uncle.
You won't think of him as a uncle figure.
But a koko, seriously, even thou he look his age.

My mum's aunt is a very rich lady.
The farm, the bird nest, all belongs to her.
But she doesn't rly live an expensive lifestyle.
Not rly stingy, not rly boros too.
Her hse tv byk besar man.
It's like 40-50 inches I thk.

When a family is too rich,
It drives people apart.
Her grandfather leaves a large portion of property,
But bcoz of that,
All of them gaduh,
She dun mind, since she's so rich rite.
But the rest oso very rich,
Only thg wif human, 
They're never satisfied.

The more money they hev,
The more money they want,
For what?
My grandmother alwiz say u can't brg it to the grave,
And bcoz we aren't that rich,
Out family is more close knitted.
My grandma has filial children,
Even thou sum of their spouse are calculative and wotsoever. 
But we're doing well, not so bad. ^^
My sis's fren was saying yesterday,
How cum we boleh suka suka buat steamboat,
Buat bbq, we alwiz hev these gathering at home lor,
Even thou I dun like it, as u noe, me no party ppl,
Me dun like layan ppl, say me lan ci, I dun care,
I dunwan 2 layan means dunwan 2 layan.

Haha, well, I juz dun like 2 ckp kosong ok?
I notice ppl do that alot.
Asking u about ur stuff,
But it's juz 4 courtesy purposes,
Not that they'll remember after that,
Get wot I mean? I dun like doin that.

Bcoz most of the times, we won't even see each other the 2nd time, so why bother?
Speaking from an anti social perspective. No offense. 
Mayb it's a good thg I'm goin away,
Mayb I cud create a new identity while I'm gone.
Mayb it's rite wot a fren said, x dpt uni I Sad, dpt uni I Scare.=P

Got in to UKM btw, taking Literature. 
I thk it's my 1st choice, I dun even remember.
The nearest public Uni from Melaka.
Haha, 1 hour n a half. My sis's falkuti.

My gosh, her falkuti is up hill down hill man..><"
Means I won't be able to ride bicycle la tu.
My sis was saying, will I be able to cope?
Do I hev a choice? I put english as well.
But I wanted Literature more.
Bcoz I dun like 2 speak, english requires lots of speaking. =P
And bcoz I like to take COLD subjects.
The stuff ppl dun touch.
I'm guessing the business n sorts will hev hundreds of them.
N none of my interest oso.
Public uni so limited choice.
What choice do I hev?

At least it's sth I prefer. Won't say like.
Since I prefer poems over classical novels.
But I'll find a way to survive.
If I cud make it thru.
I'm afraid of the dark btw.
I'll try keeping my eyes shut all the time when it's dark.
So, haha, I am so Si Liao. I pass thru Siliao btw, a small kampung in Msia. Haha.

Ok then, 2 weeks n I'm gonna be caged, this time on my own.
Hev 2 leave Melaka, my beloved home.
Sad sad, sob sob.
Melaka the best!!!!!

As u notice, I dun like 2 post a few posts in a day. Made exception for a few, but, lazy rite now. Hee.

Laz nite pi makan Pizza Hut sama family n my sis's fren, we all noe him lor, org baba, haha. Then after that went to Wings wif my Jie Jie and her fren, that lil pig n me both no brg hp, coz by the time we got home sudah kong, entah mane itu charger hilang, cudn't find it, need 2 buy another one.

Anyway, I won't be going to Wings again. The price really ketuk org kao kao. I never been there lor. Oni been to Xuan. Nvm, the thg wif these places is that. They FORCE ppl to order drks. That's y I go Xuan 1 time then no go ad. There's a few places that I wudn't go whenever my fren ask me. Wher is that? Station 1, Mori Cafe and Xuan, and now Wings. I say u mau pi pergi la, gua xmau ikut. These kind of places rly chop ppl I tell u. Blood Suckers...Eek, if the thg is nice, I might still consider, thing is, the thg not say very nice oso. Swt.

My drks, as usual, oni drank until half, I dun like cold drinks. I dun drk Coffee and Milk. Which put Old Town in my anti list oso. Bcoz it serves no TEA for me!! Ish, geram betul.

Things I Like & Hate:
1. Like English Tea. Hate Chinese Tea.
2. Like Honey Dew. Hate stuff that smells of Honey Dew. E.g. Marshmallows!!!
3. Like Banana. Hate anything other that has Banana in it. E.g. Banana cake.

That's juz a few. Hee. I guess that's all for today. Wah, sudah pukul 1pm man. Gua blog more than 2 hours liao. Haha. Starving ad. So long then. Any mistakes I write above malas nak chek. So tell me if u spot any. ^^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    +long long post..haha..

    +Moo moo goin too??he mz be happy lor..hehe..

    +jane said bout nutmeg,last tiem 4get to giv u de nutmeg tat xian bought last month..zzz..anyway,wot fav kind tat jane meant??

    +jane rlyt dun like go cafe wif 驻唱歌手 de cafe lor..all thr de food n drink nt rly nice de lar..then jane yam cha mz go mamak liao lor..haha..

  2. +Aiya...I bawa her balik 2 her home town ma. Moo moo is a girl la. =P
    +Swt, u not giv me one ad meh? I like the powdery nutmeg, the dry one, haha.
    +I rather go mamak. Go ther 1 time oni rm1, go cafe 1 time rm10.
    +These ppl all very ho mia o..

  3. Anonymous says:

    +actually xian oso confuse whether moo moo is gurl or boy,cz it was blue in clolour..anyway,jane said gurl then moo moo is gurl lor..

    +powdery nutmeg??hmm..stl duno time told me in hp lor..

    +cz i got bought last month ma..lst time giv jane de is bought b4 CNY de..

  4. +Duno how 2 xplain. Swt. Ok
    +She's a girl bcoz I'm a girl. Put a clip on her head she'll look like a girl ad. Haha.xD