Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Money brought = RM220

Tuesday: Sunway Pyramid[12.30pm-5.30pm]
1. Lunch: Esquire Kitchen= RM 15
2. Blue Moon Novel[Popular]= RM30
3. Secret Recipe[Cake]= RM11
4. Slurpee+Bread[7/11]= RM4
5. Something= RM6
Total = RM67

Wednesday: Sunway Pyramid[11.00am-7.00pm]-Was raining non-stop, wanted 2 wait for the rain 2 stop, waited for 2 hours still rain, well, it's drizzling quite heavy, but wth, juz balik la, evryday walk there lor. Haha, very near erm, from my house to Munshi, not that far oso I think.
1. Movie[TGV]: Letters To Juliet= RM8
2. Lunch: XXL Fried Chicken[Shihlin Street Snacks]= RM6
3. Something+Another Thing[Secret]= RM40
Total = RM54

Thursday: Sunway Pyramid
1. Kindori[Ice-Cream]= RM9

Total Spent= RM130

Pig owe me= RM50
Total = RM180

Total Left = RM 220 - RM 180
                = RM 40

Hehe, technically I spent all my time at Sunway, =P...came here on Monday night. The main reason I came because I wanted to watch
Letters To Juliet, haha, damn Melaka!! It didn't show there.
Still, now I heart GSC even more. Seriously. TGV sux.
Eh well, it's the city, Ticket is RM8 on wed, normal days more than RM10.
Melaka Wed oni RM6 nia. Well, nvm the price.
Thing is, my elder sis was right.
GSC is way better.
When I entered the cineplex, it gives me a
Claustrophobic feel, the place is just so dimly lighted, and feels cramp, low, but inside the hall, it's so steep, like M.B.O steep. No, I think even more steep.
Well, I feel so uncomfortable sitting in there.
Why? Because when I sit up straight, the chair is only until my shoulders.
Hence, I had to lay down, thing is the chair is so small like it's made for a child. Gosh.
Thankfully the movie is really NICE. N I mean a very delicate, touching in a sense that is unlike another.
I feel like crying in some parts, I think I did a few times.
It's not the most romantic movie I've ever seen.
But the most full of love and life movie I've ever seen.
And romantic means all the more different after you've seen this movie.
Next Poem coming up, another love story. Hehe.

Btw, I think I had enough of
Amanda Seyfried for now. She wowed me in Jennifer's Body. After that it's just seem kinda flat, in Dear John, and now this. She just seem to be acting the same damn character. And that's boring. Thankfully for Letters to Juliet. Chris Egan and Vanessa Redgrave is what I think makes the show more interesting. ^^. 

Thursday we went to Sunway Lagoon actually, ticket is RM80, got MyKad RM60, we got staff discount from our relative, he's a staff in Sunway, so per person RM48. Just three of us, me, my sis and my cousin.
Well, we went in at 10.30am, came out at 4.30pm, it's a sunny day, it closes at 6pm.
But because we only buy the tix to 3 parks, which is
Water Park, Amusement Park, and Wild Life.
We technically only spent time at Amusement Park since we don't plan to get wet.
That's the thing, Amusement Park not many rides lor. So one ride we sat about twice.
My sis and cousin play the Roller Coaster 5 times. I'm a scary cat, I only went up 3 times.
That's it. No more roller coaster for me. I thought I could take it. But damn. I rather play water slides than
Roller Coaster.
It's so scary, I just feel sick to the stomach after I went up twice, I went to the Wild Life and Look See while they played 2 more rounds.
Nothing much there oso. Lol,
A'Famosa Safari lagi shuang*100 times more. Eh well, just a little zoo for kids to see.

Haha, I keep asking them to teman me play the cup and the shoes. My all-time favourite when I was a kid. Actually my favourite is the
Niagara Falls Flume Ride. But we'll get wet sitting that, so didn't sit lor...
N there's a number of rides been closed. Sigh. So didn't get to sit oso.
Went to sit
Pirates Revenge thou. 

Damn, the moment I got in, I just kept thinking I wanna go down.
It's so freaking pain, well, technically freaky, but I thk more pain than that, since for safety measure, they just queeze you to the seat.
Not recommended for BIG SIZE ppl at all. Now I'm still feeling dizzy. @.@
My cousin wanted to play the
TOMAHAWK, but I don't dare.

Hehe, I did play something like that once at a fun fair, it's scary no doubt. [I only did that because I was HIGH that day, I do crazy things when I'm high, but that's just the rare occasion, might even consider bungee jumping if I'm extremely high, well,
Extreme Park got Flying Fox lor, dat seems nice. And haha, maybe if got chance want to go Scream Park ler. Scary. =P]
It just throws u 360 degress up high.
And well, me going to Theme Park is so not worth it, haha, that's really true, and gosh, the ticket price has shot up more than 100%, I remember not long ago, or maybe ages ago, it's only about RM20-30, that oso we say expensive ad. But now RM80? Siao man.
So long time didn't go A'Famosa ad. But play until sien liao actually, even the highest slide I went up ad. Only didn't went up the tunnel one, still don't dare. Haha. xD
Ah, btw, my aunt sponsored the ticket lor. And she was saying why we didn't go wet park. Actually I did say let's go, the two little kids dunwan go. So like that lor...

Btw, I didn't take any pictures going there. Just don't feel like it. These days I just feel so uninspired that I don't do anything that I don't feel like doing. Kinda losing my touch.

Waiting for
Melaka Wonderland to complete, I wonder, will it even be done in 5 years time? Lol.
And if it's
Genting, I spent most of the times sitting the flying swing and carousel, haha. Not the Roller Coasters. So really buang duit rite? =P
I still can't look down from high place. Just now walk the suspension bridge oso so scary ad. So damn long, I just wanna reach the other side quickly.
Ok, that's it, I'm going out for dinner. Be back later. =)

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  1. haha..i love love love letters to full of love, life...hmm..and it feels deep...hehe..didnt buy any clothes there?lol

  2. +Yesh. oh gosh. it melts my heart.