Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Human conscience that involves another other than ourselves.
Belum masuk Uni dah dpt lihat org punya tebiat, org punya tabiat.

I'll start from myself.
Ever since I'm a little girl.
Everything my mum settle for me.
Well, almost everything official.

I don't know nothing about my bank account.
I don't have an ATM card.
I don't even know how to bank in money.

All those Saham Amanah all that gua apa pun xtau,
Saje chop my cap jari then habis cerita.

U c, I'm technically clueless most of the times,
Can say that I dun even know how to handle my life,
Hmm, so much for a 19 going on 20 adult har?

Thinking of which, I'll be left to fend on my own start next month. T.T
Everyone have to grow up,
I'm sure I will survive. Cross my fingers.

Well, me not wanna bad mouth ppl at here,
For what am I about to say is about myself as well,
You see my mum, she's someone who likes to share things,
When there's good things she pass around,
Even the simple gestures, fruits, food, etc.
But she doesn't like to give "Kiam Siap" ppl,
The kind that is so RICH yet wouldn't share a sen with anyone,
[Got la ppl like that in the family tree.=P]

Yea that, bcoz not oni are they stingy,
They dun even wan 2 c ppl hev a better treatment, entah apa2 la.
Tebiat org kaya, what I can't have, you can't have either,
That kind of ppl, what I have, you mustn't have as much as me. Lol.
If you don't know any of those kind of ppl,
You haven't been to the REAL world,
Not that I have, I just happen to know.

Juz now my parents go send the form for me,
The TAPEM form, for the pinjaman,
1 year RM4500 oni, interest free.
If results ok, they'll waiver a part of it,
If very ok, they'll waiver all of it,
So my sis say better take this one than take PTPTN,
Even thou the amount not much,
Coz they give you free money after all.
Let's just hope they approve my loan. Lol.

My main point here is,
Our GENERATION are Selfish Freaks,
Whoever is not can disregard whatever I just said,
I'm talking about myself anyway.
Like I've mentioned in my previous post,
Most of the times I'm just too concerned with my own things,
I don't have the time to bother about anyone else.

Ok, so any Malaccan that is going to further study, 
or already in Uni can get RM400 from the state gov,
Deduct the e-kamus that comes wif it RM340 I think,
Within 6 months from the date you enter Uni oni,
That's what my mum say la,
I oso just heard from my cousin mention yesterday,
My mum oso heard from a fren's aunt.
That's y she went and take.

I baru bgn when she came back,
Ask me fill in the form la dis la that la,
I say okay okay,
They keep say me apa pun need them to do,
When my sis was my age,
Everything she do herself,
Lol, it just gives me a headache.
I don't like to do all this official thingy.><"
Very de pek chek,
That's y Business, Marketing, or Management doesn't suit my personality at all.
I'm better off staying as low profile as possible.

Sigh, that's y they never had 2 worry about my sis,
Me? Byk susah lor,
Kejap2 sakit, apa pun xtau buat.
Ckp je senang, tapi xda beza

I was juz crappin off the score again didn't I?
Ya, then she ask me to notify my friends.
Which brgs me bak 2 the Question.
Would I have done that if she didn't ask me to?
I have no idea, maybe a couple but that's it.
I sent to almost 20 ppl,
Dun remember, but 10 of them or more,
Replied me and say they got ad,
A couple didn't know and ask me about it.
The ratio is about this, 15:5 approximate.
15 sudah tau, but u never heard from them,
5 xtau, n that's my job 2 notify them.

That's when I realized.
We are too concerned about ourselves,
Doesn't really do it at this kind of Day and Age.
Sadly, that's simply the case.
Friends heh? Time to self-reflect starting from myself.

Rotten apples we may not be,
But how many of us are organic anyway?
Poisoned by all the pesticides and sorts,
In order to survive we got corrupted as well.

PS: For my BBQ outing Pics last night, click here.
Actually wanted 2 say sth about that,
But I guess I think too much,
It's the moments that matters isn't it?
I have no idea how I ended up being the person I am now,
Than the person I am then. Or maybe I do.
Ought to start putting myself together again.
Then we will all be together.
And I know just the right song for it. =)

We're all in this together

When we reach

We can fly
Know inside
We can make it
We're all in this toghether 
Once we see 
Theres a chance 
That we have 
And we take it