Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Just Came Back...

+Didn't want to go out 2day, rly felt lazy & tired...

+But, still went wif them anyway, juz bored 2 stay at home d whole day...

+1st stop: Go Go KTV, din rly hev the mood 2 sing oso, n when I got ther, I juz sang a few songs n I'm out of gas, nvm that, I got a bad headache wif all the noise around me, can't stand it n juz gotta leave the room, went out by myself, n walk along the sidewalk, breathe sum fresh air, still felt dizzy thou, so so, got bak 2 the room again still, thk god ther's oni half more hour 2 spare, n I actually manage 2 sing 3 more songs,

+2nd stop: MP, went to KFC 1st, this is wher it started 2 be so "KICK", darn it, evryone wants 2 eat different thg, one say McD, one say KFC, another dunwan either of it, so how? stand infront of KFC, n thk, thk, thk...zzz...geram betul, I cincai one la, eat wot oso the same,, waste a few minutes, then finally, ok, settle, eat KFC...good...I was starving bak ther...after finish eating, sum1 wanted 2 buy sth from guardian, so...waited 4 her 4 quite a while, all thx 2 the promoter ther trying 2 persuade her 2 buy this buy, went up 2 Dee's, din rly c any nice new outfits, but they were trying, n looking around, this that, sum of them bought a Jape t-shirt, dun rly hev my size la, or else I would buy 2, haha...then went around n look at shoes, vincci, naughty, still, we're like little kids scattered around...hehe, seriously...waste even more time...yea...that's much time lor...

+3rd stop: Then, even more "KICK"..., they wanted 2 go 2 ARENA, juz 2 look c look c, nvm, bcoz u nid 2 order a jug of "drks" if u enter...but nobody wanted a booze, so wot did we do? We sit outside ther, n ask the guys 2 cum, wth, n waited 4 them for 1 hour++, waliu eh, seriously, sit ther n chit chat chot evrythg...dun rly noe wot we chatted oso, hee...the lagi2 "KICK" is that after we waited 4 so long, we decided nt 2 enter ad, wanted 2 go to TA CHI house, n lim teh, n that 2, nvm, after the guys arrive, they still refuse 2 leave!! Argh!! waste another few minutes waiting 4 them 2 make their final decision, darn so, finally, manage 2 get them 2 get going, so this is wher we got lost, the place is near southern hospital, but none of the 4 cars noe how 2 get ther??!!! wth?? nvm, we turn n turn, finally, we thought of how 2 go ther, n nearly miss a junction, thk god I finally recognize wher 2 go, or else we'll nid 2 make another big turn, it was faz n furious in a rather dangerous way, we was switching lanes along the way in a sense that it is a close switch, bcoz we keep taking the wrong lane!! Argh...

+4th stop: Finally, we reach TA CHI house, the time ther wrote 12am close, we reach ther at 11.30pm, but they say they're close ad, aiya, biasalah, bcoz they c us youngsters, sure wan 2 ccc, sit long2 one, so oklo...we go down road 2 LTP ther, got a restaurant selling duck noodles, n other stuff, order ABC, yummy2...miss ABC so much, but got cough ad, coz the ICE damn a lot man, next time 2 person order one can ad, hehe...then nvm, 3 others ordered the same thg, but there's one thg they dun eat, wot is that? Pineapple, waliu eh, I grow up eating pineapple man, they say bcoz it will cut their tongue, zzz, depends la, the pineapple I eat won't lor...then I eat all their share of pineapples, heh heh, then xpe, another 2 dun eat ATAPCHI, expensive u noe, that's my fav, hehe, they dun eat oso gud I got more, keke...another one ordered barley water, but she only drank the water without eating the barley, even thou they gave half cup of it, nice man, seldom got place will giv so much barley one, seriously, next time, wait, I pull ppl go, keke...she dun eat that bcoz she say very "geli"??Wasei...waste man, waste, I wan eat o...but full ad, coz I ate another person's share of "ZHA GUO BING", but a lil bit oni la, coz she say not nice, then I say wher got not nice, zzz...I oso duno how this ppl taste u giv me ICE sure nice one..haha...=P

+5th stop: My home, haha, thk god I was goin home at that time, my dad ask my sis 2 call me ad, hee, sure la, went out from 4pm till 12am+ leh, but very weird one la, if I go out at 9pm++, n cum bak at 1 or 2, he doesn't say anythg, but if I go out earlier, he'll ask me get bak earlier oso, dunwan me stay out so long ba? Duno la, shud ask him...nvm la, I oso very tired ad, time 2 go bed d, k la, oyasuminasai...^^

"Oft times we feel frustrated when things don't go our way, but it is at such times do we learn to compromise and be patient..."


2 Responses so far.

  1. Joe says:

    wow. very pack of activities. haha.
    da last quo very nice..
    sumtimes da thing we feel right is not da right things..

  2. +Yep, that way our life will be better off, instead of getting frustrated all the time...=)