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Hello there, for the 1st time,
I'm gonna write a Review,
Of Food.
How do I start eh?

6pm+ got into the car,
7.30pm reach Tenji, at Solaris Mont Kiara[Rich ppl's place],
Take the Dinner Buffet.
4 of us already RM306+.
Imagine that, one person RM75+,
But I fork out RM50 only,
My friend say they'll pay the rest for me because they really wanted to go,
Wanted to give them back but they didn't want it,
Next time treat them la.

But seriously,
Even for RM50,
Buffet is never worthy for me to eat,
And for RM75,
The food is not WORTHY for anyone to eat,
The only thing I actually like is the LAMB and "Lala",
Other than those, the rest sux,
And even the lamb, got worse the second round we took it,
All the food is so SALTY,
SALT so cheap sampai pakai letak je ke?

The last time I went to a Buffet is in Sibaraku Melaka,
Also a Japanese Buffet,
I thought that sucks,
Now that I think of it,
It's so much BETTER,
And only RM27++,
That also dinner time,
Lunch only RM17++,
Lol rite?
The difference is so much,
RM50 difference,
And yet it sucks compared to the CHEAPER ones.

Guh, it's right when they say Quality is always better than Quantity,
Sure, Tenji has lots of choices and food,
But what good does it do when half of it sucks?!
Never want to eat a buffet more than RM30 anymore,
When I can eat NICER ones less than that price,

And they say TENJI is nicer than Jogoya,
But those who went Jogoya also said there not that nice,
Instead they say TAO nicer,
And TAO is only half the price of both of it,
Crazy, the reason I went there is because my friend wanted me to accompany her,
Sigh, n juz for ONE time experience,
I mean it,
I never want to go to these places anymore,
Sucks, sucks, sucks.

One word: SUCKS.

Sign, Enaj.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Mr Lonely says:

    haha... i also go there before... XD... my review for it was at >>> ~~~ XD

  2. O C says:

    steamboat... best.