Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Finally finished watching it, after watching 1 epi a day. Well, in between my other shows that is. Hehe..luv this drama, gave me lots of inspiration and also some moments of laughter and tears. It doesn't drags on like all the other Korean dramas, that I find so irritating, always the same thing, quarrel, fall in love, something or someone keeps them apart, cry cry cry, heart broken, get back together, happy ending.

Well, practically most of the Korean series are like that, this is kinda sth like that, except less quarrel scenes, less cry cry scenes, less heart broken scenes, just enough to keep you want to watch it after another episode. Like I said, it doesn't drags on, so after an epi, something changes, and you just look forward to it. It's fun to watch, no doubt.

N still people say Boys Over Flowers is the best Korean Drama, I have to disagree really, even thou I luv looking at those guys, the rich boys, but damn, I hate that kinda heroin, not to mention they add another heroin that just sux, I stop right there and then. It happens when my fav character die, or when they introduce a new character which I hate. So goes to Criminal Minds which hev to mess up the brain of my fav character, that I don't wanna watch anymore..

It's not all about the good looking guys. This series @ Lady Castle, well, the main guy in it is so not handsome? Duh, and he's a poor guy as well. Sure there's a rich guy, oso not very rich oso, and oso not say handsome handsome oso. So damn all those rich guy spoil brats that falls in love with a naive girl series. I don't really think that happens in real life? I mean, come on? If the guy's really smart and all, you think he can really stand someone so stupid in life? I know I can't. Lol. That's just like falling in love with a little girl. Yea, coz well, technically, Taiwan series especially, show girls with really low mentality, low in IQ, or mayb EQ as well, make the girls seem so retarded, surely, not all, n surely, I'm saying it in a really not nice way, the nice term is simply, innocent naive knows-nothing girl. Lol.

However, I'm following two shows at the moment. Taiwanese series PS Man, which so do not have a dumb and innocent girl in it. Duh. And Korean series Personal Preference, Lee Min-Ho as the main guy, which can do better with a prettier heroin, but I guess the character needs a not so pretty one. Both really funny shows. =)

Ah, I haven't finish watching my 07-Ghost, hehe, but will soon, finished my Kuroshitsuji anyway, hmm, kinda lazy to read the manga scans on the internet, but I don't even know where I stopped at anymore that I'm lazy to get back on track. That happens with the English series I have on my com too, Gossip Girls, Privileged, don't feel like catching up anymore, even Vampire Diaries, that of which because I have two more of the books I have yet to read waiting for me at the shelf. Hee. N I want to go Aeon!!! Yosh. Wanna stock up on my snacks nia. Hyez, nth 2 bite these days, it's making me err...just looking for food all the time..

Well, speaking of which, hehe, afternoon suddenly had the urge to eat Ramen eventhou I wasn't hungry, then ask my frenz wan go or not, aikz, semua x senang, nasib the 2 xiao jie senang, keke, n 1 guy fren of mine, went to the place where my other guy fren work, was about 5pm sth ba, wasn't dinner act, just eat for fun, hehe, my mulut very gatal, just wan 2 eat, well, it became my dinner anyway, ate half a packet of nasi lemak for my supper just now.

Just feel like eating, and eat, and eat, even thou I'm rly nt that hungry? Well, kinda indigestion these few days, can feel it, gotta control my mouth[rly, dun niao me on this], still wanna stock up on thgs to eat. =P

Oh yea, after that, we went to Jonkers, walk2 je, bought a mouse pad thou, haha, kinda cute, my skin ad peel from my hand for using the mouse all the time...=P

Okla, that's all for today, gonna head off to bed ad, it's 12am ad. Hehe. Gonna rest my eyes. =)

PS: Been a day without tears. =)