Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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2 Movies:2 Novels

2 Movies:

1*The Lovely Bones[Peter Jackson]
+Since no one wanted to accompany me to watch this movie, I downloaded it. Lol, save my money also, really going broke soon, and I realize I really need to get 3 more Novels!!! Yikes, which will cost me another RM100, good for my dad thou, since he get to claim tax reduction, no good for me thou, since it's my money. ><"...

Next time anybody ask me what I want, might as well tell them I want novels. Haha, damn, I've just finished up one novel, faster than my usual record, and I'm craving for the sequel already!!! Ish, xleh tahan, hand itchy, nasib got all the shows for me, otherwise I'll go finish up all the books ad, haha. Ok, enuf wif that, now back to the main point.

My Opinion: It made me Laugh, it made me Cry, a very Simple, yet Deep in content story. Told from the main character, which is technically dead, telling her story from Heaven, Susie Salmon acted by Saoirse Ronan, which is quite an actress for her age, as seen in "Atonement". She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan[In Parent Trap]. Hope she'll never end up as her thou.

And hmm, the story, eventhou you know who the Murderer is right from the beginning, somehow you just have to continue watching it, see where and how it progress, a risk in letting us know who the main protagonist right from the beginning, but you'll start to understand that's how it's supposed to be told.
It just made me think of life from both sides of the mirror. The one standing behind the mirror couldn't see the one standing infront, vise versa the one standing in front the mirror only sees their own reflection.

I can't really explain it, but Life and Death, is like two sides of the mirror, both looking back at each other. Confusing I know, perhaps you should just watch the movie then you'll understand. Or maybe it's just me thinking that way. =P

Neway, really a movie worth your time. It affects you emotionally, and rationally, what or how you'll feel if such events occur in your life. Again, you'll never Know until it does. Thought of a quote: "We're ignorant people who believe ugly things will never happen in our life until it knocks on our door and everything goes down the drain."

Every time you read the newspaper, accidents, fire, flood, it's like you'll think how unlucky those ppl is, how lucky u r, thinking it'll never happen to you, bcoz ugly things dun cum to us. Those ppl 2, used to thk the same. I cry when I read the News, I'm that emotionally sentimental. I cry when I read about Death, it simply is 2 much 2 deal wif even if I may not know who are they. Somehow, I share the grief of their love ones.

Perhaps they're in a better place. But losing them is a whole different meaning altogether. Sometimes, it's in mourning that they continue to live on. At least in our hearts. It's not really a bad thing, it just teaches us how to deal with it, how to live loving them without them by our side.

You never know, what will Happen Tomorrow. It's Important to know that you're still Alive Today.

PS: As expected from Peter Jackson. Nevertheless, a good story told. =)

2*Beauty on Duty[Wang Jing]
+Heard it's a HK version of Miss Congeniality, the one acted by Sandra Bullock and got me laughing non-stop, love her shows, hehe, she's careless and funny, neway, I for one do not go to the cinemas to watch HK comedy movies, rarely, unless I find the story interesting, other than that, I'll always skip it. 

My friend ask me to accompany him, his treat, so I went with him lor, eventhou I got a really bad headache, budak tu, last minute my other fren pop out, then I just say if got ppl accompany you no need to ask me ler, coz I rly wanted 2 stay at home lor, haha, I'm a sucker ok? I do this kinda thgs a lot, if they need my company I'll accompany them, not every single ones of my friends thou, =P.

My Opinion: I kinda half-expected it to be a copy cat of Miss Congeniality, but nth like it at all.  You won't even link the two movies, even thou ther's a similiarity in the plot. Yet, the movie sure is full of laughter, made me laugh all the way, but still, it's still not Cinema-worthy in my mind.

It's funny har? Considering the fact that I'll go to the cinema to watch Malaysia and Singapore movies, just not HK comedies. I don't know, it's always the kind of movies that I'll rather or might as well watch at home, not the Cinemas. Even thou I luv watching Charlene Choi's movie. Still~

Eh well, to be fair enough, there's pretty girls and a handsome dude in it. Which is really rare in HK dramas or movies. Haha...xD...he's so cute...don't know much about him thou, name William Chan Wai-Ting. Details no idea, 1st time see him oso. Haha..=P

Anyhow, I'm so gonna watch "Being Human", which I'm pretty sure after the "Jack Neo" scandal, many will anti it, I duno, seems to me ppl alwiz do that, even thou I too show no respect for him anymore, but his talent is unquestionable. And I'm rooting for Mark Lee and Yeo Yann Yann anyway, so it would be unfair 2 them, if bcoz of 1 person, you missed them in action. As the tagline says "What comes around, goes around." He's probably in remorse right now. Money: The cause of Infidelity. “没钱,没本事出轨”

Okayy~Enuf wif that, the way I write is even a hundred times the amount of words that comes out of my mouth, nono, make that a thousand. Haha. Okay, let's go to the novels now.

2 Novels:

1*Real World by Natsuo Kirino
+A Japanese crime thriller novel translated into English. A crime thriller that does not actually features the crime scenes, but more towards the criminal minds of those that got involved with the main antagonist.

 Sypnosis: A story of a guy who killed his mother and ran away, helped by 4 strangers[4 girls that are friends]. However far fetched and illogical it may sound. With the fact that it's really ridiculous for such events to really happen in this world. I simply couldn't put down the novel until the end of the page. The reason is simple, you get into the thoughts of 5 different individuals and see life from different views altogether.

However fiction it may be, it contains a sense of reality. That those Scary and Ugly ppl really do exist in this world. Which still haven't got the chance to write the poem, titled, "The Other Side"...hmm, will thk of sth. Hehe..

For those that watch "Criminal Minds". They always mentioned something about when you got into the mind of the Criminals, you get corrupted yourselves....Bcoz in order to understand them, you have to think of yourselves as them, which at the same time, being exposed to corruption. That is when their lives get messed up. Bcoz they had to, and they had learn to, see things from the ugly side. Hence, polluting their once Beautiful sky. The world is how you see it after all.

Another thing is, I see a little bit of me in one of it's character: Kazuko Terauchi. Quote: "I'm this superphilosophical kind of person stuck in a prison of abstract ideas and overpowering emotions, changing day by day, growing more and more complicated and individualistic, something nobody can really comprehend."...posted it on FB bfor, those words hit me. Yet I've decided, to simplify my life. I don't rly nid 2 worry so much do I? Everything will take it's natural course. For now, I'll just leave[live] my life as it is. =)

2*Masquerade[A Blue Bloods novel] by Melissa De La Cruz
+I take back all my words on every other vampire books that I say is the best. This, is the Best. Better than the Best, Better than Twilight!!! Of which I so can't wait about for the Sequel!!! But rly, it's more Immortal than Vampire for this novel. Kinda a Clan that never dies, but, hmm, constantly reincarnating, some sort of vampire but one of the immortals.

For one thing, it doesn't have a brainless Bella in it, duh, and to think one will have start to like Bella, maybe I'll like her, in Breaking Dawn, lol, just like I did reading the novels.

Anyhow. The protagonists and antagonists are both Dashing, even the humans, rooting for the human dude honestly, hope for once instead of falling for the ever Charming Vampire Prince, she'll end up with the Ordinary Mortal instead. Which rly isn't Ordinary, and which rly isn't totally Mortal. Hehe...

Just when you thought you know the story, who the bad guy is, walah!! The author takes you in a roller coaster ride yet again. You couldn't guess who the true guy really is. Who she'll end up with, you just can't wait to find out and yet finding all your guesses wrong again. Highly recommended, for those that love Gossip Girl and Twilight. It's like okay, Rich and Famous Immortals, Lurking in the day, so Openly and living their lives just like the mortals. 

Heh heh, why I write all these even thou no book lovers rly reads my blog? Well, the reason is simple, I'm really forgetful, I'll forget about the story when I read another. But I won't read it twice, because I'll still remember. Just like a movie you watched, but forgot, but when you re-watch, you remember. Get it? =P

Ok then, I guess that's it for today, think I blog for almost 2 hours ad, try 1 hour and a half, haha. Continue blogging and I don't have to take my lunch ad, which xda benda makan pun, mum ask me cook instand noodles nia. Wanna go cook now. Tata ther. =)

PS: I probably shud giv e-books a try, will save a lot of my money, but I rly hate the idea of reading a book from a computer...><". Sigh. But ther's a bunch of books I wanna read, n u can't even get it here. Mayb if I got the time, speaking of which, eek, 4got about my mangas, gonna resume it soon.