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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Date: 15 April 2010
Girls: Me, Jenny, Mei Ling
Place: Aeon, Jetty, MP, DP.
Time: 12pm-8pm

1st Stop: Aeon
Food: Food & Tea HK
More Food: Sushi King
Amount Spent: RM20

Ok, my friend wanted to go eat Sushi King for the RM2 Bonanza. Since it's a public holiday, the other two had their day off from work, so we went to Aeon, but then saw the Sushi King q damn long man, zz, lazy to eat, I'm starving and I've wanted to try a pork meat spaghetti at Food & Tea HK, since my fren said it's nice, n has been advertised in Ho Chiak. 

Heh well, for RM9.90 I'll say it's kinda expensive for a portion of my liking[note that the places I go to eat usually have portions I either eat half or 3/4 quarter, rarely finish it up due to my small appetite], but considering the fact that it's spaghetti and quite a decent portion of pork, I'll say it's worth spending. Again, note that I rarely eat pork due to the hardness of the meat and the fact that it's so "Liat", 4got wot's the word in english, plz tell me if u do know. But the pork meat is rly nice, they slice it into thin pieces of it, and it feels like ur eating chicken meat, and it taste better than the spaghetti itself. Not bad, gonna try sth else next time thou. Hehe. Cheese baked rice perhaps!!! =)

Oh, then hor, after finish eating me went to the washroom, those 2 girls wasn't eating just now, they insist they wanted to eat sushi since they weren't that hungry at that time, so went to line up when they saw there isn't much of a q anymore. Thk we line up about 10 minutes then we're served. RM2 for evry "rice-based" sushi. Damn, I 4got about the word, my fren end up taking 2 plates of non-rice-based sushi which cost RM5 & RM6, sigh, but still isn't that much la, since two of them eat RM10 each, n me just RM5, it's a wonder I still can eat after I had that spaghetti[but I told ya the portion aint that much, haha].

Ok then. dat's all I guess. Now we go to the Jetty~

2nd Stop: Go Go KTV
Time: 3pm-6pm
Amount Spent: RM10 per person

Muahaha, hev been wanting 2 sing, yet nobody mention anythg about going 2 sing, juz then 3 of us wanted 2 sing, so pergi je la, keke, oh, not much ppl o, for a moment I was wondering weird, close down ad ar? Haha, the thg is ppl been flying 2 dream box, since yea well, I personally prefer dream box 2, but since we're broke, juz take the cheaper option. ^^

3 person oso syok oh, haha, then we get 2 sing and sing and sing, no nid 2 rebut if 2 many ppl. Heh, I rarely sings when there's 2 many, kinda lazy 2 rebut wif them. Lol.

3rd Stop: MP

Go jalan kejap, sebab my fren wanted 2 get a present, n me go look 4 a present, hmm, still duno wot 2 buy neh, aikz. Didn't buy anythg here, keep telling myself, dun waste money, lol. This is wot happens when I dun hev enuf 2 spend, heh.

4th Stop: DP

Went 2 buy the tickets for Ice Kacang Puppy Love, which will talk about the story later. Hehe. After that went home.

Home: 8pm

Have my dinner, belum mandi keluar lagi. =P...pergi tgk wayang, 3 org shj, me and another 2 guys. lol. Thursday night cudn't find kaki. Hee.

GSC: 9.25pm
Movie: Ice Kacang Puppy Love
Amount Spent: RM10

Those who wishes to see Nicholas Teo & Penny Tai on it, dun hope on it, they're oni cameos at the end of the story, lol. And they even put their name in the credits. SWT.

Ok, let's talk about the story 1st bfor I goes to the characters alrite. The story is a decent one, no ups and downs. A story of everyday life. Many will find it boring. And I don't think it's cinema-worthy either. But sure worth your time watching. I love movies that make you reflect on yourself when time is moving so fast. It makes you STOP and THINK, what is it you're missing. And that is what it made me felt.

I wonder, since it's a story of the director, has he ever met her ever again. Hmm.

Now, let's talk about the characters. Warning: May contain spoilers.

Character#1: Aniu

This is who I'll giv credit for, the director-writer-actor all in one. As a director, I'll say he have more to improve on. As a writer, mayb he cud make it less complicated 4 a simple story. As an actor, hmm, I dun recall seeing him in many expressions.

Character#2: Lee Sinje

The heroin in this simple love story. She's nt an international actress 4 nth u noe? At least she's better than the rest of the cast, be it her experience wise or acting skill. Rather than the so-called Veteran Actors that acted as her parents in the movie. I find the lady rather unconvincing, then again, I've never seen her acting, the veterans. I wonder. Still, Sinje bore a resemblance to her looks.

Character#3: Gary Chaw

Since I've never seen him acted bfor, I'll giv him credit for he played his role rather convincingly, and rather amusingly, haha. So he's one 2 look out for. ^^

Character#4: Fish Leong

Not mute in the movie, but kept mute all along the story, never uttering a word, only expression when necessary, a character with no speech, but still made a difference in the story. I luv her character eventhou she don't hev 2 speak. Haha, juz find it cute. And she actually looks Cute. Probably the hair and the pin. =P

Ok then, the rest of the characters you'll just have to see for yourself. ^^

PS: Had a great day~Yipee~

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  1. girls night out huh..hw good if gt guys night out..

  2. +Surely ther is, my guy frenz do that all the time..n it's nt nite lor. was wif my guy frenz at nite? =P

  3. i knw guy do too, but from my experience, me n my guys friends cant really hv a guy nite out cuz if it's juz guys..we nvr hv any idea whr to go, we'll juz walk n walk n walk n's freaking endless walking..we always must hv at least one girl..n she'll be our tour guide in shopping mall..tat is hw lame we are when comes to shopping..

  4. +Oh rly? Well, my guy frenz simply go sing k, play pool, go swimming, watch movie, haha, wotever they can thk of.