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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Been 21 Days[3 Weeks] since I stopped working. Everyday is kinda the same thing I do. Haha. Not that I mind, but I ought to take care of my eyes better, since most of the times I'm focusing on things.

Well, wanna know what I've been up to? Hmm, pretty much what I talked about previously, downloaded a number of movies and dramas, everyday I'll watch chinese, korean, japanese, english or whatsoever language available, sometimes on the com, sometimes I just check out what's on TV, mostly on the com really, ah, and I've just completed a novel. Took me another week to finish that, that's quite the speed I could manage, considering I like to read lying down, which is rly BAD for my eyes, hee. And damn I hate the lightning in my room, always so shadowy, this is the problem when the bulb is too high.

Neway, well, I kinda STILL in a drowsy mode, even thou I slp more these days. Nth seems 2 catch my interest pretty much, I dun even wanna go out except for the movies and tea probably. Other than that, badminton, cycling, can't find the spirit to do that, I just wanna stay at home and sleep. Yea rite, I dun even slp in the noon, I juz slp late at nite, which is so bad, trying 2 slp earlier these days.

Anyhow, I ought to find something else to do than facing the com and books all day, which rly strain my eyes. Dun wanna end up like an Otaku do I? Won't be a Hikikomori thou. That's just sux.

Hmm, mum's bday 2moro, got her a Kerongsang, for her to wear with her kebaya, probably shud get her one too, do recall she cudn't quite fit in hers anymore. Heh, cost us RM120. Hev 2 cum out RM30 oni thou, hee. no idea if I'm going out 2moro, sis x balik, apa buat eh, hmm, she alwiz xnak beli cake one, but I wan eat leh. =P. Heh well. It's her bday lor.

Oh, I'm going 4 [my mum's family side] dinner gathering tonight. Like, so boring. Will bring my novel along, hehe, closing to a half, my tag along novel, the one I put in the bag, then I can start reading another one. HAHA. Gonna get another 3, I nid 2 get 2 popular~~!!! Yatta~ Well, I find reading my novel while waiting for time really help me get rid of the boredness. And which could help me avoid all those conversations I juz duno how 2 answer, or maybe I juz grew tired of it. It's the same thg all the time isn't it. How old are you?[After SPM? After STPM?] What you're doing now?[Work? Study?] Where are you going?[Uni? Work?]...sigh, won't you ever get tired of it?

Hmm, I understand people's courtesy of asking, or perhaps trying to be nice and friendly and all with me. But I'm not that kind of person to appreciate gestures that by the end of the day you won't even remember speaking to me. I hate that, hate that alot. So don't act all goody-goody and friendly with me when you're just gonna talk to me one moment, and forget me the next. Coz I hate doing that myself, so mayb it's better not to even get started. I'm tired of saving phone numbers, and having to delete it after some time, relatives, friends, doesn't matter. Ofcoz, I'm talking about Hi-Bye friends, not the friends I've shared so many memories with, even if we hardly see each other now. But I remember, those days we're friends. =)

Here's a phrase from the book I'm reading, which I find rather amusing as I turn the pages. Eventhou I was quite skeptical since A Place Called Here doesn't really have much depth in it. And PS, I Love You, well, duno about the novel, the movie I can't even sit and finish it, cause it makes me slpy, lol. neway, the title is If You Could See Me Now by Cecilia Ahern:

Children are the ones that know exactly what's going on in the world. They see more than adults, believe in more, are honest and will always, always let you know where you stand. Children learn much more, far more quickly than adults. Because they're open-minded. Because they want to know and they want to learn.

Adults, think they know it all. They grow up and forget so easily and instead of opening their minds and developing it they choose what to believe and what not to believe. You can't make a choice on things like that: you either believe or you don't. That's why their learning is slower. They are more cynical, they lose faith and they only demand to know things that will help them get by day by day. They've no interest in the extras. But, it's the extras that make Life.

Somehow, there's a truth in the phrase above. That as we age, we get by from being "innocent" to "ignorant". How foolish of us to think we are wise, when it is the wise who regards themselves as fools. Always learning, always pushing the boundaries, raising the bar. Never satisfied, always searching for something more divine than what lays ahead.

And here's a couple of quotes from the movie Cracks. Poem can be found here. The main character, which is Eva Green[Casino Royale Bond Girl], plays a cracked up teacher to a number of girls in a boarding school. Like I said, she's cracked up, and the story slowly unfolds to show how she is not who she seems to be, and she that isn't as bad as she seem to be, and there are times, when the good shown are scarier than the bad shown.

-I don't think it's wrong to want to know about the real world. We can't stay pure forever.

-You can achieve anything you want. The world is yours for the taking. All you need is to desire for it. Nothing is impossible for you.

Anyway, kinda figure what else I can do already, hehe, mayb I can brush up on my japanese, or mayb korean, haha, nt that it's rly necessary since I'm dun speak either languages, it's just fun to learn sth, n ther's sth I wanna learn, keke. Just a click away~! =)

Here's the novel I've just completed. No Time for Goodbye. It's published in 2007, and you know what, it only cost me RM5. Muahaha, damn, I love stock clearance. 1 of the 5 books I sapu last year when I went to Klang. Hehe. Now that I've read 4 of it, 1 more thriller to go. ^^

Okay, about this story, so much different than the thriller that I usually read, which always start off with either a crime scene or a dead body, yea well, this, start off with a missing family, vanished, like they're wiped off from the surface of the earth, never to heard off, even until the center of the book, instead of getting some answers, you get more questions in your head, what and what is happening? But that's the fun thing, this leads to that, and that leads to that, eventually, tragedy strikes. Interesting, never heard of this author, perhaps I might get a look at his other works, which seems to be rather a set of case of missing peoples.

A novel that is a page turner, but however quick I want to get to the last page. I'm just the kind of person who rather takes it slowly. You'll miss out all the fun doing everything in a rush afterall. So what's the hurry? =) 

PS: Life is not Black and White, but a varied of Colours lay out for you to Discover.

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  1. +take good care of ur eyes, don wanna end up like me..
    +say happy birthday to ur mum for me..
    +ya..those kind question are serious dejavu..

  2. +Haha, 4 eyed nic?=P
    +Hehe, thx, but u do noe I won't tell her that? Haha, juz strange if I say mum, my fren says happy birthday. Haha..xD
    +Yea well. Life is dejavu isn't it?

  3. Hey..i'm not 4 eyed..
    God gave me 2 eyes..that's my sight limit, but i disobey him by wanting to see putting on specs..

    So, technically, i'm 4 eyed in disguise..

  4. +Haha, sry, I hev a fav story as a kid, one that help keep me take care of my eyes, the title is 4-eyed dong2, haha. xD