Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Centennial: Time To Shine[许愿星]...

+Yahar!! My 100th post!! Keke...takes 2 years 2 reach here? haha, act no la, started actively laz year oni, =P

+Woke up in the morning, went 2 skul, luckily am not late, hehe, juz a lil bit, so boring in class, keep on doodling underneath the table, hehe, =P, aiyo, if u ask me y i go 2 all the extra class? Bcoz of tcher, nt bcoz of me, but I noe, y do tchers make extra class? Bcoz of us, not bcoz of themselves, hehe...paiseh la, my concentration level damn low man...

+Ok, came bak from skul, then get ready, n went 2 S.K.E...hmm, not many ppl this year, n the flower carriages r very few 2, used 2 be quite a number n they're alwiz beautiful, but this year, it's rather simple...

+Hmm, ok, then we came bak from temple, I got 2 Imee Ooi's cds!! Now my collection is complete, keke, all 3 of it, damn, it cost rm27 a disc, dad's money, but, mine extra, n then go sing k after dat, zzz, lagi jialat, y did I go sing K again? I oso duno leh, cousin say boring, then another cousin bday, pluz koko fly me aeroplane 2day, so I go oni lor...all select english songs except 4 a couple chinese...pokai d, so sad..T.T..dun care la, ko, I bo lui ad..u sendiri kao dim la...=P

+Sang for a while, was away most of the time, looking for sunshine, lol, damn, it's freezing in ther, from the moment I stepped in, zzz, n I didn't take my sweater, coz that day I went it's nt that cold, sigh, alwiz be prepare! We should always get ready of the umbrella bfor it rains rite? Hehe...

+Nvm, then I sms sum1, haha, 4got he cums in work in the evening, he was still slping when I sms him lor, then he replied me, told me he'll be in 6pm, I book the room until 6.30pm, he cudn't remember who I was, so he said, call him when I sees him, n hehe, so I went out of the room at 6sth, I saw him, but I din call, juz pass by, he din realize that, keke...

+2 many ppl, dun dare call lor...then nvm, came out the 2nd time, then went 2 the buffet area, told me he'll be ther, he was alone at that time, kaka, or so I thought, juz went up 2 say Hi, then he say, oh, so it's u, he rly cudn't recall, haha, n hmm, ur wondering who is he? Well, it's a funny story rly, let's juz say he's a coincidentally known I was talking wif him, then he turn a side n talk 2 his colleague, baru perasan sum1 standing bside, zzz...jin paiseh eh...

+Xda pe la, then his superior cum n talk 2 him, so I cabut la...left a few more minutes bfor we finish singing, so I went out n tell him goodbye, that's all, nth special...^^

+So after that, we went 2 double five 2 buy a cake 4 my cousin, so many nice cake, I wan eat, yum2!! Yer, wher's my Strawberry Shortcake? Lol...

+Ok, so this is my tale 4 2day, dat's all, nth special, mother's day 2moro, n goin out wif koko 2moro!! Yipee...=)

+Oh oh yea, was looking outside at d sky juz now, 2day's sky is amazing, so beautiful, the moon shines so brightly, n pluz I saw it from a view that is so haunting, trees over the moon...^^...n starry sky all over, saw my 3 shiny stars, their name is 许, 愿 & 星 wishing star...wish upon a wishing star~lalala~

+Watched the princess diaries on tv yesterday, luv this song, simply inspirational~

This is my time to shine 
This is my place to find all that i have inside i never knew 

This is my time to show
What i must have always known that nothings impossible 
And dreams come true

Oooh .. everybody's got the strength inside all it takes is time to realize 
That you and only you can be the one to decide

I can i will i know that everything i want i can do believing in myself 
That every wish i make will come true ooo 
I took a while to get this far but im here now 

"Everyone has got the ability to shine, all we need to do is believe, that we can create our own miracle..."


2 Responses so far.

  1. Cai Hong says:

    aha cuz of da teacher
    i kow teacher do it for us
    but if no mood to study on dat day,going da class by daydreaming also a waste of timeP

    im so bad

  2. +Aren't we all the same? Hehe..bad kids...=P