Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+10 Out Of 100[十分之一]...

+Crap, fail my test kao2 2day, makro, dun thk I'll pass econs this time, well, still, better work hard on mikro, thou I doubt my memory is as good, even though I did study it ad, bcoz I act 4get evrythg, well, 90% of makro, that explains my 10% marks that I can score for this paper, zzz...

+Honestly, I finished within an hour, n do 1/4 of 6/9 sub questions, piang, rly duno how 2 do, it's like my brain go all blank, even thou I juz read about it in the morning, I can't recall anythg at all, n I feel so sleepy, so, juz sit ther n wait 4 the clock tick-tocking, until the test ends 2 hours later, mind u, the test is 3 hours, c how much I did not write??? 2 hours without doing anythg, lol...except day dreaming, I dun even noe wot happened 2 me?? Y can't I remember, or y can't I atleast write sth? But it all seems unfamiliar 2 me, like I'm looking at a foreign language, most of the times, that's wot happens wif, now u noe y it's such an ordeal 4 me 2 be in mathz class, zzz...

+Clueless, as usual, I guess now I nid 2 piak d other subs, neway, will be online from 11pm-12am from now on, that is the time I'm setting, reason is, bcoz I nid 2 slp at 12am, n that will limit my time of usage, if I use it in the afternoon, I wil kip using it, as u wud hev notice, lol, temptation is hard 2 resist, n been studying 4 two hours juz now, while sms-ing, which takes up extra half hour, sms 2 consult sum1, regarding luv issues again, mind u. I do not thk about love whole day alrite? Juz that my fren is hevin luv matters of her own that nids me 2 clear her senses...

+People in love usually ain't rational, it's true u noe? Bcoz I was that way 2, alwiz thking about the countless possibilities of the future, that we 4gets about the present, it is the moment that ur wif the one u luv that matters, n nth else, nt the past, nt the future, alwiz remember, that today is yesterday's tomorrow, so y bother?

"Don't let the moment slip you away by trying to hold on to it too tight..."

+Oh oh, I juz remembered sth, read the newspaper 2day, n u noe wot? 2 kids, aged 3 n 4 drown in a fish pond or sth, n the reasons?? They were playing by their own outside the house without anyone watching over them, n they thk they drown trying 2 save a kitten, was like, wth?? Honestly, when I read such news time n time again, that a child is lost or died due 2 the callousness of the adults, or their negligence, the thought juz crosses my mind, that they're "Padan muka!!", I'm rly angry at the adults bcoz of wotever happens 2 the child, even thou they didn't mean it 2 happen, but still, that's how I feel, but thgs cannot be undone, y do ppl nvr learn from other ppl's lesson?

+The same tragedy keep repeating itself, I c children at times walking by themselves, n they're nt even primary skul!! or even worse, pre-skul!! Wher d heck r their parents? I was brought up in a family wher no adults will leave their kids wondering around, my nephew, nieces n cousins, those aged 5 n below, u will nvr c them by themselves, an adult or whoever will alwiz be in company, those above, yea, but still, oni around dis area, that is also under watchful eyes, n knowing they're within the hse compound wif no dangerous places...

+So u c, even my sis that is goin 2 be 14 this year, not to say my parents, even myself is afraid if she goes out alone, there's one time she wanted 2 go 2 a computer shop alone, n I juz tell her dun b silly, n ofcoz my dad wudn't let her 2, mind u, for sum1 that doesn't ALWAYS look left n right while crossing the road, y won't we be worry if she goes off on her own?

+So yea, when will these tragedies stop happening?? Does the life of their children dun matter? That they r so ignorant!!! A tragedy that can be avoided but still happens due to ignorance...sigh, when r they gonna learn? That life is fragile, we're not cats, we don't hev 9 lives, n they r little children, it's up 2 us 2 take care of them, dun rip their chance of living, even if life itself ain't that great 2 live in, but it's not up 2 u 2 dcide...and so, I pray, that each child has a chance 2 live n breath...


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  1. sorry to hear bout ur time u'll get's not your fault..

    i saw the other day in someone blog, a kid lick a dog's asshole..tats even worse..speaking of leaving a bad taste in your mouth..

  2. Cai Hong says:

    when i pass by ur class
    ahaha if u realize,me and karnee and ming ai keep go in and out of toilet almost everyday:P

    i saw most of ur classamtes keep doing ekon non stop:)

  3. +Nic>>Thx
    +Rainbow>>Yea, I'm the oni one daydreaming, lol...aikz...