Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Okay, yesterday was a fren's B'day, so wanted 2 giv her a surprise visit, cake got, present got, gurls got, all 6 of us 2gether, hehe, she didn't noe, so we hid in her room, she was in her shower, when she came out, tada!! Surprise, haha, neway, had sum cakes n her bro even treat us strawberries, hehe, yummy~me favourita...lalala~

     Okay, long story short, after that still early, oni 3 sth, so we all decided 2 go play bowling, near her hse oni, at MIBC, haven't been ther bfor, went ther 4 d 1st time, act we all didn't brg socks along oso, pinjam from her, haha, so so la, when we went ther, oh, byk org jugak, but it's happy hour, buy 1 game free 1 game, 1 game rm7 lor 4 that hour la, other hour rm6, thk I heard ppl say it's more expensive, but so so, damn, I keep goin down the drain, so shit la, I nvr knew how 2 play bowling, haha, alwiz masuk longkang, so my money oso alwiz waste oni, mostly go juz bcoz ppl ajak, juz tag along lor, hehe, no harm wot...

     Erm, my comment about that place is, well, oni us chinese ther...I mean rly la, the whole place is like packed wif "u noe who" kind, lol, n even thou the place is new, I rather nt go ther again, I mean the ball is oily 4 sum reason, nvr had that sticky feeling in mp, n it hurts my nails playing wif it, walao eh, so yea, next time, I'll rather go MP, haha, =P, took alot of photos when we've finished playing, but lazy 2 upload, haha...


Okay then! Went 2 watch "Love Happens" today, with my sis, erm, well, didn't rly hev high expectations of this movie, the trailer doesn't seem interesting either, the only reason I watch it is it's either this or "Princess & The Frog", well, I don't mind watching cartoons in cinema, been ther alot, but, 2D cartoon??? Cum on, u gotta be kidding me, even Barbie's cartoons are 3D...><" yea la, dun find it worth goin in d cinema watching a 2D

      Erm, pi makan Sushi King!! Yipee~ Dory2 fish~ heh, xda apa la, finish makan pi jln2, x benda beli, bukannya ada duit pun..wu~T.T...I no money ad, seriously gotta find work, but no nid 2 worry la, jln2 evrywher oso wan hire worker, lol, anytime wan go work u juz nid 2 find, sure ada y do ppl so kan chiong wan find work I oso dun understand...><"

     Oh, btw, the movie, it's not all that bad, juz not cinema quality, well, wednesday tix cheap, so nvm la, neway, wot I wan 2 say is that, it's suitable 4 ppl who is coping for the loss of their love ones, mayb then they will find some consolation...^^


Gonna watch Bodyguard & Assasins with the guys, act 4 guys oni, zzz, my sai lou dunwan go, he got work,  very tired ad, sad, so oni got F2, out of the F4, haha, damn, Boys Over Flowers, hehe, so funny, oh ya, another Flower go dating ad, he hor, got gf ad cannot c bayang ad, like this one la, hyez, oni me 1 girl, wu, nvm la, as if I giv a damn, I oso duno y la, when I'm out wif both the guys & girls, I'll still talk 2 the guys more, unless I oni go out wif the girls la, mayb bcoz d other girls oso won't talk much when the guys are around, so yea la, their my best frenz anyway..^^

     That's all for the update, gonna tell u if it's nice 2moro, neway, the ticket sales for the movie are low, wakaka, all thx 2 that "Avatar", which I'm so not going 2 watch, u noe y...haha...neway, saw d trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender!!! yay, but they got rid of the Avatar in d title, bet u noe y 2, luv the cartoon, hence I so can't wait 2 watch the movie, but the problem is, it's M.Night Shyamalan's movie, oh gosh, I wonder if the movie is goin 2 be as nice as it seems, I nvr get his movie, I can tell u dis, NEVER, u noe he's the director of many horror movies? But was never spooked or even get his movie, he's like sumkind of director version of Johnny Depp, different from others, quirky kind in his own way, so yea, let's juz c how d movie turns out, still a long way 2 go, it's July 2010!! Sad....nvm, "Eclipse" 1st, wakaka...

     So long then, enjoy ur holidays~! Tis the season to be Jolly~haha...

PS: I Love You. J