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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Haha, I'm bak, nice 2 c u Stef...=P

Okay, so wot I did 2day, erm, technically, yesterday, went 2 my cousin's b'day party, then cabut go Station 1, juz a few of us lor, oni 4 oni, laz minute baru tambah 1, coz she got work, I go bcoz long time no c them liao, act bo lui ad, T.T...but, aiya, sat nite at home, byk wu liao la, keluar je la, later afternoon goin out wif koko le...miss him, haha...

     Wah, I heard a very surprising news 2day, regarding a guy that I liked laz year, which I totally got over it already, not my cup of tea ok? Rly, besides, evryone noes it's ez 4 me 2 like sum1, n unlike sum1, kaka. But rly, I NEVER had a bf ok, y dun anyone believes me?!! Argh, hev 2 explain myself over n over again, y izit so surprising? Guys r juz not INTERESTED in me ok?

     Haha, honestly, that's not it la...but I'm better off being strangers wif let's say, all of them? Haha, I hev no idea y. But that's how thgs kip turning out 2 be, still, I cherish the frenz I already hev...=P, bsides, I rly do luv my single life, infact, kinda afraid of getting into a relationship rite now. Which leads me 2 this question, y the heck do guys alwiz fall for girls who treat them better than the rest when they're lonely?? Hello, I'm juz being a fren, y do ppl alwiz get the wrong idea?? Argh, ought 2 stop flirting around, which rly, I dun rly do that anymore?? Sigh...I'm telling the TRUTH, cross my heart.

     Okla, bak 2 the surprising news, is that that guy is with a classmate of mine, which they're kind related in a bau bau bacang way, he's suppose 2 call her auntie, erm, not near blood relation la, but that's how it's alwiz been, suddenly my fren tell me they're 2gether, the 1st thg I had in mind is. Huh? The girl looks like the older sister, n he's like the younger brother, so rly? SURPRISING...this is the 2nd surprise couple of the year, the 1st one is also my classmate, which well, lazy 2 tell, haha...neway, like my bro said, Nothing is Impossible, can I stil not blv it? Seriously? No one seen that cumin...I guess cupid juz strike wherever n whenever he like...zzz...anyhow, none of my business anyway, thk I won't be seeing them much oso...haha...

     Okla, erm2, duno wan 2 write wot ad, neway, found out half of my girl mates ain't virgin anymore, which is so none of my concern anyway, as long as no accidents happen, blah3, but, I'm nt gonna be 1 of them, that one no nid 2 worry, which I wanna discuss sth regarding this topic later, look out for it as Ink-piration, hehe...kla, so long now...^^

     Lalala, can't wait 2 watch Muallaf~!!! Yipee~

PS: I Love You. J

9 Responses so far.

  1. hahah same im so way enjoying my single life as well dear:)

    crush thingy yeh?haha

    btw love ur layout

  2. +Haha, glad u r...

  3. haha..keep sending guys wrong signal huh~

  4. +Well, I thk it's them that kips getting it the wrg

  5. Anonymous says:

    mayb jane de interpretation easily get guys say half of ur girl mates nt virgin anymore..then xian thk,it was "ages" problem or wot,xian de fren almost stl....hmm..jz my other meaning..

  6. +Lol...they never say u wudn't noe oso wot? U'll be surprise.

  7. Anonymous says:

    haha..xian very gosip de lor..hw can i i hv ur 2nd koko as my spy..wot thg i duno de..wakaka..

  8. +Seriously, no matter how well u noe sum1, or how long u've known them. U never noe. Trust me, girls will be girls. A secret is a SECRET.

  9. +Seriously, no matter how well u noe sum1, or how long u've known them. U never noe. Trust me, girls will be girls. A secret is a SECRET.