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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Day:&:Night[Part 2:Night]

Well, honestly, I typed the night part last night, about the night before yesterday, then, oops, forgot to save it, sigh, I guess that's for the best anyway, given that things took another turn. So I guess I really don't have to write it down now.

     Neway, let's talk about last night, it's X'mas Eve!! N I didn't wan 2 stay at home, haha. Went over to my fren's place. She was having a party, but she only ask a couple of friends and me and my cousin. The rest are friends of her mum and bro and sis. So didn't really do anything there, just talk and eat, and drink and laugh. Hehe. Had fun still. The food is awesome!!! You see, mothers cook best!! Better than the food that I've always tried with catering, damn, much better. What's with the caterer can't even be as good as

     Okay, here's an interesting fact, that I think you would find amused as much as I did. Haha. Here goes, so there's two little girls alright? One is 5 n another 6, they're sisters. So while I was using the com, just listening to songs, the two girl came in to the room, it's my fren's room. They say they wanna play what watch what, duno la, then they say they want go FACEBOOK??? I'm like??? Huh??? She said she knows her mother's password. So I'm like Aha~Okay??? She say wan go play vege? I guess u all noe wot game is that, farmville huh? ><"...I do not play the games at all...zzz...wot's wif evryone wif stealing ppl's vege?><"

     Then she change her mind, say she wan go PPS...incase u duno, it's a program 2 watch show online. In chinese, that's y I never use it, coz it mess up my head with all the characters, lol. So they byk PANDAI punya, they on themselves...walao...geng...nvm comes the more amusing part. So while we're chatting downstairs, two more kids joined them, one boy another sister of theirs. My fren's bf went up 2 c wot they're up to. You know what? They're watching a TVB series. "Hai Pai Tian Xin" I thk. Whatever it is, the actors are kissing, and then he ask them the show nice ar? They reply, nice...><"...seriously?? Ok, xpa, then continue. He told them it's his room. They say no la, it's your wife's room. Zzz...pandai jugak budak ni. Habis tu, the little girl told him his hair not nice, she help him set nice2...can u imagine? Juz a 5 year old kid? Oh gosh...surprising...

     So my fren was wondering, who's kid is that?? My fren say the mother sure alwiz judi and then let the kid by itself. Well, her mum's fren are mostly her "kaki"...Hehe, so yea. You know what? As impressed as I was with the kid with technologies. I don't thk it's a GOOD thing, at all...><" wonder they're making so much money with spectacles, in 10 years time, you'll c evry little kid wearing spex...gosh...n I thought my sis is worse.

     This is getting out of control. Luckily my nieces n nephews ain't that much, at least they spent their time dirtying themselves, and reading books. Which to me is more normal then spending time playing com and hp??!! Ought to get some sunshine little kids. Guess parents are just not bothered, bringing them out, here and there. It's not healthy for kids to be introduced to the tech world so soon. Many will say it'll benefit them, they'll learn 2 use n all. But then again, can't u do that in later years? What's childhood without swings and slides?

     Sigh, I can only pray that PARENTS focus on what's more IMPORTANT. Than their results and their own time!!! Zzz, can't stand those parents, your child is what you raise them as. You have to held responsible for them. I wonder...child=play...just let them be a child la...SWT...

     Kla, nothing to say ad, n my mum say we're "Ho Mia", look what the kids today are turning into...><"...not that I'm that good myself, but. You get what I mean. Anyway, Merry X'Mas evryone!! =)

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. surprising eh wot kids nowadays can do and say..i got my friend's lil bro..4 years old talk to me about SEX??!!@@
    kids says the darnest things~

  2. +U sure ur fren's lil bro didn't find out from him? Haha...
    +Kids are copycat, wot u say they