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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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So, when to watch Bodyguards & Assasins last night as I said, even from the beginning, I can't help but relate the show to Ip Man, that movie is awesome btw, the reason it's so similar yet different is bcoz of the background, the casts, which also featured Donnie Yen & Simon Yam.

Btw, Tony Leung's character The Revolutionary reminds me of Lam Ka Tung's character in Ip Man. They bear a resemblance in terms of style, no? Haha...neway, overall the movie is ok, but bcoz I kip thking of Ip Man while watching it, it's really hard 2 appreaciate it for it's own, bcoz at d end, I still thk Ip Man is better, probably bcoz of the fighting scenes, not that B & A lack of that, instead it has blood splashes here and ther, which is pretty much very FAKE too, haha, I really duno wot wif these movies n their splatters of blood? Duh, it rly gross me out eventhough it's

Okay, regarding the action scenes, I guess the one I enjoyed the most is Leon Lai. Fuiyoh, surprisingly, he did not use a stunt double..

According to a source: 'Lai Ming's biggest change was the fight scene and fan use. Lai Ming revealed that actually he had a kung fu background. "Actually I can dance, but for some reason every time I am on stage I don't want to. I feel I have a kung fu background. When I was on television. I didn't have a double so I could only fight myself. I gained a lot of experience from working with many stunt coordinators so fight scenes weren't tough for me.'...hehe, neway, his scene is totally AWESOME man, u gotta c it 4 urself, it's like we've been waiting 4 this exact scene, haha, I may be exaggerating, but, that's my opinion...=P

Btw, I luv the characters Nic Tse & Zhou Yun play the most, the odd couple, Nic acts as a boy who has scars on his face, he doesn't knows how 2 read, n he's kinda silly. Zhou Yun acts as a girl, who is cheerful, yet she has a flaw, one long leg, one short leg, so she walks rather akwardly. Well, I say the simple love story between the two shows that chemistry can exist despite of the physicals.

So wot if I'm kinda dumb? So wot if you're kinda imperfect?
It doesn't rly matter does it? Juz a love story waiting 2 be told.
That's one pt I salute the director 4.
Unfortunately, Nic's character died, n the love story din hev a happy ending.
But love continue to exist in our heart & dream. Isn't it?
As quoted from Nic's character. "Every night I close my eyes, all I dream about is her."...simple quote, such deep meaning.

Movie Extras: Michelle Reis as guest appearance, literally. Damn, she's so PRETTY, n u'll be surprise, she's act 39-year-old, gosh, such a Beauty...=P......Fan Bing Bing is Pretty too, dun be deceived by this pic, haha...neway she's only 28-year-old. Can u tell they are a decade apart? Haha...honestly, hmm, the latter one looks more mature. Hey, u dun say old, no woman is consider old until they reach their senior age which is 55-year-old, hehe...

So done with the movie. Here's some self reflection.

Been pissed off a lot lately. Been acting differently towards different people, been treating people the way I like it, n not how I'm suppose to. Now that I think again, I do that a lot. Can't seem to help myself. I have no idea why I am the way I am to certain people. I know it's not fair, but to say that I can't help it seems like a lame excuse too.

Well then, 不同的人,不同待遇。I'm sure people who knows me well realize that's one trait that I'm not proud of, even though I try hard 2 treat evryone equally, n remind myself they're all my frenz. But I fail. Time & time again. It doesn't matter if they treat me worse or treat me better. I hardly take that into account, I juz treat them the way I like it. My Way. My Style. What do I mean by that har? It's simple, juz take A & B for instance, they both ask me the same q, I'm willing to elaborate the details for A. But I hardly wan 2 entertain B n try as I might 2 stop him from pressing further.

That's wot I do all the time, I hate me 4 that, but I'm juz no good with certain ppl, even if that person might be my best fren. So evrytime when I'm pissed off, I'm pretty much pissed off at myself 4 getting annoyed at that someone without him doin anythg wrong at all. Rly do sux as a fren at times. I do better when u nid comfort. Other than that, perhaps it's better u juz leave me alone. Feels so crap, so mayb it'll do thgs better if u juz dun find me when I'm annoyed, which ppl can hardly tell. The telling sign is that of a One Word Reply, when I do that, leave me alone. Or I might juz splash out my anger at u 4 nth, it might even cost u hard feelings.

So, prevention is better than cure as they said. Juz dun mind wot I said at times, I dun rly mean it, but it juz slips my mouth, so honestly, silence is better for me. That's one reason I prefer 2 kip my mouth shut, otherwise I'll juz get all SARCASTIC, which unfortunately, ppl do not seems 2 UNDERSTAND as well. Duh. Gotta cut the crap out of me. Watch out for your words they say. Better zip my mouth shut if I'm not gonna say anythg decent. 

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. look jane jane, u're not the only one that feel this way sometime, i treat my friends fact it's worse than u can imagine..i guess ppl juz do that wen their mood are not good u knw..or maybe like my case for instance, i juz suddenly randomly treat them like crap 4 no reason..i don knw y i do tat too..and i too feel bad after a few days..i hate myself 4 that too..
    so i guess what i'm trying to say, u're nt all wrong, maybe it's just our personality..we can't keep all of our friends's hard..

    and for the b honest, it actually like a way for us to politely tell them that "we're in annoyed mood,let us alone"..i say "us" bcuz i'm one sarcastic bastard too,so i kinda understand how u feel..

    u shud sms me sometime when u need help, i always enjoyed ur company, wud like to talk to a person around my age for a change..always telling a 14 years old about stuff like this is kinda "inconnected"..

  2. +Wow, that's a long one, hehe...
    +Yea, I know, so let's both work on it...
    +It's a bad habit u noe?
    +I don't like it when ppl snap at me 4 no reason, so we rly shudn't do d same.
    +But most ppl simply juz dun get that we're not in the mood 2 entertain them, n then it piss me off even
    +If I juz tell them frankly 2 get away, they'll thk I'm being a
    +So so la, I know it's hard 2 make evryone happy, but I'm trying nt 2 make anyone upset 2...