Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Rainbow Tagged Me...=P

Whoever gets tagged have to write 10 things about that person who tagged him/her...

  1. Her name is Cai Hong, literally means Rainbow, hehe, wot a beautiful name...=)
  2. She's a prefect in my skul...
  3. She has a sayang that she shares everything with...=P
  4. She's a friend that will keep u in her heart...^^
  5. She is open minded and doesn't mind accepting ppl's opinion...
  6. She is friendly and easy to chat with...
  7. She has very lovely big EYES...O.O...=p
  8. She's kawaii des ka neh...
  9. She cools things off quickly...
  10. I'll love to know more about her...=D

+There's always a rainbow that shines after the rain, if only you're willing to see...=)

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about her/himself...

  1. I do not like PINK, but I do luv certain kinds of pink, the pink wher evryone luvs is the pink that I hate, I prefer rose shades or magenta, go google it n c if u duno wot shade it is...
  2. Still, again wif the pink, I so cannot stand guys wearing PINK, juz dun fancy, except if it's in a shade suitable wif their skin, still, mostly I juz hate that certain pink...
  3. I luv collecting music albums of artist whom I find worth admiring, the one that can rly compose, sing, or write, I do not support artist based on their looks n dislike artist that oni hev looks but no personality...
  4. I luv to read manga, n watch anime, if I got the time that is, I'll buy my fav animes when I saved up enuf, download them n burn into a disc when I ain't got that much of cash...
  5. I luv handmade stuff, n luv giving ppl handmade stuff, it's not the value that counts, it's the thought that matters, n the time spent 2 do such stuff...=P
  6. I blv in fairies, they ought to exist sumwher in the world, but can not be seen, nor touch, nor hear, yea, dun u noe they're invisible? Haha, so how do we noe they exist? They simply will let u noe...=P
  7. I luv to scribble my note book whenever I'm bored or had the inspiration to do so, mostly it's about love or friendship or whatever frustration I feel, n my note book has about more than 10, probably 20 perhaps? Haha, been scribbling it since my adolescent years I guess?=P
  8. I can oni draw a girl, not a guy, bcoz the guy alwiz ends up looking like a girl, n it's been so very long since I draw, since my drawing rather sux..hehe...shud we say sketch, I never colour my drawings, since my colouring sux even worse...
  9. I luv my friends, I luv 2 be around them, they let me cool down, I dun like 2 talk about matters that I decided not 2 think about anymore, but end up talking about them still if it keeps bugging me, still, I rather ppl not ask, I'm the kind of person who will say when I wan 2, n keep quiet if I dunwan 2...mostly the latter doesn't happens, coz I juz can't seem 2 keep my mouth shut...
  10. I do not believe in forever, eternity, or one and only, until sum1 proves 2 me it exist n that is only if they were 2 stay bside me at the present of the future...

+Smile like never before...=)

At the end, you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names...

  1. Angela
  2. Ling
  3. Jeff
  4. People whom I 4llow their blog
  5. People who is reading dis post...=P

"Get to know someone else before you decide to like them or hate them..."

4 Responses so far.

  1. Cai Hong says:

    haah im not a pink lover as well

    depends on da stuff,if da stuff look awesome wif pnk.den i love it hehe

    big eyes?
    but i cant see without glasses
    not like u

    btw i like ur short hair
    ma frens always says dat girls have own style wen dey have short hair!:)

  2. +Haha..actually, my hair was accidentally cut short, kaka, it looks like a boy's from the bak, lol, dun mind the front, but never imagined getting my hair crop short like this, still, I luv changes, so it rly doesn't matter what ppl says, I get both gud n no gud comments, many says I look better wif long hair, but, it seems boring 2 cut it lor, they were questioning me how short am I gonna cut it? from long, to short, to shorter, wot's next? Try bold? Haha, impossible la, a girl muz hev hair, unless I'm a guy, Lex Luthor looks hot without hair...xD

  3. Cai Hong says:

    lex luthor
    damn,most of ma girl mates go gaga over him
    he is bold but he look way awesome wif bold
    a really good looking person is da person who look awesome wif bold
    so WE FOUND LEX!haha
    i melt whenever i see him:P

    long hair look so normal la
    ur hair,side view nice:)

  4. ++ hehe..
    ++ will do the tag when i'm free-er
    ++ haha..
    ++ having exams??