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The Elder Sister: Tigress
The Sister: Me
The Little Sister: Pig

Today, I'm gonna talk about my two sisters. My elder sister is older than me by 4 years. The little pig is younger than me by 5 years. Hence the age gap among each of us. My elder sister treats us like little girls. My younger sister acts as though she's an adult. It's so complicated. I don't usually go a day without quarreling with the little one, but ever since I entered uni, the friction just decrease significantly, sometimes you just had to get away and grow up.

Anyhow, I'll talk about the tigress first, to us she's really like a big sister figure, that you can't really treat her like your friend, perhaps it's due to the age gap, and perhaps because she's english-ed instead of me and the pig which is chinese-ed. My parents are english-ed as well, only me and my sis can write chinese. Mum & sis can speak but couldn't write. Dad can't speak neither can he write.

When I thought of my little sis, I thought of how my elder sis thought about me & my friends. She seems to have a biased thought on the typical Chinese people. The reason she asked me to join Aiesec in the 1st place is that I mix around with English-speaking people. She seems to have this idea in her head that Chinese-speaking people have some sort of pattern and not willing to advance themselves and refuse to speak English, and some sort of prejudice judgment she has towards Chinese-ed people, always picking on their mentality. ><", forgetting that I myself is Chinese-ed. I'm not that good in my English. It's only that I've been exposed and brought up in an English-speaking family since I'm young. If you notice, I speak broken English, I even write grammatically error English which I'm constantly trying to improve.

But here's the case with my little sis, I see my friends in her, even though my girl friends when they are young most of them didn't know how to think and dressing up like "Ah Lians", how things has changed ever since. The very same people has turn out to be rather stylish these days. But the thing is this, I didn't get influence by them, because I wasn't like anybody else, I realized that a long time ago, and I'm fine being the way I am, my little sis on the other hand, has all these crazy ideas in her mind, that my family & I just couldn't get her to understand. At the age of a teenager, she's by far worst than my sis and me when we were at our teenage phase, I'm stating it rather seriously, and it's not only her actually, even my cousins about her age. 

Teenagers and kids her generation and to come is getting worse, I have no idea what reason is it. I'm not talking about their studies or anything, I'm picking on their mentality. They can't wait to grow up, they're depressed, their addicted to the stupid box call the computer, spending approx half a day in front of it, 12 hours that is, they cannot be told, they must get what they want, I just keep an eye close, I have no idea what do I do when I know the things I know, if I could, I would have send them to a teenager psychologist. Or is it just a phase? How do we close a blind eye when we see someone in our family being unreasonable and radical?

Even to the extreme of cutting herself?! Don't worry, I'm not talking about my sis, rather someone else, sigh, what do we do with these teenagers? Anyway, that's all for now, gotta run! Chao. Catch u later.


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  1. O C says:

    well, usually i blame the parents for lack of attention due to them always being busy and all. but they aren't all to blame.

    still, the only people who watch you grow up are your parents. so doesn't it make sense to like shape individuals before they gerow into stubborn teens like the above mentioned?

    if there's anything that makes you who you are today, its 'cause of your parents. assuming that you have that is. heh.

    but environment and community counts too. lets say... if you were born around the slums of New Jersey, you'll be growing up with thugs and high crime rates, so people there are normally very paranoid and defensive.

    Or Japanese people, who are very punctual, because to them, time is off the essence as the threat of volcanoes, tsunamis and cyclones can occur at anytime, so to them, time is no game.

    And well, lets relate that part to Malaysians. I think we all know when we say 7.30, people come at 8 and even later sometimes. This ignorance towards time is due to our calm and pleasant climate that really invokes laziness in us, unless if you're a farmer who feeds on rain and paddy. Mhmm. We Malaysians practice rubber band time. Not exactly our proudest trait, but hey, I guess we can all afford the luxury. Methinks.

  2. +I get wot u mean but thk about it, y izit d same parents but oni of the siblings has attitude problems? Surely the problem doesn't lie on the parents if that's the case?

    +Personality is sth rather complicated, u get mold n influence by many thgs, family, friends, surroundings, as 4 me, I'm different from my elder sis due to the exposure we got.

    +There are certain consciousness in people that others cannot help to assert, for example, I used to hate eating vegetables no matter how my mum pressured me to eat, after some time, I juz learn to eat it myself, as we grow up, we learn to adapt to things that make us a better person.