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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Haha, been playing cards 4 the past 3 days, slpt at 3 laz nite, our stakes not say very high oso, min rm1, which is wot most ppl play, but, ek ek, laz nite ada menang sikit, hari ni kalah quite wot I won laz nite...zzz...geram, sebab play black jack sampai boring ad, so switch 2 in between, laz round my cousin sapu habis rm20 on the table, so dangerous man, but damn "qi kek"...haha, I wanna play sumore ler, but all goin bak 2nite, T.T...kena pi cari kaki lain ni....

Ohya, u noe we kids[which is not rly kids anymore...=P] play blackjack@21 got different rules, so when the adults see us play they keep comment, we tell them, ni batu berendam rules la adui, they keep say mana bleh mcm ni...zzz..><"...

Then I remember sth, told my cousin, when we small we play monopoly oso sendiri punya rule, kaka, x ikut punya...we damn Geng one,, that's how we've been playing all this while. N I dun usually play wif my frenz, I duno, 2 me family alwiz cums bfor frenz, it's nt anythg, juz how it works, if u ask me about lover n family, well, that I hev no answer 2. I try 2 be ther 4 my frenz, but no matter wot, I'll put my family bfor them.

Mayb bcoz I've been blessed with a good family. I duno? That's how I feel? Regardless of how I dislike the pig's character in my hse. But I told her, u pay 4 ur own sins, u commit ur own sins, I can "tegur" her, but it is not my duty 2 "fix" her, juz like how no one else can change who I am unless I let them. Coz I noe, I'll pay 4 it in the end. Not anyone else. Hmm.

I'm in a dilemma 4 sum1's else dilemma towards me. I hate to be this way, but I hate 2 giv ppl hope either. So I keep quiet, coz juz like when u play blackjack, if u get 15, u can either run, stand, or take. If u run, u lose nth, if u stand u x cukup makan, still die, if u take, u will either win or lose. Wot r the possibilities?? Tough one, har? Yea. That's how I feel. If I run, I lose nth, but the banker will lose mine. So so. Don't rly noe wot 2 do, so I'm standing at 15, hoping the banker dies 2, then I dun hev 2 pay him? Lol, weird xplaination, muz be losing it, dun bother, I dun even understand that myself, doing it again...><"....

Ok, well, woke up 7 sth in the morn, alarm rang 3 times, zzz, went out 2 tuan bai at 8am, go makan dimsum after a few hse, then cum bak 2 my hse, can't 4low them anymore, coz hev 2 celebrate mamak's bday, usually on the 2nd day nite lor, duno y this year they do lunch on the 3rd day. So so, damn la, this year kurang angpau, sebab kurang org datang, even my relatives. So WEIRD...><"...

Kla, then ar, wot I wanted 2 say ya. Ok, I remember, here goes.


Went 2 my uncle's open hse 4 lunch, every year oso sama, every year I'll go over my fren's place shun bian bai nian, then kebetulan he's goin out wif my sai lou, so his mother say them, y nvr brg me? I say aiya auntie, biasalah, guys wot, they go out won't call girls de. Reasons? They kena jaga imeg[But I doubt my frenz do that, even infront me when they swear, I terus pukul...I pantang dgr org use swear words]...another one, Coz we girls dun like wot the guys like, as in movies, topics 2 chat, automobiles, sports, blah2. That's y, pluz they wanna talk girls, xkan wan talk infron of girls? Haha...

Then my sai lou say go lor, 4low them lor, I say ok[evil, kaka, xD...sengaja pi buat kepo]...sebab gua x benda buat...yg teruk nya ialah, damn! A guy that's been hevin feeling 4 me went 2, n my sai lou knew about he liking me. ><"...n he keep buat "de" je... he told me he noe, but act like he duno...cish...budak tu...alwiz like that...wot did we do ar? Oh, wot did the guys do, they go sing k lor, I sang a couple lor, of my fav song, haha, I didn't click oso, all they click, saje nyanyi. 2 hours, then went 2 DP GSC, tgk little BIG Soldier... Damn funny man. But story line wise, I'll say it's rly not much of a story?? The focus is more on the humor part, sure hev some moral in it thou. Like I said bfor, Every story has a moral that comes with it...c my previous blog post. C, I remember wot I wrote...=D...true indeed.

Oh yea, we went 2 char chan teng, bfor the movie starts, hungry d ma, ordered french toast wif ham, nt bad, quite nice, hehe, coz the full meal damn big one, I noe I sure can't finish d, nasib x order tu...

Ohya ohya, paiseh, the main thg I wanna talk about, was the guy? Well, I seriously duno how 2 face him now. I told him that after he msg me wif lots of questions n comments about how I'm treating him, to me, either way I treat him now wouldn't be rite, if I treat him nice, he'll continue 2 like me, if I treat him bad, he'll hate me? Mayb that's wot I want? But dun nid 2 cum 2 that stage rite? So I tried 2 make him patah hati, by saying I like sum1 else. But he say after he saw me yesterday he knew he cudn't 4get me, n he's act angry wif me 4 treating him the way I do. 

Laz nite went out 2gether, he oso ada, but we barely spoke, he ask, I ah, oh, ok, mcm tu je. But I spoke n laugh wif all the other guys. So he ask me y can't I treat him the same. I answer him bak, bcoz it's my character. Someone ought 2 noe this well, when I treat him no better than the rest, but he still treat me better than the rest, I noe I noe. U noe u noe. Hee..=P...I noe a guy like him, when he give, he xpect 2 get bak sth, their character mmg like that, I'm vise versa, when I like sum1, I'll give as long as he's happy, SERIOUSLY. Without asking 4 anythg else. Sure will wish, but I won't ask. But him, he xpect me 2 feel the same. N I don't...So I told him, unless u treat n thk of me as not more than a fren. Otherwise I cannot treat you like how I do evryone else...

Aikz2, haven upload the pix yet, will do later, hehe, xda masa, bo pian, evryday play go out play go out...=P...btw, regarding that movie, well, I like the one that play lee hom's bro than lee hom or jackie chan, although his bro suppose 2 be the bad guy, I'm weird, I alwiz like the sidekick@villain...kaka...xD...another thg, I juz realize how annoying it is 2 hev sum1 that tells me a show I enjoy watching that it is not nice. There was 6 of us, me 1 girl, 5 guys, oni that 1 guy, the one that likes me, keeps saying the movie nt that nice. I say ok ok...well, u dun like it, I get it, dun hev 2 repeat it. So now I noe, so I'll alwiz say this, when there's ppl who produce such show, there will be ppl who watch such show? So fair enuf? The guy's name is Yoo Seung Jun, a south korean former pop star...hehe...

That's all 4 2day, I'm sure there's mistakes above, but, wth, malas nak betulkan, haha, so so, sudahlah...if u c anythg I wrote weird, juz let me noe la...btw, children dun gamble k, kita main 4 fun aje la aiyo...CNY je, bukan slalu...haha...xD

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "i noe i noe,u noe u noe"..hehe..]
    hmm..jane write bout de guy story here,dun sked let others noe oo??next time same tactic(de tactiac say jane like sum1 else) cant use de admirer will noe jane cheat them lor..

  2. Anonymous says:

    lolz..xian jz 为你着想勒..haiz..xian so pity neh..