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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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I'm tired, been stalling on my blog updates, well, here I am. Juz woke up from my sweet nap. Lol. Starting work 2moro, out of cash, time to work on it. Oh yea. What a hectic week it has been, here goes.

Wednesday@30th Dec 2009

Okay, so was boring, friend ask me the day before today let's go shopping, haha, then I say okay. Everyone is bz, so juz the 2 of us~Went lepak around, watch movie, makan, shop, that's all, spent a total of RM100 in a day. Will list the thgs out later..=P

Location: Black & White Cafe
Time: Lunch 
Amount Spent: RM10
Drink: Honey Laici...not bad...

Me & Angela
+So difficult 2 ask her 2 take pic, lol, she'll slaughter me if she sees this, haha, xD...

Food: Chicken Noodle Soup+Grilled Dolly Fish Fillet+Pudding...very NICE...=D

List of items bought:
Sandals from Santa = RM29.90
Nail Polish from The Face Shop = RM  3.90
Digi Top Up = RM30.00
Sherlock Holmes movie ticket = RM  6.00
Shorts = RM19.90
Total = RM89.70

Sherlock Holmes: Worth Watching. N I still thk Jude Law is handsome after all these years...not that much in the movie, still~=P

Thursday@31st Dec 2009

Mi lovely fren finally came bak from KL 2day, so went 2 watch movie as I've said earlier, heh heh, kinda feel I'm a bad girl, but ppl kip reassuring me it's no big deal. Okay okay, I get it. But still, well, what izit I'm feeling bad about? Not gonna say, nth 2 do wif anyone, evrythg 2 do wif myself. Lol. So yea, went to watch Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant...yea I know, been watching a lot of movies lately. Hehe. Well starting work 2moro, so yea la, gonna hev less time 4 evrythg. Wot work? That's a secret I cannot tell. Haha..xD

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant - Suitable for anyone that is into Freak Show & Weird Stuff pluz Bizarre Antics, which other than that, my advice is 4 u 2 skip it, since I'm half out of the ordinary ones. I pretty much enjoy most of the parts of which featuring the Half Vampire. Haha, perhaps it's just me being biased towards him[Darren Shan] from the start. That the story itself doesn't even matter. Well, a guy's opinion could beg to differ. =P. Neway, it's a movie that is totally DIFFERENT from the rest. And if u like being different. Guess u'll enjoy it. =)

Money Spent:
Movie Ticket = RM10.00
Nail Polish Remover = RM  6.90
Galaxie = RM  5.00
Total = RM21.90

Friday@1st Jan 2010

Woke up 10 sth, got a call from a fren after I got out of shower, say let's go hev breakfast, zzz, wth, when he came already 11am, my mum was saying more like having lunch har? Haha, yea we went 2 Station 1, my fren's fav place. Lol. I'm broke ad, so 4giv me la, neway, evrytime we go out oso he pay, feel kinda guilty, but hor, I rly bo lui, lol...><"

Okla, abi we went 2 JJ awhile after makan, went 2 siam leng lui, haha, that stupid guy, wanna c a girl but dun dare call her, so we juz linger around the girl. There's 4 of us btw, a girl fren of mine, a boy fren of mine, n me, n him. So no wher 2 go, go McD makan Ice-Cream, hehe, me luv McD's ice-cream~lalala~after that, balik rumah lor..haha...

Fren's hse hevin Steamboat, act say 7pm, wait 4 the driver 7.30pm ad, n then go 2 another fren's hse, he juz woke up, wait 4 him 8pm ad...n then nvm go 2 her hse, haven ready, they play cards, so wait until 9pm baru makan. Was I starving, speaking of which, I'm hungry now, gonna grab a bite as soon as I'm done here.

So while they were playing cards, I sms lor, haha, nth 2 do ma, ya, I mistakenly sms erm, a far away relative of mine. Thought he was my fren, coz the no was in my mum's hp, which sum of my fren sms me ther. Then nvm, at 1st I rly can't figure out which guy izit, I mean the english as from what I see is quite Good, which means is from my father's side, cause none of my mum's side is quite profuse in English. So to speak. He is in fact a guy that has been my neighbour for quite a few years in a few years back. He shifted. Think it's one of my Grandma's adik angkat punya anak, I duno la, very messy de, I'm never good with the Family Tree. Neway, there are 4 of them, only familiar with 2 of which stayed here before. The hse is gone now. So r the two of whom I called Grand Uncle & Grand Aunt.

Okla, nvr rly spoken 2 him, even when he drops by and pays a visit to my Grandma, he's in between 30-35, which he refuse 2 say, haha, juz say that his bro is 30 n the other 35, my was I surprise, they all looked not over 30. So he say he awet muda. I ask him guna apa, he say nth la, probably juz smile all day long n be happy no matter wot. I know, he has a very GOOD point ther. Haha, so this guy here ar, I thk I was in my primary skul when he's around which means he shud be 10++ years older than me, which is still 20 sth at that time. Nvr rly thought much of that guy, except that I thk he smokes if I'm nt mistaken, n he looks kinda laid bak, very erm, I duno leh, the gf oso he bawa balik that kinda guy, n sum1 that do not knows how 2 study n all.

But looks can be deceiving... Seriously, so I asked my mum, n she said the brothers are act quite smart, can tell from his English[It's better than those of my frenz], n he's nt even highly educated, I guess 1 of the main reasons r his family. That he wasn't given the chance to further his studies. From what I can tell, he's a good kid la, bcoz my mum alwiz say gud thgs about gud ppl oni..haha..xD...ofcoz la, xkan say bad thgs about good ppl rite? What I want 2 point out is that, not evryone is who they appears to be, even me. Isn't it so? So stop being judgmental n start getting 2 noe them. Perhaps then, we'll learn 2 love them instead of being prejudice. =)

Ohyea, he say me sth, that I seem quiet but kan main pandai sms, haha, then I juz reply, eh well, I prefer 2 type, which most of the times, I do. Hehe. Then again, I just hate Socializing, so evrytime my relatives are around. Most of the times, u'll find me in my room, instead of Chit-Chatting wif them all, except 4 my cousins la, coz hor, I rly dun like ppl asking me questions...cry, evrytime the same q's, err...T.T...

Oh yea, btw, as soon as the clock striked 12am, it's a fren's bday, n u c the cake? Got a handprint ther, lol...main lagi la..swt...

Saturday@2nd Jan 2010

Had ABC, Ice Pak Poh, hurray~!! Self-made is still the best. You can add wotever u wan, dun add any that u dun wan, kaka... coz I rly dun like all those corns, kacang, cendol, lalala, I prefer Jelly, Cincau, Atapchi, hehe...=P

Wedding Anniversary of my Aunt from my Grandma's bro, so wot shall we call eh? No idea la, anyway, call her Auntie Mary. Dinner at Dragon Deluxe Restaurant. Cool man, got magic show, got modern dance, got line dance sumore, haha, of which we participated yet again. Lol, though I'm no gud wif it. 

Went to the Jetty, again. Yea, evrytime after a family dinner or sth, sure go yamcha one, most of the times Jetty, cause can Makan Angin ma, haha...the wind ther very nice. We all had Ice-Blended. Most prefer Chocolate, ek, 5 of it, others order anythg else. There's 11 of us altogether, 3 kids, d rest overage kids, haha...xD

Sunday@3rd Jan 2010

Okla, end of my story, spent my day 2day Eating, Sleeping, Watching Dvd, Online, Reading my novels, hehe...gonna spent 2moro & 2moro the same...hehe...=P...after I got bak from work that is...T.T...10 hours in a day gone...duh...I nid the cash, no can do...heck...

PS: I Love You. J

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  1. long gal..anyway, good luck with ur work..have fun..hopefully ^^

  2. +Haha, thx..hope so...=)