Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Now that I realize, you don't really EXIST anymore...yea...the status of my fb 4 that, who and what am I talking about? Well, well, gonna reveal this 2 my dear little diary. Haha, which rly isn't much of a diary when it's for evryone 2 c, isn't it? Two reasons of which I dun keep a real diary~ppl r gonna sneak n read it anyway[specifically d lil pig in my hse, lol]...n another reason, my handwriting SUX, big time. K then, enuf will all the non-sense, n let's get straight 2 the point.

Who? Are the ones that don't EXIST? Well then, not rly technically, but right where my heart no longer has a place for them. Now let's do the counting shall we? One, n two, n three, n four, n five, n six, n seven, n eight, r there anymore? I guess I probably lost count when ppl juz walk in and out of my life as they like. Right now, I'm gonna WALK out of their life. And nvr again, RETURN. It makes me go CRAZY cumin bak 2 the same position when u've gone so far 2 start wif!!

So there!! I said it, I said it out LOUD!! Buzz I go be a BEE n sting whoever that KACAU me...haha..xD...JK nia...

PS: I Love You. J

2 Responses so far.

  1. walk in and out of ur life..
    [my method]put a door and lock it so they cant come and go as they plz anymore..
    thank god i still "exist" in you..hehe

  2. +Yea, well, they can alwiz find the lock smith rite? =P