Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+17 Again? Think Again...

+Time pass when you least realize it, and at times ppl start wondering, wot cud hev been, if they had taken d other road? The road nt taken, instead of the one they had chosen...

+Well, this is wher they should come to their senses, and not regret the choices they made, bcoz sumtimes in life we hev 2 choose either one, we do not alwiz get d best of both worlds, it juz depends on wot u wan more, n that is suffice, I can't tell how many times one nid 2 let go of d other juz 2 get another, when u choose left, u leave the right, when u choose straight, u leave the turn, so be it, life is about making choices all n all, choices that is not necessarily easy, that is not necessarily right, but nvr regret the choices u made, bcoz at that moment, at that time, that is exactly wot ur heart dsires...

+Speaking of which, I had 2 make a choice between a purplish grey watch n red watch juz now, wanted a red watch 4 very long now, but sth tells me this is nt d one I seek, so I go 4 the purple one instead, ther's alwiz a chance that I will cum across d ideal's juz a matter of time, n since I pick this, that'll do for now...=)

+Neway, got myself a new sunnies 2, hey, my sis took mine, lol, dark turquoise, luv dat colour, n it's on discount anyway...still searching 4 red ones thou, I wan red evrythg, lol, damn, it hurts walking wif heels, haha, nvr learn my lesson har? Well, u dun wear long jeans wif flatz do u? Sidez, I dun even hev flatz, haha, will try 2 get one of those sumday...heh...when I got d money dat's it, rite now, juz stay wher I am la, study la, aikz...

+And crap, finally saw d book I've been seeking! Vampire Diaries: The Return! Damn, it costs a bomb, RM69.90?? Walao, hardcover, now, if I can seek the paperbak one, well, anyway, it doesn't matter la, I still got tons of books 2 read, thg wif me is, when I c a book, I'll get it asap, bcoz Melaka has limited stock, dat's wot I hate la, when d 2nd time I go search 4 it, it might be gone I alwiz stock up my books at home lor, nt neccessarily read them immediately, but yea, dat's how izit la, but nvm la, dat book ought 2 be around 4 awhile...=)

+Hmm, bak 2 d movie, it's a gud thg 2 be in d cinema, u noe y? Bcoz even thou there're many others sitting infront, bak, left & right side of u, thg is, ur focus is on d screen, n u sumhow get pulled into d movie, dat's how izit, letting u 4get about d outside world, even if it's juz 4 a couple of hours, letting go of all ur worries 4 the time being, dat nth rly concerns u...juz enjoy the movie...^^

+Btw, the movie's great, evryone shud go c it, mayb then they'll jolt out of their reverie, many ppl juz 4get about all d wonderful thgs and instead choose 2 focus on all d thgs dat cud be change if oni u will it, so y get upset when thgs do not go ur way? Y nt change it rite now, rite here...I'm trying my best 2 do juz that, so let's work it out 2gether alrite...^^

+Well, I thk I realize now wot rly matters 2 me, right now, I juz wan 2 live the best of my life, c how far I can go, how high I can soar, and I, act loves being single, I'm serious eh, which is weird rite? Since ppl usually will feel like hevin that sum1 after they watch a love movie, but I thought about it yesterday, n 2day, that juz seems even clearer...

+That I do not nid sum1 2 make me hepi, I can be hepi by making others hepi...dat will be my goal 4 now, nth means more than seeing sum1 smile bcoz of u, "When you're nice to someone, it's good to know you're not at the bottom of existence, because that means you still have something to share..."-from my fav anime[JigokuShoujo]

+Well, u repeat my words d other day"Don't let love make a fool out of you"...don't worry, I won't, I learnt from d best didn't I? You taught me that, a lesson I'll nvr 4get, c, I told u evrythg happens 4 a reason, rite now, d reason is 2 co-existence, 4 u 2 b part of my life, n 4 me 2 b part of urs, no strings attached, juz u & me waiting, for time 2 prove evrythg...I blv that, so it doesn't rly matter now, dat's d laz thg on my mind, I won deny anythg, but I won't accept evrythg...

+I'm happy being right wher I am, I feel free like a bird, sumtimes I wonder, if the fishes in my well wants 2 be set free, but u wudn't noe will u? Some juz prefers 2 stay in their comfort zone, bcoz that's wher they'll feel safe & sound, no harm, no dangers, right wher they belongs, remember Madagascar? The animals were hepi being in d zoo weren't they? I guess it depends on the circumstances we're brought up wif, 2 be independent, or 2 be dependent, 4 me, I still am dependent, way 2 much sumtimes, wish I cud fix dat, but I guess d time will cum when I will be forced 2 go on my own...until then, let's nt worry about dat alrite? Lol...

+So yea, mark my words, dun rush into luv, 4 when u do, it most likely will crumble without d foundation, d fundamental of love is when u get 2 c wot's real, the truth & the lies...

+Well, since it's 12, I had better stop now, hevin tuition 2moro morn, boring~sux la, hate it, lol, stil nid 2 go, well, will elaborate more on whichever subject later~chao~nite2, slp tight...=)

+N here's a pic of Zac, hehe, n fyi, I'm no fan of his ok? Lol...but u hev 2 admit, who wudn't wan a young dad looking like that? =p

"When you start to question the choice you made, remember the reason you made that choice..."

XoXo, J@N3...=]

3 Responses so far.

  1. Joe says:

    wow! such a looong post.

    no wonder la ur writing are soo gud..

    u r a BOOKWORM!

    or novel worm.

    anyway, i like the way think!
    da way u write ur story..
    n plz dun write in chinese anymore leng lui.. i cant understant.. T.T

  2. Joe says:

    n for da love thingy, i agreed!

    well, i remember a quotation..

    love is not finding the right person,

    but creating right relationship...

    it's not about how much love you have in the beginning,

    but how much love you build till the end...

    am i off topic? ngee~

  3. +Haha, how about malay? Kaka, well, different languages givs us d chance 2 exprez ourselves in a different way, dun u thk so? Hehe...I like that quote, nice one...=), not off topic lor, it's wotever pops up ur mind when u read wot I wrote, so true indeed...=)..thx again...