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Kids These Days

Gonna talk about a serious issue today,家教,dis days, it doesn't seem to matter anymore. ><"
Haiz, apalah nak jadi lah eh?
It's not that I'm prejudice towards them,
But here's a fact.

The other day,
I went to school and pick my sis,
Went to her class,
Now I know why she is the way she is, ><"
My ex-school, now her school,
Is full or barbarians and students with no manners,
They actually tease me infront of their teachers,
And strangely, the teacher just buat senyap,
U know wot kind of attitude they hev?
As I walk across the balcony,
It's like all those hamsap lou never see girls bfor?

I mean, seriously,
Can they get even lower?
What the heck is wrong with these ppl these days,
Kurang ajar and xda akal,
It annoys me the whole way,
Every single class I pass,
I'm like, is this really the school I used to be at?
It wasn't that way the last time I check,
The kids these days are losing control.

That is why there are so many bullying going around,
They don't even know what's wrong and what's right?!

That is why I just hope those people that get married at my age,
Actually able to teach their child properly?!
Otherwise, abislah...

No pics today, duno wot to put, so next time!

Sign, Enaj.

5 Responses so far.

  1. we r living in such a different world nowadays..

  2. O C says:

    um.... that's normal? lol, if you're reacting so much from things like this, you're just giving them more reason to come at you lol.

  3. Enaj says:

    >OC+It's not that, it's rly disrespectful, they r not only disrespecting themselves, but others as well.

  4. Vonn_Huii says:

    haha, biasa ler.. jane ;)

  5. Jane , biasa la....
    This type ppl...make our earth feel cheap!
    Sometime walk to buy breakfast frm workplace o college ...
    Face the same pro with sure is Malay......