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Just ended a kolej event yesterday, kinda lame activity, that I had to take part in, lol, anyway, here's what I discover, I'm sure most people are aware of it, still, I wish to remind people>Throw your rubbish into the rubbish bin. Duh.

Google Translate: 

Sampah: Rubbish
Masyarakat: Community

Sampah Masyarakat: The refuse of society.

I wonder, how many actually have Civic Consciousness and how many does not?
No wonder they have to teach "Kesedaran Sivik" in school these days.
Even the simplest task, throw a Rubbish into a Rubbish bin.
Even a 3 year old kid can do that, a 30 year old cannot?
There's really no excuse when they have been provided with rubbish bins,
That y izit they just couldn't throw their rubbish into the rubbish bin?

I'm rly particular about it because even at home,
There's a little pig that I have to remind all the time to throw her waste, seriously.
What is it so difficult about throwing rubbish into the rubbish bin?
Don't tell me you shit anywhere you feel like it?
It's the same rite?
You shit in the toilet bowl,
So throw ur rubbish into the rubbish bin, duh. ><"

I know I shouldn't describe it like that,
But I myself have conscious,
I wouldn't throw rubbish anywhere,
I just don't have the heart to do so,
I simply have to find a rubbish bin.

And I think most of the people here that attended my kolej event,
Is UKM students itself and people older than the students,
So yea,
University students do not have civic consciousness?
Perhaps they should introduce this as one of the Stupid Subjects,
Rather than those "Nonsense" my lecturer said about H.E and Pengurusan Emosi. Lol.

Okay, so that's all about my rubbish thingy, please have civic consciousness, and don't simply throw rubbish okay? Pity the Pengutip Sampah. ><"

Sign, Enaj.

2 Responses so far.

  1. O C says:

    Hahahahaha. I also have your syndrome of needing to find a rubbish bin when I want to throw rubbish. We're are such fine people aren't we?

  2. +Haha, if oni we cud infect others 2 do so.^^