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+Staying Awake...-.-

Bak from skul early again 2day, stomach ache, zzz, when izit evr gonna stop? Sigh, I'm fine I'm fine no big deal. PLEASE do not ask how am I or ask me take care of myself. Etc, etc, etc. Well, I have no idea how. So yea. Don't touch on anythg about my stomach ok? Kinda sick of it already when I'm already literally sick, zzz. thx 4 ur concerns anyway, but I'm ok. Lol. As u can tell, not in a very good spirit. And I'll appreciate if ppl stop asking how, why, whatsoever. These few days sux, been sux the past whole weeks. It has practically worsen wher nth rly helps. Used 2 felt better after a cup of Milo. But that 2, has shown little effect these days, n panadols? Wth, doesn't help at all...

Zzz...crap crap crap, feel like crap. And my dead line is due in 47 days. How am I gonna survive? And again dun ask me 2 gambatte, that's wot I tell myself evryday, practically, juz dun tell anythg I tell myself each day ok? That's it, since I practically know what anyone of u gonna say, well, let it be then, neway, trying 2 keep myself awake evry second that counts, even resorting to smelling coffee, well, research shows that it helps the mind to refresh, but then, I hate coffee, even smelling it. Zzz, I did thou fyi, damn it sux, n yea, it oni keeps me awake 4 a few minutes. Here are some other tips I googled 2 stay awake, sum of which I tried n the results that follow.

Move as much as you can. Tap your foot or bounce your leg. Switch position in your chair frequently. Stretch. Move your head. Tap your fingers.
>>Tried, still sleepy~
Pain. This is kind of an emergency procedure. If you can't stay awake consider pinching yourself. I know it's a little strange, but pain can keep you awake.
>>Tried, still sleepy~
Stimulate the Mind. Find something to laugh about periodically during the day even if it is as simple as your ridiculous predicament. Find something that is interesting, fun, stimulating, or otherwise pleasurable to think about. Focus your mind on these thoughts as much as you can during the day to keep your mind awake.
>>Tried, reading jokes, watching funny shows,
Keep yourself uncomfortable.
+Stay on your feet as much as possible. If you have to sit down, get the most uncomfortable chair you can find. Make sure the back is upright, forcing you to sit up very straight. Don't allow your head to rest on anything--your hands, the desk, the wall.
>>Tried, hmm, kinda works up 2 an hour, but then being uncomfortable makes me don't wanna study...zzz, so yea.
+Stay cold. If it's a little cold, take off your sweater or jacket so you stay on the chilly side. Open a window or put on a small fan, pointed at your face.
>>Tried, this will only put me 2 bed. Lol.
Apple - the sweetness and tartness in the flavor, along with the "crunch" will perk you up in a healthy way
>>Ic, that's y they say an apple a day, k then, will try, but I thk I tried, n whenever I eat, I'll juz do nth, lol...
>>Out of stock, left a small box, k then, go open it later. Lol..
Listen to music that's energizing to you
>>Tried, then I won't be able 2 concentrate on wot I'm reading, lol...
Every thirty minutes, do one of the following:
Physical activity for 2-3 minutes (jumping jacks, push-ups, jogging in place, or walk around)
>>Tried tried tried, makes my stomach sick. So, out of the question.
Splash cold water on your face
>>No difference.
Drink an ice cold glass of water (the coldness picks you up, and guarantees you getting up every half hour or so to go to the bathroom.)
>>Don't drk cold water, but if it's that way I'll try, but then, evry half an hour, hmm~
Brush your teeth
>>Does it works? Then I'll brush my teeth evry time I feel slpy, lol..wait I try n get bak 2 u.
Chew gum. Chewing gum stimulates muscles in your face, increasing blood flow to your head, helping you stay alert and awake.
>>Ic, ok, gonna stock up chewing gums now, but I only want the mint ones. I don't like Sweet thingy..zz.
Get Enough Sleep When You Can – This one should be obvious.  The best way to stay awake is to be well rested.  If you get enough sleep on a regular basis it will be much easier for you to stay awake or pull an all-nighter when you absolutely must.
>>Then I'll get more's all 4 now, gonna go try keeping myself awake, my eyes juz wanna close already~~!!!!!@.@..

5 Responses so far.

  1. *pat pat lil jane jane's shoulder..*

  2. Sechlanik says:

    I think you're stressed... Go out and relax... Take one day and do whatever you like... dont think of anything...

  3. >>Nic

    +Take a deep breathe~=).Thx, feel better 2day.^^

  4. Anonymous says:

    haiz..i rly thk all methods was useless for jane..xian gt one way,bt oso dint seem jane will suit,bt at least can stay a period gua..after jane wake up from nap,then go wash ur face n immediately tat time ur brain was stl fresh mayb jane will feel slpy again lor..

  5. +Yea, well, if I can wake up, kaka..xD