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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

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Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

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Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Gunung Dato'...

Okay, so I was having my lunch with my dad in the morning yesterday, and he just say let's go climbing, I'm like huh? Well, he goes climbing all the time, with his friends. He said he's going climbing with my cousin and his 2 girl friends. And I don't rly noe wot got into me, I was having flu, and I just say Ok, took some flu medicine, then off we go!

Zzz, I'm insane, whenever I get crazy I'll do things I don't usually do, for sum1 that rarely exercises, I act go climb a mountain? Well, shud say Forest Hiking 2 be precise, but there's no steps at all, not like Sagil, over Gunung Ledang ther, used 2 go ther tons of times 2 camp, when I'm in primary skul, the waterfall ther is so beautiful, luv playing in the water. But not anymore, not since they charges campers for money, damn those ppl, it's ok it's ok, they say 4 maintenance, but I wonder, so yea, never been 2 ever since, coz it's like rly rly expensive??'s a picture of there...

Okay, so the Gunung I went 2 climb it's not as high as Gunung Ledang, probably 1/3 of it, but we never did went 2 the top of Gunung Ledang, that wud nid lotsa stamina. Btw, it took us 2 hours and 20 minutes 2 reach the peak, 2 hours is the average, hehe. I wonder, how the heck do they climb Mount Everest, n btw, here's an interesting fact, my dad told me so, that the government spent 1 million on a person 2 train them 2 climb Mount Everest, heh? What do the climbers get, I wonder, except 4 the thrills I guess, well, they probably gives them money as well...oh yea, and their equipments too...

So well, I do crazy stuff when I'm in crazy mode, personally I do not dare sitting roller coaster, all those thingy that goes upside down. But if I happen 2 be in that mode, I will. Seriously, I'm a coward, I scare of lotsa stuff, but I will find myself doin thgs I'm afraid of. Who am I showing off 2? Who am I challenging? Is it myself? Or is it everyone else? It's funny, but I thk I just wan 2 C how far I can go, how adventurous I can be, maybe sumday I'll even go bungee jumping, haha, u can't rly deny the possibility given I'm crazy as I am...kaka...xD...remember Bella? Maybe I'll become like her when I got Ditch by sum1, riding motorbikes, jumping off a cliff[lucky 4 me ther ain't no cliff here, hehe], etc. Which is impossible will happen rite now, since I'm single~haha...=P

Haha, that's it, if I can conquer a mountain, surely I can race 2 the end, it doesn't matter that we are the last 2 reach, wot matters is we reach the destination, instead of giving up halfway when we've strive so hard 2 begin wif. So, I can't giv u guarantees, but u won't be seeing me until Dec9, that's when evrythg is over, if I were 2 online, I'll only do special updates 4 this blog, won't be touching the rest of the blogs, that 2 will be once a week n not more. So long ther, I nid 2 work on it!!!

Okay, so I went out at nite 2 my fren's father wake, well, she seems fine 2 me, and she even told us the details, from the accident 2 the day her dad passed away, it wasn't on the spot apparently, she looked calm and collect, I guess it wouldn't be surprising 4 her, she was alwiz the steady one, a girl that cud take on a guy anytime, that was her character, strong and tough, alwiz admire her 4 that, my mum alwiz says she's very rugged. Used 2 go 2 her hse when I was small n then we'll cycle all around her neighbourhood, eat ice-cream, snacks, haha...we were very young then, hmm, lucky 4 me, I had that kind of child hood, goin 2 play grounds n sorts, but not my sis.

Nowadays, they're all IT kids, and IT kids hev attitude problem, seriously, I'm nt talking without basis, bcoz all my other frens sister, is juz about the same, even my other cousins. Their computer is their friend, they dun hev 2 eat, dun hev 2 bath, dun hev 2 slp. U get wot I mean now? This computer addiction thg is getting out of control. My sis wouldn't believe me, do you know that in China, they throw this kinda kids into a Rehab??!! Yep, they hev an Internet Addiction Rehab, no kidding, wish they would juz build one here already, these kids are going nutz...n I'm going nutz...getting her 2 do anythg at all, is like Mission Impossible..damn...

K then, u can chek out the pix at FB later...tata...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    真的想不到jane会去爬山,哈哈..但贤认为这样还不错啦,偶尔运动一下也不错..虽然jane in crazy,bt tat is better jane doin nth at home..