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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+A Good Day @ A Bad News...

It started off with a Good Morning, my mum woke me up, and say let's go to the Indian family at the back of our neighborhood to eat Tosai. I don't really know who is it, but I've my mum talking to the lady, well, basically, my mum knows everyone that stays behind our place, she's really really sociable, haha, well, I guess it's not such a bad thing, at least it could keep her company. The family was the only Indians behind, I only knew about it today.

Even a Malay married couple went, the atmosphere is so Muhibbah, all the neighbors at the bak lor, c, u shud alwiz kip ur neighbors close 2, well, I notice the one living in the same row of houses dun rly noe about their neighbor, well, y not? You could help each other out rite? I dun rly know, bcoz I've alwiz live in a community where each of us knew each other, so yea~get to know them alrite, it may as well help you sumday.

Gosh, her little girl was so cute, forgot her name thou, it's a nice name, will ask my mum 2moro, haha, the mother was pretty too, but I only had the little girl's pic, young mum, I thk she's only in her early 30's, quite fair for an Indian. Well then, went to had sum cookies, nice one, luv it, one of my fav is Kuih Dahlia, all thx 2 my sis who got me addicted to it, haha, well, the one at my house can never survive 4 long, and we alwiz finish it ourselves during the new year, keep it in the kitchen, kaka, so bad...=P..K..dun feel like talking much, coz I hev a bad news to deliver, which will be at my other blog, u can chek it out later, it's at !ŋK-p!Я@Ŧ!☼Ŋ

+Look how big her eyes are, hehe, caught her off guard...=P

+Isn't she adorable??

Okay, forgot 2 mention about later on, well, went out in the evening to MP, DP, jln2 je, wanted 2 find d Beethoven Virus OST act, but x ada lagi, haven cum yet!! Geez, I can't stand it anymore, will go download it later, sigh, oh oh, finally, Sepet & Gubra is out in DVD, I want I want, but RM19.90 each, not very expensive la, but I want both, but the shop that got discount, x jual, sad sad, wot am I gonna do, nvm la, wait another week or wot I buy, hehe...well, 1st thg 1st, STUDY!!! 1 more month, DO NOT GIVE UP NOW WHEN YOU'VE HELD ON SO LONG TO START WITH!!!

Well, yea, bak 2 the shopping part, I went ther 2 find d OST oni, so basically, no wher 2 go, so teman my fren jln2 lor, wait 4 another fren, zzz, by the time she came we so hungry ler, then wan go makan lor, walao eh, I almost lost my phone, nasib baik both of them realize, otherwise, si liao lor, I dun even remember sial, one minute I was holding the phone, the next, erm, I didn't even realize it fell from my hand, guess I was absent minded again, it happens all the time, and it happened 2 times 2day, 4got wot another time was, it's like my mind juz go blank and dun realize wot's happening, got said by my sis so many times, y am I so absent minded, but I have no idea. Seriously, pray I dun lose it, been dropping the phone, many times bcoz I 4got about it, walao eh, so sorry Qikely, so sorry, silly me, how could I 4get about u...sigh...kla, rly dunwan talk about 2day d, it's a fine day, juz that I'm tired, but I hev 2 write about the bad news.

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  1. ha..she is cute..big bug eyes...:)