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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Which Comes First?

The egg or the chicken? The question nobody has an answer to.
But my question has nothing to do with the source of our early existence.
Rather, what I want to ask is that, Personality or Appearance?
Which attracts you to someone at 1st sight.
How can you tell a person's Personality without looking at him?
Yet you can tell a person's Appearance by his Personality.
Isn't that so? Honestly, I'm kinda confused.=S
Anyway, the reason I brought up this subject is that, well, here it goes...*secret*

Went 2 watch Accident with my girl fren juz now, and her 2 guy frenz, well, 1st thg 1st, Accident sux, guess u rly can't put ppl u thk is good 2gether in a film, I luv watching Richie's & Louis's film, that is separately, put them in a movie 2gether and it turn out all wrong, zzz...>.<"...damn swt man, at the end of the cinema, everyone was like? Huh? WTH? I accidentally came and watch d movie, hehe, but, I din't pay 4 d ticket la, wanted 2, that girl say no need, oklo, listen 2 her lor, lol, not her money oso, haha...alwiz pandai ketuk org, mmg geng lor...=P

Ok, bak 2 wot I wanted 2 say, so yea, when I got in the car, there were 2 guys, a black shirt one driving, a white shirt one beside, didn't saw their face until we got out of d car, my 1st impression is that the black one is good looking, the white one not bad, then, we went 2 wait 4 the lift, the black one juz took out a cigarette and walk up the stairs while the white one stayed wif us, thought he smoke, box of cigarettes are juz on top his dashboard, so yea, was like, hmm, I duno la, and the way he talk, the way his gestures and actions, can tell that, he is a "Can See Cannot Touch" that kind, like my fren say, only to be admired for his Outlook, and nothing more, probably...It's her fren, she says so, so shud be la...=P

Then, the movie end damn quick man, 1 hour and a half oni ba, coz we went in late, wasn't sure, so yea, after that, we got in the car, then the white one turn around and ask, wanna eat? Eat wot? I say "anything" lor, they ask at nite got wher 2 makan? Then I juz answer Kota lor...then stop at a dim sum shop and eat, stomach didn't feel so well, so I didn't makan, haha, so funny, coz the white one and both of us girls order Chrysanthemum, the worker took all 2gether act, but she took cold one, I dunwan cold one ler, but she say no hot one, oklor, nvm lor, and then she 4got and took away another cup of Chrysanthemum, the white guy's one, he was away, hehe, told my fren then we were grinning, hehe, when he got bak he din realize, then when he realize we juz hehe, haha, he thought we took it, then he look left look right, x ada pun, haha, so order another one lor, kaka, so bad, dunwan tell him, haha, yea well, then he ask I dunwan 2 eat ar? I juz geleng kepala je, then he say here dun hev "anything"? Haha, yea well, had a habit of saying "anything"...hee...=P

Okla, I can't slp la, that's y I'm typing at this time of the nite, going off in 10 minutes, which will be 3am, hmm, duno wot 2 type, type everything that comes 2 mind lor, hehe...

So yea, my fren kept saying the black guy very handsome, but I find the white one even more appealing, there's an unexplainable charisma he has, I guess I sorta understand wot Yasmin meant when he said People with Charisma are born naturally, I guess it's sth even wif practice, u still might not be able to grasp it naturally...

Hmm, so, the question is, do u get attracted 2 sum1 by his looks or his personality? I guess 2 me, it's more about the personality than about the looks, seriously, hevin fallen head over heels for sum1 I thk is good looking, well, it doesn't rly matter anymore rite now, it's time 2 slp lor, that's it..haha...oyasuminasai~

3 Responses so far.

  1. kar nee says:

    woa u're enjoying ur holiday babe :)

  2. i go wit personality..cuz look juz play a minor role..personality is more if the guy is Nicholas Tan, live currently in KL,born in Melaka and has a blog..that's is appealing..haha..nola,jk jk

    Actually the most important is lets u laugh ur way to happiness

  3. >>Kar Nee
    +Someone should snap me out of it and demand me 2 finish my maths!!!! Argh, going nutz ad, y? Holiday gonna end ad still didn't do...walao eh~~

    +Yep, I find guys that can make ppl laugh brgs out a sort of aura...^^