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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Where Got Ghost?

Yesterday went to watch Where Got Ghost? Hehe, so funny, but a girl beside me doesn't seem to find it very funny thou, while the rest of us are laughing our heads off, she's like, keeping silent, no reaction, zzz, well, that happens when I'm in a Ben Stiller movie, when other ppl is laughing, n I'm like, wot izit?? So yea, if u can't get a person's movie, my advice is DON'T GO AND WATCH IT!! Fools, all those critics keep writing about reviews about how unhumourous Jack Neo's movies are, talk so much waste ur money go n watch 4 wot? Sot de, I won't watch Ben Stiller's movie, not because I dislike that guy or anything, but I just can't get him, yea, trust me, life, movie, it's the same, you can't get everyone, so just beat it, alrite? Lol.

Ok then, after that we went down stairs, kumpul2 kat Big Apple outside, discuss3 mane nak pi makan ni? Susah betul la, the 2 girls wan go different place, the guys dunwan go the girls wan go the place, the guys say go Newton, then gua pulak dunwan go, aiyoyo, I dun like go Newton la, I seldom go food court because I rly duno wot 2 eat over ther, weird har? When they hev so many food 2 choose wif, most of the times I end up eating chicken wing, so dun ask me go food court la...>.<"...I'm picky, sorry la...

Hehe, xpe xpe, later on finally!! Manage 2 persuade the guys 2 go eat sate celup wakaka, walao eh, everywhere full house, wanted 2 go Capitol pun x leh, then say Ban Lee Siang lor, but hor, I dun like ther oso, kaka, nasib baik ther oso full house, end up going Old Village Sate Celup, my fren's grandad's shop, not bad, 2 me it's better than Ban Lee Siang la, dun ask me y la, my cousins all dun like go Ong Kim Wee eat one, we alwiz go Capitol, kaka, eat so full man, 4got 2 mention, bcoz I brought 2 Big Apple Donuts into the cinema and eat, haha, sot de, hungry ma, aiyo, how I noe eat 2 oso so full, zzz...

Di belanja again, haha, I say wan belanja act, he say if me belanja, he wan expensive de, so save 4 next time, I tell him no problem ar, kaka, wait la, after we all finish STPM, wakaka, hyez, later going out again, wanna get my best fren's gift, but transport problem kip on thk here thk there duno how la, now 2 of us go 1st lor, later c how lor, hehe...2moro oso going la act, but go wif sis ma, x senang wan go buy his gift la...=P

Sot de, one week go dp 4 times, I also wan kisiao ad, lol, swt, mum & dad nt at home. Went to Raub in Kuantan ad, esok lusa balik ler, makan kat rumah Mamak lor, hehe...

Ohya, while we were discussing where 2 eat, I thought I saw Stef, haha, was wondering if that was she, looks like it, but hmm, u can't rly be sure rite? If u nvr c sum1 in person bfor, evrytime ppl finally c me in real person they was like? Y I look so much different than my pic, hehe, confirm ad la, juz saw d pics at facebook, it's rly u, haha...what a coincidence..=)

Okla, wan get ready go out again, hyez, membosankan, very tired man, kip say wan do maths but kip end up on the bed, duno y my eyes kip CLOSE, open it la woi..zzz...

Ohya, forgot to mention, it seems that whenever I'm out with Di they all, we don't take pictures one, guys dun like take pictures kot, haha, alwiz we girls aje yg SS, but for some reason, it doesn't rly matter, cause those moments mean more than pictures, but I still like to take pictures la, kaka, coz we can look bak at it and remember how silly we were...haha..xD

P.S.: Always Keep Your Friends Close...^^

4 Responses so far.

  1. maybe the gal next to you was caucasian..she thought she bought an english movie..didnt understand the joke so didn't laugh that movie is known to her as Where Got Funny instead of Where Got Ghost

  2. +Haha, yea, probably, seriously la, btw, my sis wanna go watch G-Force, I'll comment about it later, hehe, my fren said not bad, =P

  3. Sechlanik says:

    Haha... you look different from pictures meh? I tot u looked the same lo... if not I wont feel familiar when I saw u at big apple...

  4. +Haha, well, that's wot evryone says la, coz my hairstyle alwiz change, half year din change my hairstyle ad, haha, so stil can recognize lor..^^