Live it Right

Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Thai Life Insurance Commercials...

When we live our lives, a question often comes up.
"Why were we born, What were we born for?"
Maybe those questions might not need to be answered.
Instead, "For whom do we live?"

True Love is Every Second that Counts.

Humans make mistake, no one is always right,
the right thing to do is probably to admit you're wrong.

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  1. walao..wot u trying to do? make ur viewers cry like hell izit..haha..damn sad lor all this life insurance commercial..thailand has always been able to make amazing commercials..i like the 2nd one the most..

  2. +Yea, I like that 2, hehe, I din cry thou, so I don't expect ppl 2 do so as well, haha, well, Smile, it brightens the day! =)

  3. i like these vids, meaningful