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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Friday The 14th...

+Since it's super duper long, juz pik a title n read, lol.

+Skul Sux~Zzz...
+It's been a long day, now where do I start eh?
+Heh well, this is going 2 be a long post, n cums wif many pix 2, hehe...
+Been snapping n snapping, so many pix in one day, =P
+Okay, let's c, no more Maths tuition~~~!!!!!Hooray!!!~~~
+Wakaka, so HAPPY!!!!! But then again, still nid 2 revise, revise, n revise...
+Sigh, trial is on Sept2, hehe, 1st week PA oni, but lagi chialat, coz 3rd week, pp and eko...die la, evrytime I focus either one, another sure si liao, but if I focus both, lagi si, both oso nyawa2 ikan, that is wot alwiz happen, luckily maths 2nd week, coz evrytime exam I sure stop looking at maths de, that's y alwiz cannot la, muz remember 2 revise, gambatteh lor, so I might be online later, but u won't be able 2 find me, haha, distracting, zzz, I'm addicted, so now hev 2 control 1st...
+Lost Keys...
+Oh yea, after that, balik rumah, keep searching4 my hse keys, lost it, again~~ but this time, I've been searching 4 it high & low for days~~~!! N in my mind sum stupid thoughts pop up, wot if sum1 took it? Wot if they try 2 enter the house wif it while all of us are away? Zzz, so scary, wait all our thgs kena curi, blah2~I tend 2 make up those stuff in my mind, SILLY mind, wot can I say, zzz, oh crap, nvm, I finally found it!!! Guess wher? behind my mattress, terselit between my box n the shelf, walao eh~~I slp on d floor lor, n that 2, ish, very scare the lizard or cacing cum disturb me while I'm slping, yea, I act hev those stuff in my room, not cacing la, silver fish adalah, wonder if I shud juz get rid of the shelf, it's full of my childhood story books lor, zzz, old2 ad la, n it's behind my head, dun even wanna thk about it. Liu~

+Ok, here's the case, my sis ask me wan go 2 Dataran or not, act, my mum ask her go 2 bank, then she ask my Mum, but u noe la, aiya, my mum dun go DP or MP wan la, very seldom, so ar, she ask my Dad pulak, swt, so left me n my sis go oni lor, actually the lil girl wanted 2 go, then kena us say, x thn pulak, coz she's suppose 2 stay at home, got flu lor, quarantined herself lor, haha, the headmaster say one la, if got flu dun cum skul, lol, skul tchers very kiasi man, students oso din wear mask, semua cikgu pakai, wa wa, not say we not scare, d thg is err, y d heck do I wan 2 suffocate myself, I noe I noe, we shud be aware of the virus, thg is, it's not rly airborne virus? Most of the times u got it via contact, the skul is an open place, the virus will not linger in the air 4 long, unless ur in a close area la, then u shud wear, lol.
+M'sian Stupid Drivers~!
+Skip it, now, n I thought I was a terrible driver, during which I drove 2 town, I encounter a number of lousy M'sian, or rather unethical M'sian drivers, swt.
-1st, ther was this stupid lady who can't seem 2 stick 2 her lane, she was basically driving on the line n so near 2 my car, idiot, hate this kind of drivers!! For god sake, can't u see ther's a car beside u? No car xpe la, u wan drive center of d road oso nvm, guess her eyes cudn't c the line, lol.
-2nd, there's this big car that juz change lane without giving signal n it's so close, can't u c I'm a P driver?!!! Wot's wrong wif this ppl??!!! I'm suppose 2 be the one that's not gud at driving, thk the car big can bully my small kancil la? Bodoh betul!! Menyampah, I 4get 2 giv signal sumtimes, but hey, d cars r still a distant, this is practically at the traffic light going 2 stop, n u cum out of no wher? Betul sial~~~
-3rd, if that is not enuf, a car trying 2 cum out into the lane, but did not cum out, means it's head is out, but it's not moving, n when it doesn't move, I can't move either, walao, so I stop la, then he came 2 his senses jln lor, another stupid driver behind me hon me pulak, yea, I'm sure it's me, can't she see sum1's blocking my path?? Argh, bcoz she turn over at stare at us when she cut over me, my sis said so, lol.
-4th, like I wasn't driving slow enuf, a car infron of me was driving 40kmj as well, 40kmj n he needs 2 break??!!! It juz gets on my nerves, not say infron got car oso, not say juz a part of d road, but he was driving, n breaking, n driving, n breaking, shit la. So frustrating sial!! So most of the times, I rly dun like driving, bcoz of all the stupid drivers I encounter on the road, my reflexes and reactions are slow, I cannot respond immediately, yea, that's y it's very dangerous 4 me if the other driver do not drive properly..>.<"
-5th, which is on my way bak, my sis drove the car bak, we were juz 2 cars away n a car juz cross the lane, gosh, 1 day, n u c 6 M'sian drivers, that better stick a "P" 2 their cars, since they seem so "Pro" eh, lol.
+Okay, enuf wif the stupid M'sian drivers story, now next part.
+I got Hurt...:'(
+Argh, my parking sux man, yea well, din practice at all, ofcoz it sux, it takes me hours 2 fit into the box, n that is juz straight parking, lol, sigh, gotto brush up lor. Until then, no nid park la..=P +Park at MP, then sis say wan go DP, then while I was walking, u noe the path outside the MP car park, I din realize it was so high, basically a staircase height, n I fell down, lose my balance, was absent-minded at that time, my sis alwiz say me dun b so absent-minded, I alwiz am, blur case, if sum1 ask me sth during that phase, I'll answer, then I'll 4get, that happens 2 the thgs they hand over 2 me 2, when they ask 4 it, huh? I did? Alamak, yea, which is wot happens d other day, my sis handed d ticket over 2 me, then, err, got ar? Wher ar? Alamak, cannot remember oso, like that lor, short term memory loss, zzz...

+T.T..u c, my foot ada lubang le...>.<"...xpe xpe, atleast it's not broken, I can still walk, next time open your eyes when ur walking, lol, heard that a thousand times, n still it happens. Crap, guess I nvr learn my lesson, zzz.
+So I got cuts n bruises on my right foot, was bleeding lor, sis say wan go bak not, planned 2 go tuition right after, so I say no nid lor, cross d road 2 DP, then she go buy plasters, go in the washroom wash it, stick it, still hurts, feels numb 2 me, n now I hev more scars, got one 3 years ago when I walk out of the skul gate, n I juz fell, juz like that? That's juz one of the times la, practically, I'm very careless, ever since I'm small, I got cut, I fall down, I got scarred, I got burn, zzz, ish, evry scar of mine tells a story, heh, hmm, but I guess I'm getting used 2 it, felt like crying bcoz of d pain juz now, but I din. ^^
+Most of the times, I'll cry, like hell, seriously~Mayb bcoz in Public places, jaga muka ler, tapi gua ada muka meh? Mcm la gua kisah...=P
+After that jln2 at DP, kip round Padini, saw the t-shirt I wanted 2 buy, cost RM30, hmm, bfor that my mum said it makes me look thin, so I din buy lor, then while my sis was at MP, I was walking alone at that time lor, she went 2 look 4 her fren, so I went on 2 try 2 tops, one is a black collar like t-shirt, which I bought, only RM20.70, sales lor, how 2 resist, 50%, 70% leh~~Padini sumore~3/4 of my outfits are from there, hee, another is a singlet, which I din buy, though I kinda like it, but it seriously makes me look skinny, yea, not even thin, but skinny, haha, dun mind act, I like being d way I am now.^^
+Then, I had 2 call up my sis coz she got PDI member card 2 cum over DP, when she came, she look c look c wif her fren pulak, so I went off n jln2 again lor, if u're wondering, thought my foot hurts? Ofcoz it does, was walking tempang2, lol, I was at a shopping center, u dun expect me 2 sit down do u? round2, she stil haven call me, means she's still ther, but I got bored ad, pusing balik lor, juz in time, saw her paying at d cashier, then ask wher I wan 2 go, still got 1 hour, was 4.40pm ad lor, I say wher got one hour? My tuiton 5pm ler, she 4got lor, she though 6pm, zzz, ok ok, so went 2 MP trying 2 look 4 my cousin's stuff then cabut, reach my tuition center at 5.02pm, hehe, took 10 minutes 2 reach oni la, aiyo.
+Pictures of You, Pictures of Me~^^
+After tuition, went 2 the studio, take family potrait lor, 2gether wif my cousins, n grandma, my sis n her had their convo, so go snap sum shots lor, ^^, wore my flowery Cheong Sam, the one I nvr got 2 wear, hehe, trying hard 2 smile, then the photographer juz made me smile, haha, he kip switching from chinese 2 english 2 malay, dun rly noe which language 2 communicate wif us, coz we are a family of that 3 languages afterall, then funny thg is he juz kip saying, yg Baju Bunga tu, baju hijau, baju putih, haha, the funny one is the bunga la, juz say cheong sam la, aiyo, geli hati gua...

+Took it at d boutique, zzz, juz in time bfor we cabut, that's y so blur, hee, the oni full length shot of me in d Cheong Sam..=)
+Took us about an hour 2 finish lor, wasei, y so long ar? After that settle this settle that, entah la, bil kot, but nid 2 wait a long time~~more than 1 month, they very bz lo~
+My parents n uncle auntie granma went 2 Bei Zhan 1st, go order d dishes n wait 4 us, I wore the Cheong Sam go, lol, Ppl juz look at me, zzz, I noe, if I'm them, I'll look 2, which idiot will wear so fancy 2 a restaurant 4 dinner? Least Bei Zhan still ok, other place, I'll get even weirder looks, coz my cousins all dress very fancy oso, except I'm the oni one in a Cheong Sam? Eh, I luv traditional outfits, do u mind? We shud be proud of those outfits, it's beautiful, u noe, 2 bad I dun hev a kebaya, can alwiz pinjam thou, I got the sarong wat, hehe. One can't wear ad, 2 tight, can pass 2 my sis liao, hehe..

+Muaha, make a love shape out of d rice, kaka, so wu liao, then ambil semua lauk, yam yam, so full man, got 7 or 8 dishes I thk, dun even remember, I know I'm stuffed when I'm back. ^^[Ahem, pig d photographer, jadi not inside..=P]
+Okla, finally, sudah habis makan, act fren ask me go Station One, a fren's bday, but I say I might no make it, then oso no driver ad, impossible ask my dad drive me ther, zzz, n in my Cheong Sam sumore? The time I got bak 10pm ad lor, so late liao eh.
+Okla, enuf wif that, juz had a day, juz wanted 2 blog about it, feels more like writing a diary now, that I dun rly mind any feedbacks, any comments are welcome thou, but anythg that questions the person I am, well, juz ask the question, dun ever put the statement, I hate ppl making statements about me. So yea, adios now~

+Ss siot, =P, from left, lil Piggy, Junie, Lee Wen~

"Don't let what your eyes see fool you, I'm not who you think I am, I'm never gonna be, neither will you ever be the one I thought you were. Humans are unpredictable, inconstant, and temperamental to the point where no one really knows everything about that someone..."


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  1. skull suxz~err..math..the chill down my spine

    Lost Keys~i lost my keys multiple times oso, sometime i have to break in from the back..ppl thought i'm a theif ah in board daylight..

    M'sian Stupid Drivers~wait till you meet KL drivers and their traffic

    I got careful lor ^^

    Pictures of You, Pictures of Me~Nice Cheong Sam

    all this cud be a separate post individually..

  2. +Thought of separating the post, but then again, makes no difference, coz ppl will oni read the top one, lol, n bsides, I've alwiz do a post a day~

  3. fadz says:

    hey, nice blog u have here :)