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Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

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Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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Fed Up

Everyday since I came back from Uni,
I have been quarreling with that little pig in my house,
I mean what the hell is wrong with her man?
Sometimes I question if the one that is something wrong is me?
But then I think again,
She quarrels with 10 people,
I only quarrel with her,
So who's in the wrong now? ><"

Seriously fed up,
The older she gets, the more unreasonable she becomes,
Imagine talking nicely, and you get shouted every single day,
That's what I go through, and what my mum goes through,
And sometimes when my dad gets mad for her shouting,
My dad shouts at her,
It's really damn annoying, all those shouting.

First and foremost,
I'm not trying to talk bad about her,
But seriously kek sim,
My mum keep telling me "U noe her character like that, y go n layan her?"
I also duno y I so kuasa talk sense to her every time she piss off at me or my mum,
As if we're her place of throwing tantrums,
Terrible dao si,
Reaching 17, and knowing wth is wrong with herself, and never changing,
I seriously don't know why some ppl are like that,
At least I see myself changing gradually,
But this, this is insane,
I don't see any changes, if got also degrading, OMG.

Seriouslylah, even if we say things you don't like to hear,
Sometimes you have to listen if what we say is not Right at all?
Has we said something that doesn't fit your reaction?
You demand respect from us, but have you respected us at all?
Shouting at us is not Respectful at all.
Grow up, you want us to treat you like an adult, act like one.

I really want to turn a blind eye,
Like my mother does,
But if we really don't care, we won't feel so KEKSIM,
And there's she making us keksim, n herself keksim, every single day,
Because she just couldn't control her own temper,
She can make a small issue become a big issue in an instance.
Wah lah~Everythg goes Boom!

Annoyed, we're the elder, and we have to give in to her wishes?
Pampered much, I really don't understand why teenagers these days treat their friends, outsiders, relatives better than their own family?
At least they don't shout at them. 

The Fed Up Sis.

3 Responses so far.

  1. O C says:

    Well, I've had that phase with my younger brother as well. Only difference is that we've gotten along better a whole lot now. And yes, this year he's 17 as well.

    We used to have arguments over the smallest things, but somehow gradually, after 15, he started being better, more prudent, independent and self-sufficient. I donno what happened. But that was a good-change.

    Before that, he'd get into fights with people and worry the heck out of all of us. At one time, someone's nose bled because he punched him so hard haha. I mean, I agreed with my bro doing it since that guy was pestering him week after week. But that ain't right... I guess P:

    Anyhow, if your sister's like that, er.. what I'm trying to say is that she's being like that for a reason. You might not know what it is yet, or she just can't seem to tell anyone about it yet. There's even the chance that she still doesn't know why she's being like that herself. Sooo...

    I kinda agree with what your mom is doing. Just give her space. When you think you're turning a blind eye at here, that's where you're going wrong here.

    The key here is perception. Think of it as you being mature enough to respect her wishes and tolerate her gruelling progress of becoming an adult woman, and you probably won't feel as bad.

    Or you can say you care about her well-being, continue doing the things you do and get high blood pressure in the next 3 months XE

    No serious.

    Maybe you're right. It might have something to do with you also. But you donno for sure yet if you're really part of the problem. So try not to put yourself into the equation. Let her be who she wants to be and you do your thing. If the noise becomes unbearable, get headphones or ear plugs. Anything la. Just act mature.

    I mean, you kek sim kek sim liddat, what's the point wor? Will she change? Would what you do make a difference or waste your time? If it makes a difference oklor, but if it takes you 200 tries to make a TINY difference, each try half an hour, you waste 100 hours of your life for what wor? Accumulate stress meh? Might as well go get more beauty sleep, relax, go pak do or do your work right?

    Anyways, I'm not that clear of your situation, and I have not the slightest clue about the whole gist the scenario (besides what you posted), but I guess that's what my busbody instincts have to say P: So... yeah.

    Maybe you'd think if you don't do something at all, you're not being a responsible sister or that you'd rather keep scolding her continuously then to not do so, so that in the case in which something bad happened to her because of her own actions, you know at least you tried. But that's not really the best way isit? I mean, if you're not wasting your own time doing it, why not? But the problem is that it does use up your time so... Yeah.

    Just don't kacau her if she doesn't kacau you lor. But if you really damn sien d, and feel like being sipeh evil, then you just ignore her completely lah. IF you ignore her, then she still kacau you (physically intruding) then just smack her one time as hard as you can, push her out of your room an slam the door. Or whatever comes to your mind ;) Whichever gives you more peace of mind then you do that.

    I mean, if I were you I'd tolerate her shouting at me or pulling my hair or anything, but if I'm like doing a thesis which is due tomorrow, she shouts at you continuously, then flings the paper you were writing on, then make sure you give her a bruise to remember lol. Seriously. Then just tell your mom what happened. You'd both surely get scolded for it, but at least you know she'd know better than to touch your thesis paper again.

    fgnasd Good luck.

  2. Sicreci says:

    >Mr.Lonely = ??

    Haha, that's long, I understand, it's just so damn pek cek u noe?
    When we ask her sth, and she hev 2 shout at us to answer? I mean, at least talk nicely la, that's all I'm asking, imagine sum1 screaming at ur ear all d time, I think I might gonna go deaf. Lol...><"

    I know it takes time to grow up, it took me awhile to get rid of my bad habits. But yea, to turn a blind eye or ignore, we can't rly decide wot to do, it juz makes us piss when she makes us cry, but get mad at us instead. for wot?

    I mean, I know she don't like to feel annoyed by us, but it's not like we purposely poke at her, she juz hev to snap evrytime, rly rly small issue, n when u cudn't contain urself, it pisses herself, n evryone else. ><"