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Life is about making Something out of Nothing at all. If you're able to do that, you're able to do Everything.

Painted Life

Life is like a flower, painted to perfection, yet at the end it wilts, fragile as it is, only the stem left unbroken.

Fallen Leaves

Like the autumn leaves, we fall at times, only to find ourselves blown away by the wind, and thus we reach yet another place.

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+Time's Out!!!

+2nd paper!! And this happens?!!! Furthermore it's Maths 1!!! Walao eh, seriously la, Jane, Jane, apa pasal dgn engkau ni? Wanna noe wot happened? Well. I was late!!!@.@

+Maths paper 1 starts at 8am-11am, for some reason I thought it was 2pm-5pm, actually, for a very simple reason, the reason is~!! Deng deng!!~ I've checked and re-checked the day bfor, n the day bfor yesterday, n d day bfor2~~!! I've checked the schedule god know how many times, I can say atleast 5 times!!! But I swear I saw it's stated 5pm, god knows y, crazy mind, blur eyes...!!...

+Anyway, I set 3 alarms act, 6am, 7am, 8am, I only woke up at d 3rd, I alwiz do, the moment I woke up, I brush my teeth, then I hev no idea y, I open my schedule, this time, I saw that it's 8am, funny eh? Guess my eyes does the trick? For so many times I've checked it's 5pm, n this morning it's magically 8am?? Which btw, when I got home, my mum say ur eyes got magic izit? I swear that's wot I saw...seriously...>.<""""""""

+When I saw d schedule, I kan chiong ad man!!! Die la die la die la die, maths??? I've got 2 pass maths man, not sitting it will be like failing it altogether!!! Walao eh, then at d same time my phone rang, picked up d phone, it's my sis, on d way 2 d airport, she call me n say got test, I say ya I noe, then she say don't panic, then I say okok, then I put down, then tada!! Tcher appear by my doorstep, it's Mr.Tan, he knows wher I stay lor, then say he fetch me go, okok, then I cepat2 go siap, get ready, juz put on my uniform, take my pencil case and calculator, n out I go, zzz.

+Aikz, thought I'll be dead already, while I was in the car, tcher kept asking me 2 calm down, don't kan chiong, take a deep breathe, ask me got brg water not, no time ad, so din take, tcher got a bottle, so he ask me drk 1st, then he ask me take d bottle go lor, kam siah kam siah!!

+Okla okla, reach skul juz in time, juz bfor 8.30am, thank god, thank tcher, thank d pengawas, which is my dad's fren, he called my dad that's y my sis call me up, zzz, if not for all of them, my maths! Can say bye2 ad, T.T...Honto ni arigatou gozaimas!! There really are angels watching over me. ^^

+What the heck la, NEVER AGAIN, put d time table up 4 my mom 2 chek d, cum bak kena she niao lor, say me stubborn, my dad ask me giv her d time table dunwan...=P...sudahlah, yg sudah lepas lepas, xmau pikir

+Oh2, 4got 2 mention, btw, my skul got another Jane, in another class, she's Jane Neo la, then hor, tcher thought she didnt come, called her father...>.<"...c, that's wot happens when u hev same names~alwiz chek d surname lor, my sis laz time lagi coincidence, got 2 June Tan in her skul, sumore hor, I thk same class ler, haha. So tcher wan call wot leh?

+2moro 2P-5PM, PP1!!! This time won't wrong ler!! Damn, so now want go makan then wan PIAK PP1 d!!! End of story, plz, I hev no idea wher 2 put my face d, my fren kept asking me y was I late, wot the heck? I don't really care, haha, wot matters is I completed the paper in time!! Which heaven forbid, will fortunately pass, lol, I'm praying hard 4 that. So yea, time 2 be serious!!! Go study Jane!! Blah~

P.S.: Now I'll go hide myself in a corner. Sigh. Again, if I had in mind what you're going to say. PLEASE, DON'T.

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  1. wa..sooooooo lucky man...anyway, if u read this post..i wanna wish u...again..good luck wit the REST OF THE TEST~

  2. +Yea, so LUCKY I stay 5 minutes away from skul, lol...